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Euca Laundry Powder
Latest review: Started using it about 6 months ago and i no longer have weird itchy skin! Also the clothes seem to be cleaner than i remember using other cleaners. I think once you use it you'll struggle with the

Kleenex Viva Glass & Mirror Wipes
Latest review: I used these recently to clean my shower screens. So easy and perfect finish. Now I can't find them anywhere. Please bring them

Urine Free
Latest review: Our artificial lawn was starting to smell quite bad after 2 years, but this stuff has made it smell like it's been sprayed with fabric softener (a really nice one, of course). It's very expensive but

Gumption Multi Purpose Cleanser
Latest review: Gumped my dijonaise right away. I spilt Dijonaise all over my fupa, and when i went to clean it with gumption, it just gumped it right

ProtectMe Textile
Latest review: Ordering was easy and delivery timely. On using it on one of my cushions in our camper I discovered they had already been waterproofed so am going to try it on my car seats. I am sure it will do the

Bosisto's Sensitive Laundry Powder
Latest review: Found this on recommendation from a friend. Always cleans well and have not had any skin reactions at all. (And its safe for septic systems, even

Blast Concentrated
Latest review: Like others, I have been buying this product 3 bottles at a time. Am so disappointed that the stores are no longer stocking it. Why? No other product does a good job like

Hurricane Spin Scrubber
Latest review: I was given this item as a christmas present. I brought it back safely to australia in my luggage. Used it 3 times. It stopped on my third use and it has never worked again. I was too

Bissell Crosswave Professional Multi-Surface 1713F
Latest review: I thought this product would be the answer to constant vacuuming and mopping in my home with two dogs. This means dog fur and as the item is advertised as a "pet" cleaner I had high expectations.

Hurricane Spin Mop
Latest review: The mop has great functionality. It is the best mop we have had. BUT... The spin unit seems to only last 11-13 months. Just under or out of the warranty

Ekoworx Universal Surface Cleaner
Latest review: Ordered this product after watching all the advertisement and reading all the reviews. Had very high expectations but when I sprayed on fridge, the food that had fallen and hardened would not come

Bird Gard Possum Deterrent
Latest review: Great device - very easy to set up. We had a real possum infestation in our garden - they were eating everything as well as making a huge mess with droppings etc. After installing one unit we

Hurricane Spin Broom
Latest review: Unfortunately this broom is not very good at all. It hardly picks anything up and is very disappointing. Waste of money really. Traditional broom is much better and much

Nilodor Deodorizer Concentrate
Latest review: I use (the concentrated drops) in the bottom tray of my two layer cat litter system .... NO CAT PEE

Sard Wonder Laundry Soap
Latest review: Where have you been? I have found this AMAZING soap after been in Australia for over 13 years. All my stained clothes have came back to life. I have also bought the spray bottle and I am very happy

Ecolour Eco Living Interior
Latest review: I tried ecolour a few years ago, gingerly trying a small area for our bathroom . As I had an extremely toxic reaction to normal house paints with benzines. This had resulted in 2 months off work

Selleys Oven Plus Heavy Duty Gel
Latest review: I use this as I can't use the spray oven cleaner I find the fumes to much. This stuff is amazing little to no effort and my oven is as good as new with little to no

Pestrol Rodent Free
Latest review: My mate convinced me to try this product last year. I contacted Pestrol via their website and was helped by someone who seemed very educated on the product as I asked a number of what I would pertain

Bosisto's Euco Fresh Pre-Wash Stain Remover
Latest review: White cotton tshirts look shabby very quickly with neck stains. Have tried many products & delighted to find Bosistos stain remover worked after many failed attempts & washes with other products. Am

Earth Choice Woolwash
Latest review: It is very soft detergent that does not spoil the clothes and maintain the colour of the clothes too. It has nice smell and keeps clothes very tidy and

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