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Ecolour Eco Living Interior

Latest review: We painted our living room and a bedroom using this product which is non-toxic and water based. It was much better whilst painting and afterwards as there were much less fumes than other products

Haymes Interior Expressions

Latest review: As a professional painter I've used a lot of Haymes low sheen acrylic over the years. The most recent change of formula has seen me go right off this product. It picture frames badly even if the

Spring Flat Plastic

Latest review: Bought this (actually the low sheen) for $50 for 10 litres at bunnings. Can't complain at all as only required two coats to paint a white over quite a deep purple. Thought i'd need three coats but

White Knight Laminate

Latest review: I used this product a couple of years ago on an old kitchen benchtop, with excellent results. It remains hard and unscratched and easy to clean. However a friend has just asked me if she should use

Haymes Simply Woodcare Dexpress

Latest review: Applied 2 coats of Dexpress Natural to Merbau Decking. Still a little sticky but understand there is 7 day curing time. It did plenty of research on decking oils after reading so many bad reviews on

Cabot's CFP Floor

Latest review: Their is a stain running through this and what happens when you apply it to a kitchen floor as I did all the woods come up in a dark tint, looks disgusting! I had the rep out to look at the product

British Paints Decking Oil

Latest review: i cleaned my deck with a napisan solution before oiling,the first coat was dry in 2 days i recoated making sure not to apply too much.the 2nd coat was dry in 2-3days and i was happy with the result

Intergrain DWD

Latest review: Good product, which I've used before. I would recommend it, but ALWAYS check the bottom of the can before purchasing. I purchase a can from Bunnings West footscray on the 7/03/2019. Started coating

Cabot's Natural Decking Oil

Latest review: I constructed a 50 square metre fully exposed deck around my pool out of out of jarrah. Due to the complexity of the project and trying to fit around work/life it took me 6 months to finish. Once

Flood Spa-N-Deck

Latest review: Built a deck from recycled boards. Did my research and decided to go with floods jarrah as I didn’t want a yellow/orange finish. Despite using various ages and condition of boards they look amazing, j

Walpamur Fence Finish Pine Green

Latest review: Did 2 coats of this « finish » paint and my fence still looks the same as before. The paint is so watery, it has no coverage whatsoever. Huge waste of time and mon

White Knight Tile

Latest review: After reading these reviews I perfectly followed the instructions and it peels of everywhere. It probably depends on tiles too. Were good quality but ugly tiles and now even uglier. Waste of

Taubmans Endure

Latest review: Used Taubmans Endure to cover Taubmans Living Silk - so far I have put on 3 coats and still do not have a good coverage. Can see stark lines between consecutive roller applications. Really

Cabot's Aquadeck

Latest review: After insuring that water did not bead on my six-month-old kwila deck I applied three coats exactly as instructed. The finished look perfect. 6 months later and the 1st bare areas of wood became

Intergrain UltraDeck

Latest review: I used this product on my frony and back decks a few years ago. I had to put 5 coats on to get the colour right and it took forever to dry between costs. I even checked in with Customer Service as I

Sikkens Cetol Deck

Latest review: Provides a good finish but needs a lot of prep, it's expensive and it doesn't last long. Also be careful with the stain colours. Even the pine colour gives a stain. Decent, but not worth the

Dulux Aquanamel

Latest review: More durable, non yellowing and easier to apply than enamel and flows nicely when appling. I have used both enamel and aquanamel and this product is superior and surpasses the performance of enamel.

Deck Doc Premium Decking Oil

Latest review: The black spots are caused by iron contamination. Google iron contamination to find out how this occurs in timber. Iron contamination reacts when subjected to water. I have seen these black spots

Cabot's Cabothane Clear

Latest review: Used this for my kitchen island benchtop. Perfect finish!! I did NOT stir the can, but shaked it VERY hard for many minutes and then let it settle for a short time before using. Brush to apply. I was

Intergrain Nature’s Timber Oil

Latest review: I used the Intergrain Nature's Timber Oil on a cedar shed I recently made. 2 coats have brought out the beautiful colour variations in the cedar panelling... I have used this same oil for hard wood

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