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Nikon D7000

Latest review: I just purchased a Nikon D7000 digital camera, I have always used nikon apart from testing others and have always returned to Nikon, I have used the Nikon D60, Nikon D 90 and have now just purchased

Nikon D3400

Latest review: Small and compact DSLR with the power of a full sized unit, fairly easy to use and an affordable accessory range that won't break the budget. The Nikon D3400 has everything you need to make good

Canon EOS 6D

Latest review: Since purchasing my Canon 6D mk11, I have been so impressed in my photographs. It's worth spending that little bit extra for a full frame camera. The quality of photograph is second to none.. Using

Canon 70D

Latest review: I love this camera! I take it almost everywhere, it takes amazing photos every time.It has so many different settings for a more advanced photographer but you can set it to auto and it does it all

Nikon D3200

Latest review: This camera I have had it for about more than 1 year now, and it has during this time not performed as advertised. It has been at times been dysfunctional and becomes blurry while on automatic

Canon EOS M50

Latest review: The M50 is a pared-down version of the more expensive EOS M5, although it does have a few features that aren’t included in the M5, including 4K video recording, a DIGIC 8 processor that supports f

Canon EOS 200D

Latest review: Best camera I've ever used, can take amazing photos and videos, is affordable, is really great for beginner filmmaking or photography has a mic input and flip out tilt

Nikon D750

Latest review: I've had a bunch of Nikon cameras over the years, currently the D4s, D810, D750 and the D3400 or maybe it's the D3300. Whatever. Recently I've had the DF, D800 and D3. This is far and away the

Nikon D7500

Latest review: I went from a Nikon D90 to a Nikon D5500 a year ago. While that camera has great image quality, is light and has a great LCD, I was never really happy with the controls. I decided to add a Nikon

Nikon D5600

Latest review: Ventured into the world of DSLR 2 years ago with the entry level D3300 from Nikon. The easy mode is very good and the whole camera is light, easy to use and a massive step up from our Sony Compact

Canon EOS 80D

Latest review: Canon has a lot of cameras. The cheaper ones are good but lack the extras, the pro versions are awesome but cost a mint. The 80D is a mid point that has the functions you need, awesome image quality,

Canon EOS 800D

Latest review: The Canon 800D is an excellent camera. Its light and durable and feels like quality. Battery life has been great and photo quality has been superb. Becuase of the reasonable price of the 800D,

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Latest review: I've had 3 × 5D mkiii's since they came out - as a working pro they have been great cameras - highly recommend these units. I've used in all weather conditions and they've never let me down. They are

Nikon D800/E

Latest review: I cannot live without this camera it has all that one serious photographer wants and has a large range of beautiful lenses to go with purchased second hand at half the cost from european camera

Pentax K70

Latest review: Vey nice camera with great features. 24mp, 1080p 30fps video. Heaps of different settings including astronomical for shooting the night sky. Has K mount for lenses and hot shoe for flash, plus port

Canon 5D EOS Mark IV

Latest review: Call me old fashioned liking a DSLR when everyone is going mirror-less but, I have my reasons for that mainly to do with the viewfinder. I have owned every 5D and I have to say that the Mk4 has the

Nikon D500

Latest review: I have owned the D500 for 9 months now and so far have 15k shutter actuations. I have used it with a variety of lenses and primarily use it for sports, action and wildlife/animal photography. In

Canon EOS 100D

Latest review: Purchased camera prior to my Europe trip and did it last minute, it was time sensitive the delivery. It made it here on time and support was extremely helpful in assisting the process. Camera

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Latest review: This is my second DSLR (my first one was the Canon 100D), and even though it took me a while to adjust to learn everything, I find that it's a very reliable camera. The battery life is good, it takes

Pentax K1

Latest review: As a now 8 year Pentax DSLR user, I came from one of the big brands due to low light performance, dynamic range work. The K1 is Pentax's first ever full frame entry (even though they have the

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