Best Women's Shavers / Razors

Not sure which razor blade will work best for your shaving needs? There are now razors made especially for sensitive skin, the bikini line and come in travel-friendly miniature forms. Find the right razor for you. Read more…

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Schick Intuition Plus
2.9 from 10 reviews

Latest review: I don’t know why I’ve never seen this before today. I thought it was a new product but apparently not. I used it as soon as I got home from shopping. I loved it. What an awesome idea. Such a close sha

  • Value for Money
    5.0 (1)
  • Causes Irritation Yes (0) · No (1)
Gillette Venus Sensitive
5.0 from 2 reviews

Gillette’s Venus sensitive disposable razors contain 3 blades for a smooth shave and a SkinElixir Lubrastrip that releases a perfect dose of protection. The razor now comes in a plastic-free box. Achieve a close shave in just one stroke.

  • 3 blades

  • Lubricating strip

  • Pivoting rounded head

Gillette Venus Original
4.0 from 8 reviews

Enjoy a close shave with Venus razors. Thanks to Venus’ three-blade technology and the Lubrastip with a touch of aloe, Venus razors get you effortlessly smooth skin.

  • Indicator strip

  • 3 blades

  • Lubastrip with aloe vera

Schick Hydro Silk
4.0 from 4 reviews

Go beyond a close shave with clinically proven, lasting hydration for up to two hours after shaving. The Schick Hydro Silk Razor features a water-activated Hydra-Renew serum formulated with shea butter to give you smooth skin and prevent irritation.

Gillette Venus Divine
4.0 from 1 review

The Venus Divine cartridges have intensive moisture strips infused with a touch of skin-pampering botanical oils for a close, smooth shave. The Venus Divine has 3 blades and hugs every curve to get virtually every hair.

Gillette Venus Embrace
3.9 from 9 reviews

Get incredibly smooth skin in a single stroke with the Gillette Venus Embrace razor. The product has 5 body contour blades that remove virtually any hair and a protective moisture band for easy gliding. Enjoy an even longer silky soft skin feeling and a particularly close, smooth shave.

Schick Silk Effects+
3.5 from 4 reviews

Latest review: I've found this to be a pretty good razor. I learnt to shave using Schick Silk Effects, and used it all throughout my teenage years. I think I replaced the razor itself 4 or 5 times. It has a good

Schick Quattro for Women
3.4 from 8 reviews

Latest review: This Schick Quattro Razor for women is a lovely pink color. It is really easy to use. It is quite good at shaving leg hairs and since I have been using it I haven't cut myself once! It comes with a

Idea Village Finishing Touch Diamond

Latest review: I googled reviews about this shaver and 90% of people said it was excellent so I was sold. Used it today and I wasnt impressed. My eyebrows are about a medium thickness and the Finishing Touch gave

Schick Exacta 2 Disposable
2.6 from 5 reviews

Latest review: Latest purchase half way through the pack. They are all the same seems the blades are at a different angles. Aggressive to the face. Been using the product for sometime now always very good has

BiC Soleil Bella
2.0 from 1 review

Latest review: After my first use I was over the moon about the BIC Soleil Bella razors, but after continuing on to the 2nd and 3rd use I began getting cuts and nicks every time and every area I shaved especially

Body Bare Intimate Shaver
2.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Bought this Body Bare intimate shaver on Ebay-the description claims it cuts close without cuts or pulling in the entire pubic area-it doesn't even cut-a mens electric Shaver does a closer shave -I

Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Facial Exfoliator &Hair Remover

Latest review: The design of this product is perfect, it’s attractive, sleek and they give you 6 replaceable heads. The light is fantastic it really helps you see up close. But IT DOESNT REMOVE ONE SINGLE HAIR! S

Women's pink plastic razor

Types of women’s razors

Sensitive skin

Those with sensitive skin are the most prone to developing razor burn and rashes. Therefore, using a razor that caters to your skin type can help keep irritation to a minimum. These blades are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and contain 3-5 blades per razor for a closer shave. The more the blades, the less likely the skin is to bulge up and the more likely it is to cut in one swoop, leading to less chance of skin irritation from repeated strokes.

Whole-body shaving

If you need control and precision when shaving hard-to-reach areas of the body such as behind the arms or the knees, then you’ll want to opt for a razor with a sturdy easy-grip handle. One of the main features that differentiate women’s and men’s razors is the handle since men typically only shave their faces whereas women need much more versatile handles to be able to tackle other areas of the body. Opting for a razor with an ergonomic handle can save you from any nasty cuts from the wrong angling or dropping the razor.

Moisture bars

When you’re on the go and don’t have time to reach for the shaving cream, you can get a smooth, clean shave with water and a razor with a built-in moisture bar. These razors help keep moisture by releasing a light lubricant as you shave with water which reduces the risk of razor bumps and rashes.

Travel razors

Going away for a weekend and don’t want to lug a big electric razor or even your disposable cartilage one? Travel razors, or mini-razors, are compact and good for when you’re on the go. They come with a short, circular handle and a detachable blade cartridge meaning you can keep it in your hand luggage without taking up precious space.

Disposable razors

Disposable razors are great for one-time or very limited use. They are usually frail and made of thin plastic. The blades tend to get dull quickly, after which, you’ll have to throw them away and buy a new razor. They are ideal for travelling or adorning guestrooms and guest bathrooms.

Refillable blade cartridge razors

Refillable razors are a great way for you to try out which blade works best for you. Most razors are compatible with different cartridge heads meaning you can swap the cartridges as they get blunt while keeping the handle. This saves on waste and makes it a versatile tool.

Bikini area razors

Since the bikini area is sensitive, you might want to invest in a tool that is specially designed to tackle pubic hair without leaving you with razor burns, bumps or irritation. Bikini trimmers are popular for styling or tidying hair in the bikini area whereas razors can get you a clean shave. If you using a manual razor, always use a sharp one with extra lubrication around the blades for the best results.

Safety razors

Safety razors are not like their plastic, disposable counterparts. Think of your grandfather getting a close shave with a single sharp, metal blade in the 1880s. Technology is looking backwards to innovate the future and with it comes the sustainable and luxurious safety razor.

They provide a much closer and smoother shave than plastic razors, are much more sanitary and better for the environment. While the initial investment might be more expensive, their blade refills are relatively cheap compared to cartridge refills.

They require a lot less pressure when shaving than disposable razors and take some getting used to, but happy users of all genders said they are unlike to go back after trying them.

The best shaving routine

Prep your skin

Like with anything, the first step is to prep. It’s always best to shave after you have washed and exfoliated the body instead of prior. This is because one of the main causes behind ingrown hairs and razor bumps is the razor pushing dead skin cells into a pore and blocking it. To avoid this, take a nice steamy shower or bath to open your pores and then get rid of any blockages with a good scrub or loofa.

Apply your cream

The next step is to pick your choice of lubrication. If you’re in a rush, water can suffice, however, it’s always recommended to get your hair as smooth as possible. You can use shaving lotion, cream, butter, gel or conditioner to achieve this. It’ll provide you with the most seamless shave and avoid any nicks or cuts.

Start shaving

Now that your hair and skin is prepared, you should position the razor at a comfortable angle to your skin and start shaving using medium pressure and short strokes. If you’re shaving your legs, it’s recommended that you start from the ankles and work your way up, shaving in the direction of your hair growth. Remember to rinse in-between strokes. If you are shaving your underarms, it’s recommended that you first shave in the direction of your hair growth and then again in the opposite direction to make sure you have got rid of all unwanted hair.

Post-shaving cream

Don’t forget about your post-shave routine. Afterwards, you can invest in witch hazel - it soothes the skin after coming into contact with the blade and also cleans it against infections and irritation. You can then finish up with a nice and calming moisturiser to get that smooth post-shave feeling.

Frequently asked questions

When is it normal to start shaving?

Your first shaving experience can be daunting. There is absolutely no ‘right’ time to start shaving and shaving isn’t essential for anyone at any time. Body hair is very normal and healthy. If you choose to shave it, then it’s advised that you have a trusted adult show you how to shave and provide you with the appropriate razor.

How do I clean and store my razor?

You must store your razor somewhere dry after use since moisture will make the metal blades more prone to rusting. A moist environment is also a breeding ground for bacteria. Try rinsing your razor with hot water and applying some aftershave to it to sanitise it. You can then towel-dry it and store it in a dry place.

When should I replace my razor/cartridges?

The answer to this depends on several factors including the thickness of your hair, how often you shave, where you store your razor and which body parts you shave. Ultimately, you should replace your razor or cartridges when they feel dull which can happen between 5-10 shaves.

What else can I use to remove hair?

Other types of hair removal products for women include at-home waxes and hair removal creams, epilators, electric shavers, IPLs and hair trimmers.

Will shaving make hair grow back faster and thicker?

Some people have been led to believe that shaving hair means it grows back darker, thicker or faster. This couldn’t be further from the truth as shaving can not physically affect the thickness of the hair. However, after a surface of the skin has been shaved, the hair shaft will appear as stubble which can feel course - but if left to grow out, will take on its original texture and appearance.

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