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2011 Polygon Collosus FRX

2011 Polygon Collosus FRX

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The do all big bike

The FRX is a do all bike. With a tweak of the suspension and geometry the FRX will get you around your local trails with the efficiency of a smaller bike. As for bigger (downhill) tracks the FRX comes to life and can mix it with its bigger DH brothers, but the real feature is its cornering, it eats berms.
Straight out of the box the specs work with slick efficiency and make the FRX run like a $5k plus bike.
In simple there is nothing that can touch "bang for your bucks", bike on the market. The Internet pictures do not do this bike justice, it is a well finished quality product.
If you don't want a narrow minded downhill type bike the FRX is the perfect machine. You won't be disappointed, buy one today.
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2011 Collosus FRX
Price (RRP)$5299