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2012 Polygon Collosus CRX

2012 Polygon Collosus CRX

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Polygon Collosus CRX "A colossal impact into the XCM Marathon scene"

The over bearing feeling I've had from racing the CRX is the confidence it has given me. At times I struggle with confidence in my ability to hit lines hard and fast on technical single track. I have found myself passing through single track with confidence; freeing me up to focus on racing and hitting smooth lines. As tight single track is something I need to work on for the Australian Marathons, it is great to have a predictable and trustworthy bike underneath me.
I think the stiffer front end, due to the thru-axle, really helps in giving the bike a natural flow, without a ‘twitchy’ feeling. It definitely improves braking efficiency and when coupled with the XTR brakes, makes for a perfect meld. When gearing up for a big effort on the road or punchy climb, the thu-axle stiffness is really noticed – no loss of energy there. Its great to find a bike dominating over rock gardens etc. the suspension is perfect for this, with oodles of rear traction on rockier and trickier climbs.
Overall – CRX Colossus is a great bike, specs galore and amazing bang for your buck!The descending/single track ability really adds to a rider’s confidence with predictability and reliability. Mechanical problems have been zero, so great to have a reliable ride. An extra bonus is the suspension really does save the body energy for a last 20km hit out to the finish!
Specs galore, great price, efficiency on rough or rocky ground, Weight: 10.6kg dually is pretty good!
Not much apart from changing; seat post clamp to non-quick release, changed handle bar grips, 2.2 front tire

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