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I love this bike..! Fun and more fun.!

I've had this bike nearly 9 months and have put 7000k's on it. I got the Acrapovic full exhaust system and K&N air filter all installed on delivery which from what I'm told there's nothing else to put on it for race. It's my daily ride and I got to say it my highlight to and from work every day. Corning is pin point and I love rain as it's MotoX breed eggs you on to power slide round corners. The power in the dry is bloody awesome just loves bringing the front wheel up under heavy acceleration. Being so light and having big disc and callipers on the front will have you doing stoppies at every set of traffic lights. The bike begs for play time you do have to kind of discipline yourself and hold back sometimes. Long rides have been great and I would also like to point out having the full tank under the back of the seat puts the CG low and adds more confidence in the balance of the bike. Handles like you would want every bike to handles amazing. The standard Coni Attack sm tyres have also been great with quick warm up times. I'm only now after 7000k's starting to get some wheel spins on corner on cold tyres as there near the wear limits. I might also be getting use to the power now and have start riding harder. Fuel performance isn't to bad I see the fuel light come on around the 180k's mark leaving with 2.5l in the tank giving me about another 50k's till I start walking. Highway on long trips I didn't notice much better fuel Performance. All in all I will own this bike for a long time to come.. Great work KTM.
Servicablity Power, Corning, light weight, balance
Seat on long rides.

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690 SMC R
Release dateJun 2013