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Fantastic Twin Pram - Love It!!

I purchased the 2019 ABC Design Zoom pram and it has made my life so much easier. It is really easy to manouver and has a large shopping basket which comes in really handy. The seats are a great size so my 2 year old fits in it easily and he also loves all the different seating combinations. I recommend this pram to anyone having their second child or twins.


I bought the twin version of this pram, and noted a fault at the first use- the feet rest became stiff and could not be adjusted. Contacted the seller- Baby Train, who promised to get in touch with the manufacturer/supplier. I was later contacted by the seller who reported that the manufacturer refused to replace the part stating that it was not covered by warranty. They insisted that I folded the pram with the seats on. Who on earth will try folding that twin pram, very gigantic, with the iron frame, with seat on it? You can go ahead and buy, but note that they will not honour the warranty.

Great but Long

The pram turns fluidly, is top notch quality, attractive and comfortable. I really liked everything about it for my newborn and two year old but got rid of it when bub turned one in favour of a mountain buggy plus one which suited us better as not as long. Although not made for rugged terrain, it coped pretty well. It's not heavy and pretty easy to fold but you do have to take the seats off (unlike mountain buggy plus one). The straps were a little fiddly for me but the sun shade great. I didn't like how the basinet tilted downwards. Make sure it can fit around the hallways in your house! I couldn't get mine around one of the corners inside. Overall, I recommend, you do learn to take a wider turn due to the length.

ABC Design Salsa 4 has a design fault

Bought the ABC Design Salsa 4 pram for our new born. Was great at first but for some reason the front wheels started to get stuck and they would not swivel, which made the pram very difficult to control and dangerous. The shop we bought it from tried to fix it, then ABC said give them a new pram. One month later the same thing happened. The shop contacted ABC in Germany and they admitted there is a fault. Apparently there is a video on what to do to try and fix the problem. So the shop is trying that. The shop we bought it from is making it very difficult for us. Consumer law stated here
https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/businesses/fair-trading/guarantees-warranties-and-refunds/goods-covered-by-guarantees/repairs-refunds-replacements indicates that we should be able to decide how to resolve the problem not the supplier and or manufacturer.

Ok but not great.

I find this pram very long, which makes it like driving a "road train". I have found the length difficult to steer at times and it is causing pain in my lower back from the twisting of my back when turning and pushing the pram. I have found this pram difficult to steer on uneven surfaces, inclinés and gravel paths. I am also disappointed with the shopping basket, it doesn't actually fit that much shopping in it, as it has 2 large bars that cross through the middle. Also, the handle bar isn't great for hanging a nappy bag over and you will need to purchase pram hooks to do so. I thought that from reading reviews on this pram it met all my needs, but it really hasn't.

There are some good points for this pram -
1) it has large comfortable seats (however length wise my small 2 year olds legs are already at the end of the prams seat length)
2) it rides smoothly on a shopping centre floor or flat carpark
3) range of seat options (forward and rear facing, bassinet)
4) it fits into half the boot of our mitsubishi outlander

After 3 months of use, I'm looking into other options as this pram really hadn't met our needs, im really not happy with it and to be honest, I have avoided walking due to the difficulties I've found in using this pram.

Baby Limo

I was really apprehensive about getting out and about with our new twins and all their gear. The ABC Zoom has been a revelation. Yes it is bigger and longer but it moves easily. For being so big unfolded it still fits neatly in the rear of a relatively small Hyundai IX35.

Loving it!

When we knew that we were going to have two children under two, I did a lot of research to find what pram would work best for us. And it seems we found it in the Zoom!

I knew that I didn't want either of the kids to be underneath the other or so close that they could kick each other. I wanted a large basket, the option of using either the bassinet or adapters for the capsule, and both seats to be large enough to hold my tall children. We've been delighted with the Zoom - it ticks all of these boxes, and is so easy to use. Yes, it's a long pram and people often comment on that, but with a tandem you expect that. And being able to get it through a standard door certainly makes life easier.

It's great that our two girls can sit looking at one another, and our older daughter loves that she can keep an eye on "her baby".

We recently travelled internationally with this pram, and even with the bassinet, it wasn't that much larger than our single pram when packed.

We ordered our Zoom from Germany, which even with postage was still cheaper than buying in Australia, and have recently also got the raincover and comfort seat liner from there. The liner is fantastic! Had I had it earlier, I may not have got the bassinet as its perfect for newborns, and also allows my now 14 week old to sit up slightly which she loves.

Best Twin Pram EVER

We bought this pram for our twin girls. We can't fault it. It's super easy to fold down, carry, manoeuvre and the quality is outstanding. I would recommend this pram to any parents having twins or two children close in age. We also purchased the Isofix bases and capsules to go into the car and click onto the pram.

Parents best friend!

After going through so many prams with my first two children I done my research for many months for a great twin pram for our twins.
And I found it!! The ABC twin zoom pram turns 360 degs on the spot, has extra hood covering, large basket for shopping (or my 2yr old who loves to sit on the centre bar), fits comfortably in my 7seater car, and that didn't break the bank. When purchasing I was offered 12 or 14 days return of I didn't like it. But il never let this pram go. Great suspension, seats have 3 different positions, both seats can face front or backwards, and the hold at the back can still see everything. I just love it!! I'm getting more positive comments on my amazing pram then the twins get!!
Plus I spoke and emailed the one consultant, who was a pleasure dealing with!
Definitely a must have for any parent!!

Most awesome twin pram!

My daughter ordered hers new online after I saw the design on Pinterest while browsing through. It maneuvers very well. Because it is tandem she doesn't have to worry if she has to go through the checkouts when going shopping. Lots of leg space when they grow and lots of space for the extras one always have to carry! We were lucky to get hold of a second hand one too and even though the side latches have snapped - the ones keeping the canopies up, we can still manage to keep it up. (Might have been handled too rough, who knows? Would be great if they can sell this as a spare part too. I believe we are the third owner which tells you something about durability!)

I tested for durability

The pram is high quality, I used it 1.5 years for two my daughters. Good strength, big bag for products, removable wheels, telescopic hand holder, a very good maneuverability. I bought a used pram and I could sold it, because its quality is so high :). I tested for durability: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgK0WrzdGgs

Love my Zoom!

I ordered my pram from the German website because it was cheaper and had more variety of colours.
It was super easy to put together and my daughter was instantly obsessed with being in it. I am constantly getting compliments on how nice the pram is.
Folding is pretty simple although you do have to take the seats out to fold the frame. There is a generous sized basket underneath and I love the different seating configurations you can switch between.
One of my only issues with this pram is the length. It is a very large pram so making sharp turns when needed isn't easy (eg. Shopping aisles) I've also notice when the footpath is sloped to one side I have to hold on tight to stop the pram from falling over.
Overall, I really love my abc design zoom and definitely think I made the right purchase.

I love this pram

I love this pram. We ordered it from Germany as it worked out cheaper. We also bought the bassinet. This pram was exactly what i wanted. Plenty of space for the little ones, loads of storage for when i decide to walk to the supermarket and so easy to steer/manouvre. I would highly recommend.

Best Pram

I purchased this pram in 2014 from Baby World Hobart, Tasmania. I wanted a pram with lots of space between each child so they can easily stretched out there feet without kicking the other one, easy to manoeuvre, fits through every doorway, light enough for me to get in and out of the car, easy to assemble and look good.

This pram ticked all the boxes. My 3,2 and 10 months old enjoys every ride. Seats are super comfy, they can even sleep while we are out.

I'm surprised that not many people have seen this pram before. I would like to see more stockist here in Tassie. Share the best pram with every mother out there.

Awesome, Love It

We bought this pram 10 months ago and absolutely love it. We have a 1 year old, 2 year old and baby number 3 on the way. We already had the strider pram and we're not happy with it as the second seat is very small and felt like the girls were on top of each other. This pram has 2 large seats and is comfortable for both our children. It's so smooth to push, good turning circle and is quick and easy to assemble.
We love how it has so many seat combination and the basket underneath is huge. We've just bought the bassinet attachment and can't wait to use it when bubs comes along. This pram is awesome and would highly recommend it to anyone who has 2 children.

Perfect and Not just for Twins!

I have a 2.5 yr old, a 15 month old and baby number 3 due in 2 weeks. I already had a love n care twingo but was never really happy with it. It was rather awkward and not easy to get around with. Found the Zoom pram at Baby Train and I am SO excited to use it with my children. Already used it with my older children and they love either facing eachother (which can be a bit too much entertainment for Mummy!) or facing forward. Thrilled with the ease that this pram moves around and how EASY it is to pull apart and put in the boot. My husband also wants me to tell you how easy it was to assemble (10 mins!).
We bought the bassinet attachment aswell. Yet to use it but great that it is secure, and full size. Not so anxious about getting out and about when baby arrives!
Easy to assemble, light weight, great for children of varying ages (not just twins), great price point and who can beat german engineering!

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Reading back on this now on the day of my daughters 1stbiethday makes me smile. I genuinely still love this pram. I know I sound like a marketing tool but no. I'm a mum of 3 and this is the best. Give it a test whoever you find it in stockxx

Love my ABC zoom!!!

My twins are now 19 months old and having this pram has been excellent!! It's is so easy to steer. I can do a big weekly shop on my own pushing this pram and dragging a trolley it's so light! And it looks amazing, I am forever being asked where I got my pram. It's so eye catching. And so comfy for the girls.
Love it, love it, love it!
So light yet strong. Easy to fold. Looks great.
Rain cover is not so easy to get on.

This pram makes life with twins easy!!!

I couldn't go without this pram, it is absolutely the best! Bought it from Baby Train in Warrigal Road Moorabbin, who were excellent. They have twins themselves so specialize in providing products that make life with twins easier (as well as stocking everything else). I decided to buy it from them instead of overseas as it comes with a warranty.
It is light, easy to push with one hand, great turning circle, narrow enough to fit through any aisle, and clips so easily in and out of the car seat base that its a breeze.Im quicker packing up twins, than a lot of other Mums with singletons.
Brilliant pram - well worth the investment.
Means getting out and about is a lot easier than it would be without this!
My best twin buy!

Love this pram

We were expecting twins and we searched for ages for a tandem pram. Finally, we found the ABC Zoom on the internet, but unfortunately couldn't find a stockist in the Brisbane area. Even those listed as stockists did not stock the pram. On the basis of reviews on this site, the product description and video on YouTube we decided on the Zoom and are so pleased we did.

The pram is so easy to use, really light to push, very small turning circle and quick to assemble. It's nice and narrow and has no issues fitting through doorways, in fact is narrower than many of my friends single prams. The bassinets click into the base that has a one touch folding movement which us quick and easy to assemble. The bassinets and base do take up most of our boot, the standard seats are much more compact.

We bought the basic pram with seats, separate basinets and attachment, additional sunshades and rain cover.

We are constantly stopped by people asking about the pram. I'm surprised that it isn't more popular. Works perfectly for our twins and would be good for two children of any age.
Good quality, light and easy to manoeuvre, stylish pram.


I love love this pram so much that i decided to buy it for my 3 year old twins. I recently took them out to the royal melbourne show and the pram was amazing. The steering on it was fantstic. It is so smooth to push and easy to maneover. Even with 17 kg twins in it!!!! The seats are nice and long so they still fit in the seats perfectly. The kids can face each other or both be facing outwoods too. Great for twins or even an older sibling and a new born as it takes a capsule and a bassinet. I would highly recommend this pram to anyone with 2 kids.
I bought mine from Babytrain in Moorabbin. (Melbourne)
I did see that you can buy them online, but i was worried about warranty and meeting Australian standards so decided it was best to get it here in Melbourne. The girls there were so helpful and knew everything there was about the pram. They are so happy to help out and even put it together for us. The customer service was great. Would highly recommend going in there to have a hands on look at the pram.

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Questions & Answers

We often go out as a family and each push a child. Does anyone know if there are any single bases that the abc zoom seats will fit on? Our house is over run with different pushchair for different occasions!
1 answer
Hi Amy Yes they have a single pram called a Salsa 3 which also fits the same seat. Ring Baby Train as they were really helpful. Good luck!

Hello Everyone, I have a ABC Cobra,where the frame bar which attach the wheel is shakey.The seat and the bed is good.Is there any possibility that the seat and bed can be attached to other model frame.I tried to buy a second hand cobra frame ,but it's difficult to find.So next option is to know the possibility to find a suitable frame from other ABC design model.Can you all please help me with this matter?
No answers

Hi. We have the abc zoom for our 2 year old and 4 week son. When they are both on the pram the front wheels are reallt difficult to turn. I’ve checked the locks are off. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks Adam
2 answers
Yes i am having this trouble and it is hard to push in shopping centres due to the shiny surface. I think it is a design flaw. When there is weight on the front wheels it is extremely hard to even push and turning is a nightmare! I really liked this pram!?Same problem here. Just want to throw it in the bin.


Price (RRP) $999.00
Seating Type Tandem
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Cup Holder, Height-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)
Folded Dimensions57 x 60 x 85 cm

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN13: 4045875037030