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Valco Snap Duo

Valco Snap Duo

4.2 from 80 reviews

Perfect pram

Easy to unfold and fold. Light weight and fits through doors you wouldn't think it would. It was recommended by a work colleague who has one for her twins. She said all her friends who had expensive other brands, more than $1,000.00, ended up getting the Valco brand prams instead

Love it

Perfect for both my toddler and newborn. I chose this as I don't like the idea of one child sitting above the other n my girls love looking out at everything we come across. The big basket and pockets come in handy when out and about and it is easy to maneuver. Will def recommend to anyone looking for a double

Perfect for twins

Easy to move, lightweight and easy to fold. Fits through standard doorways and no wider than a single pram. Wheels are sturdy and the basket underneath is huge. Facing the seats either way is also a bonus as it can also act as a “highchair” when at places that don’t have a highchair available.

It is a beast

This pram is so sturdy, big storage underneath. It can withstand rough terrain and has been a good workhorse with two year old twin boys and shopping. Cleaning the different parts is tricky, but a good scrub and hose down then leave in the sun did the trick. Definitely worth it

I love this stroller!!

I love this pram. It is perfect for my babies. My 3 year old still goes in it sometimes as she hates walking. Easy to push and manuever and I love the hood that can extend further by unzipping it. My kids also find it comfortable and regularly fall asleep in it. They can practically lay flat in it.

Its ok

I bought this for my 3 and 1 year old so they could sit side by side. It's easy to push and fold and fits through a standard doorway. The only things I dont like is it's not very compact and the weight is heavy. It's hard and takes alot of room in the boot and quite heavy to lift and throw in the boot. Otherwise is a great double pram.


Overall an easy double pram to push around, light weight and also fits through all doors. So compact and easy to fold down and also has a strap to carry from place to place. The canopy is well made great shade to protect your babies from the sun or wind!

Double pram

Bought this pram for my daughter she has been very happy with it she says it is quick to fold down not to heavy and not too wide making it easier for her to get through doorways etc easy to wipe clean and you can buy drink holders for this pram

Better than Strider Compact

Love love love this pram!! so light, easy to manoeuver - even one handed, so easy to just unfold (or fold) and go! Getting it in and out of the car is a breeze.
I’ve had no issues with the width - it fits anywhere a troller or wheelchair can - which is pretty much everywhere!
I originally had a strider compact with second seat for my two boys (3 & 1), but it was heavy to lift, a pain to unfold / fold and put in the car due to always having to remove or attach one of the seats, and both kids didn’t like being on the bottom and not being able to see. Now they are side by side and love it! They love holding hands and sharing the viewing experience and I’m loving how much easier it is to just unfold and go!

We all love our twin stroller

Its easy to puy together and manoeuvre I have no worries folding and unfolding also it fits perfect in the booy of the car, it fits through all doors with lots of space. I couldn't be mote pleased and
Im very happy infact we got lucky with this purchase i do recommend it to anyone who has two babies or twins.

Best twin pram

We got Valco baby snap duo tailor-made pram for our twin boys.Have been using from 4 months and did not find any major issues so far.

- Very easy to maneuver, light and easy to fold and put it in a car.
- it folds to the inside, so does not collect the dust and mud when folded
- fits almost all the doorways so far
- I tried other prams but all those were very heavy for me as I had a CSec and didn't have much
- pram liner material is very good
- no need for newborn bassinet
- very decent price
- foot lock is amazing
- yet to find one.

Absolutely recommend this pram

This pram is excellent to maneuver- even with heavy children. It is also extremely simple to fold and unfold- which is very helpful when trying to keep an eye on two little kiddies. I’ve had mine for almost two years and it looks as good as new (highly recommend the tailor made- so easy to clean) I loved having the option to insert a bassinet or use as is for a newborn. Love love love this pram. A++

Great pram!

Best pram ever. It's so light, easily folds and fully reclines. Unfortunately after 12 months of use the stitching has started to come apart between the seats. My oldest is only 14 kgs and the pram is suppose to take up to 20kgs each seat. As is common I bought the pram a month or two before my second was born which now puts me out of my 12 month warranty (even though my baby is only 12 months old and the pram has only been used since she was born).

Light weight and easy to handle

It's Light weight, easy to fold and open, and load in the boot. Wheels also pop out if needed.
Also i found it easy to pass through door and even on buses. Sturdy enough for normal use.
Would have given 5star if the wheel were better. Foam wheel is easy pierced by seeds and other tiny things on pavement.

Soooo easy and light!

-It’s incredibly easy to maneuver
- light weight to lift into boot
- cool and airy for kids to have day naps in the hot sun
- fabulous accessories it comes with
- great that it has adjustable seats
- and my favorite part of all: SO MUCH STORAGE !!

This is perfect

I have a brother and sister who are both in years.
I used to design another stroller, but I haven't had any complaints about it since I changed it to this model three years ago.
I like the sheets to be apart when I take a nap, they are easy to wash, and quick to dry.
Also, the legs part sheet was adjusted, so it was convenient to use it horizontally when the child was young.

Small, light, easy to use

Narrow for a side by side double pram, and light in weight too. Easy enough to lift in and out of car.
Ok size underneath storage although you have to take everything out to fold it up. I am happy with my value for money, for us it works well.

Great pram!

one of the lightest of all double prams. easy to operate and fold and plenty of grocery space below. Used it on overseas trips. No issues at all. Baby and toddler could sleep comfortably in the pram with no issues. No longer in use now and sold it on to another family.

So easy to push around & light weight.

After comparing so many twin prams on the market, we are so glad to choose this Valco Snap Duo. Very good price and light weight & so easy to push around. Esp with 3 kids around, making everything so easy is too important. The price is not too expensive as well.

Best pram!!!

This pram is light, Easy, practical and everything you want in a double pram. It's easy to move around, fold (with 1 hand) and clean. The quality and the price for this double stroller has exceeded my expectations. If you want to buy a double stroller which is easy sturdy good quality lightweight and practical this is the one! The air pumped wheels are also available and I wanted to buy them but the one that it comes with is more than good enough when going for walks out doors and getting around. Very happy mummy getting around with 2 bubs.

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Questions & Answers

I found a second hand Snap duo, bought in 2016, and was considering buying it. One of our requirements is that the two seats should be possible to face diffrent directions (one with face forward and one facing backwards). Does the Snap Duo Tailormade Denim has this feature? Or does it only have the Snap duo ultra? I would be grateful if you could list all the models that have this feature, just to ensure that I will be choosing the right one. Thank you!
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Hi Kim B, thanks for getting in touch. The Snap Duo does not have reversible seats, it is purely forward facing but you are 100% correct the Snap Ultra Dup does have that feature :)

I have the Valco snap duo black beauty which is great. Just wondering if I am missing something as wanting to fold the footrests up to make it ‘Bassinet’ like for a newborn, however they do not stay there and there appears no way to fix them there? Is there something my pram is missing? Or am I not able to do this?
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Hi Ally B, you should be able to simply lift the footrest and it should stay there. I find it a little hard to get the footrest back down as you have to hold the side buttons in together, and fold down at the same time. Still a fab pram though. Let you know how you go. You should here clicking as the footrest goes up.Thanks mummy 41, there are actually no buttons or anything that clicks. So I’m wondering if I got a model without the adjustable footrest :-( If this is the case can you get anything to make the footrests adjustable?I'd take it back to where you bought it as it sounds a bit faulty Ally. Maybe give me a video call or text me and I can send pics. 0405760103. Thanks Amanda

Can you use the q bassinet with the snap ultra duo pram?
1 answer
Hi Jenny T, thanks for getting in touch :) Unfortunately, they are not compatible, the Snap Ultra Duo has its own bassinet that is a little slimmer.


Valco Snap Duo
Price (RRP)$579.99
Product Weight9.8kg
Folded Height36cm
Folded Width75cm
Folded Length80cm
Weight Capacity Per Seat20kg

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  • GTIN13: 9315517090736

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