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Loving it!

Love the abcoaster noisey when watching tv but it's awesome does everything it says it does the sensor that counts doesn't always pick up every time you go up but doesn't stop me from using it, more the do better

Best Ab Machine Ever!

Having trained for over 25 years, I am always keen to explore different ways to exercise certain body parts. Abs have always been particularly difficult to train as traditional crunches and leg raises can be harmful to your back. I saw the infomercial for the Ab Coaster and was very intrigued. The ease of use and the way it replicated a crunch without the potential harm to your back was very compelling, so I took the plunge and ordered one. This is without doubt the best Ab machine I have used. You get a sensational Ab workout without any stress to any other part of your body - it simply does what it claims - targets your abs. I do 200 hundred reps every other day and I've made more progress in 6 weeks than I have previously in 6 months!
Targets the abdominal muscles without putting stress on other body parts
No problems whatsoever; very sturdily built

Hey, I'm just wondering where I can buy ab coaster? as the main website only ship to Canada and Us. I'm living in Australia, SydneyHi Kate, I purchased mine from Global Shop Direct. You can also pick them up from eBay and Danoz Direct. There is a Danoz Direct shop at Roselands in Sydney that also sells them. Best $299 you'll ever spend.

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Release dateJan 2012
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