That's better that's Actron

The unit is the best thing i have ever bought and it copes well on high demand and extended periods.
Very Satisfied with the product the features and controls are a bonus and simplicity at it's best.
The air conditioner is perfectly built for this harsh Australian weather.

Purchased in October 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Heating / Cooling Speed
Home Insulation Level Average
Room Type Whole House
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Hi Ray, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review on Product Review. We appreciate all feedback and are happy to hear you are enjoying the comfort of our ActronAir system.

Very noisy unit - do not purchase - you will regret it

This is a very noisy unit which we regret buying. We can't turn it on at night because it makes a loud vibrating noise every 5 seconds. Our neighbours have also complained that they can't sleep at night when it's on. We now revert to only using it during the day. I contacted my installer and was advised of the following:

"The noise you are experiencing every 5 seconds is the “DWM” valve inside your Actron air condensing unit.
This noise is a standard feature within each Actron condensing unit that is fitted with a digital scroll compressor such as the unit which is at your house.

I’m afraid there is nothing we can do. You are welcome to contact Actron to arrange a service call but there is nothing we can help you with."

Purchased in May 2015.

Noise Level
Home Insulation Level Good
Room Type Whole House
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Hi Karl, We are sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your system. We appreciate you taking the time to place your feedback on Product Review, your feedback is important to us. We would like to help you find a solution for your issue. To start could you please email technicalsupport@actronair.com.au and give us your name, address, email, contact number and the serial number on your outdoor unit. The team will be in contact to discuss the issues with you or you can call us on 1800 119 229 (National 8am-5pm AEST) and discuss these issues with Technical support in the first instance who can work with you to find a solution.


My old mitsubishi ducted a/c gave up the ghost after 25 yrs with only 1 breakdown, looked at a replacement for reliability, price and good reviews and picked the Actronair. Very pleased with so far, quiet and efficient.Tad more expensive than others but worth it.

Purchased in February 2019 at Go General a/c (excellent install) for $11,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Noise Level
Heating / Cooling Speed
Home Insulation Level Good
Room Type Whole House
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Hi Mike, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review on Product Review. We appreciate all feedback and are happy to hear you have chosen ActronAir for your home.

Quiet and efficient.

I am very happy with our ActronAir Ducted AC system. I was worried about noise at full flow but it is very quiet and its ability to cool all of the house is quick and easy. Once it reaches the set-point it maintains that temp without fuss. I opted for individual zone control and find that this helps to keep the demand in the kid's rooms in check. 24 Deg is the constant and it works beautifully to maintain that temp. ABLE Heating and Cooling were flexible, helpful and professional.

Purchased in January 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Heating / Cooling Speed
Home Insulation Level Good
Room Type Whole House
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Hi John, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review on Product Review. We appreciate all feedback and are delighted to hear you are happy with your ActronAirESP Plus system especially after the very hot summer we experienced. We are very happy to hear the install went smoothly with the dealer also.

Too many problems. Rubbish!

we had the ActronAir ESP Plus model installed with our new home, which we moved into in May 2018. The unit worked "ok" most of the time, and now we're starting to get a few issues - just 9 months after moving in.

For the price (between $13,5k - $16k) the unit should be alot better.

We have 6 zones, 2 control panels & WiFi module

The below are my issues:

1. yes its a little noisy but nothing to be too concerned about
2. the default vents were the round diffusers which are USELESS!! even when you open them up as far they'll go you get very very minimal air. and thats even when you stand on a ladder and stick your hand infront of the vent - you get very minimal air (with the uni on HIGH). Then to prove my theory - i took the vent completely out and guess what? a 'decent' air flow! so if i had my time again, i'd go for one of the square/downward facing vents as the standard ones blow air straight across - not down.
3. Even on 'HIGH', the airflow is very poor - apparently with a flat roof - air circulation is poor. that would have been nice to know. i thought they'd make it work regardless of the roof style.
4. Dual control panels (upstairs/downstairs) - the indoor temperature readings are innacurate (or not separate)
5. WiFi module - installed it on my phone - will not install on wife's phone. works 'ok' on my phone however there are quite a few bugs/missing features with the app, sometimes it fails. and Actron have not updated the app in 3 years! very poor & unprofessional. it's as if they've given up on the app/model & trying to sell a higher-end model.
6. Without sensors in everyone (another upsell) the unit will not manage the temperature correctly - we would set the temp at 24/25 in winter, but the temp in the room will keep rising over 32! very stupid & dangerous!
7. After 7 months we got the first "filter" warning. After cleaning the filter...around a week later...the "filter" light appeared again.
8. had it on 'cool' yet its blowing hot air - advised it's because we have it on "continuous" but that shouldn't matter??
9. one of the vents stopped working - repairman found a ripped duct - how does that happen?!

an entire zone wasn't working when we moved into the house but "apparently" it was - it was just labelled incorrectly on the control panels. this was fixed, however this zone is the weakest zone in the entire house - a shame as this is the most important zone - the living area!

the only way to cool the house properly on a hot day (besides closing windows, blinds etc) is to lower the temp down to 18/19 and leave it for a couple of hours & then it will start to get comfortable.

not sure of the exact model but its the ESP Plus. we paid extra to upgrade to 6 zones, 2 controllers & wifi.

worse yet - there is no email/contact form on their website - so the only option is to fill in their 'quote form' - which hangs & won't work!

i feel as though for this type of unit, you'd want better performance & service and this unit fails to deliver.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Hi Bish, We are sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your system. We appreciate you taking the time to place your feedback on Product Review, your feedback is important to us. Upon further review of the issues we noticed some of these are not product related issues and will require a review in conjunction with your installer to determine the cause. If you could please email service@actronair.com.au and give us your name, address, email, contact number and the serial number on your outdoor unit. The team will be in contact to discuss the issues with you and help you find the best solution or you can call us on 1800 119 229 (National 8am-5pm AEST) and discuss these issues with Technical support in the first instance who can work with you and the installer to find a solution. Thanks - Andrew

A/C - money well spent

Beyond happy with this A/C it ran almost everyday during summer, i must say how impressed i am with the unit in high tempreature days, compared to our last unit, it is such a huge difference.
We cannot fault the unit - happy we chose to go with extra zones so we can turn off the rooms we are not using.
The company who installed it also went above and beyond in selling its features and helping using design zone layout to best suit our house.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

best air con ever

best ever air con unit, love the performance of the unit. Sound levels are low. WIFI feature is amazing. zoning was too easy. easy to install and super easy to maintain. love Actron. probably will never ever go to any other unit. Always recommend this unit to everyone. on an ESP mode cannot even hear it running.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Powerful yet economical

Actron SRD160C (3 phase) was installed in our place early 2012 as it was built new. Since then it has worked brilliantly.
Fortunately, we have not had any of the reliability issues mentioned in the comments below (touch wood). But it is important to read all these comments and to be aware of all potential issues.
We live in Western Sydney. Temps are well over 40C during summer yet our Actron unit easily keeps the inside down to 21C. Even though our unit is only rated at 16kw our 4 bed 2 storey house is comfortable all summer. The inside temp quickly reduces once the aircon is switched on.

The inside unit is very quiet. Fan is left on high continuous mode during the day. We do not use the ESP mode since in this mode the inside fan speed constantly changes - annoying.

Outside unit:
The location of our outside unit is well away from the bedrooms (smart location). Hence, we do not have the problems with noise mentioned below. We can appreciate the many comments about the outside digital scroll compressor being very, very noisy. When it is first turned on the compressor is always on - not a problem. However, once the set temp gets closer the compressor starts to turn itself on and off. These on / off cycles vary in length until the compressor eventually turns off. So the compressor is not a real inverter. Only just tries to simulate an inverter. But in the process it is noisy as it switches on and off and the gas pressure inside the unit varies.

Another reason we bought Actron was the location of the fans on top of unit. Top mounted fans blow the hot air up and away from unit. Side mounted fans would have blown hot air back into the unit since our unit is sandwiched between wall and fence.

The 2 top fans make a constant 'fan' noise which is a bit on the noisy side too. However, by moving a lot of air they make the unit very energy efficient - which is much more important to us.

3 phase vs single phase units:
An aircon technician posted a good comment in the questions below (2015 sometime). He favoured Actron 3 phase units as they were more reliable. Very glad we paid extra to get 3 phase put on to house went built. Not something easily done after. Please read his comment in full.

That is about all i can think of right now.
I will post more if i have any future issues.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Noisy mess that doesn't work well

Like many on this forum, I can attest to how LOUD this AC unit is, with that horrible rolling, moaning, thumping noise every 10-15 seconds. The installers came out to take a look and reckon that's how it's supposed to work.

The unit hits 50-55dB when we're sitting INSIDE the house. Next to the unit, it runs above 80dB. EVERY 10 seconds it spikes into a thump.

Here's a video for your enjoyment...

Now, if it worked amazingly well, we would don some earmuffs and live with it. But it's a sweaty mess inside the house during summer when the unit just struggles.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

New Install SRV201E / SRD203C 8 zones and 10 outlets

Frost Air-conditioning (Castle Hill) just completed my Actron installation, Have not used the system yet as we are still renovating but the installation went seamlessly and the installation team did a great job.
We have a large house and 5 rooms have restored 1920's decorative ceilings and we are pleased to say not cracks or damage to the ceilings. The installer knew what he was doing and all care taken.

At this stage we recommend Frost on Price, Systems advice and Installation, Will add to review about the Actron unit when we move in and use it for a few months.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Well have used the A/C unit for the last week and its quiet and warms the house nicely, The outdoor motor is a lot quieter than our old 12yr old Actron, I can talk to the neighbour over the fence while it is running behind me. Will update after a few months of use.

Does the job well

We've had our Actron in for a little less than 12 months. We don't use it much as our house is well insulated and catches a great breeze, so it hasn't had a big workout yet. When we have used it though, it works brilliantly. We are a large two level 5 bedroom home, and it cools the whole house quickly on a hot Brisbane day. The condenser unit is on our roof above our master bedroom. You can definitely hear it at night so in hindsight I'd position it elsewhere, but it's not too loud.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Excellent all round.

Large 3 phase unit with 7 zones works faultlessly. Produces more than adequate cooling in all zone even on very hot days on a setting of 25c. Brilliant installation by Grahame Miller and the crew from Cool Blue Air Conditioning in Yallah. They even organised for the new meter for the necessary three phase to be installed. Very competitive price.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great system!

We have been very happy with our Actron system. The system runs quietly (the neighbours' evaporative coolers are far noisier) and cools the house nicely. We are very pleased that we installed this system. The stickers in the control panels keep falling off though which is a pain and it is a bit hungry on power. We'll be interested to see what it is like in the winter for heating.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Very Happy

Whisper quiet and simple to operate. The system meets all the requirements that I have for keeping a two story west and north facing home comfortable. The system cools selected rooms only, maintains the required temperatures and quickly cools the house down when needed. In summary an excellent A/C system.

Date PurchasedJun 2016


Super fast comfortable temperature compared to the ancient costly unit it replaced. It will save me a fortune and make ALL of the house liveable during summer. REALLY happy. Installation by A Grade Air Conditioning who arrived on time, finished the removal and install in 7 hours and cleaned up afterwards.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


High energy usage contrary to "energy saving performance" claim. VERY noisy. Had to replace soft starter switch and coil at a cost of $900 even though it was used only TWICE in a few years!! How is this possible? Actron is just another company that rips people off. Avoid at all costs!

Date PurchasedOct 2013

Utter Cool bliss

These guys have thought of everything!! This aircon was money well spent. It has individual panels for each zone and DOESNT WASTE ELECTRICITY!!!! This is just heaven as you know by having it on just in the kids rooms for nap times in the middle of the day its not going to waste electricity. I love that it is wifi and I can turn it on while shopping so i get home and its nice and cool. Very handy on hot Queensland days with grumpy kids and husbands in tow.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Cool but noisy

We have had the unit for 9 years now and bought it primarily because it was Australian made (we found out later that the key component - the compressor - was made in Malaysia). Heating performance is good and it does a reasonable job cooling. However, the compressor is very noisy and the lights dim when it starts. It failed recently (circuit board and capacitors) and as the cost of repair is prohibitive we will get a new air conditioner and it is unlikely to be Actron.

Date PurchasedNov 2008

Australian and Great product

Smart system, every room is now co trolled individually with a switch and sensor in each room. Looks very tidy and very smart- it switches a room off automatically when it reaches temperature so no power wasteage at night when everything is already cool. Perfect for my young kids to keep everyone happy!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Warranty worth nothing

Water was leaking on my ceiling so called actron, they came and said the broken pipe was not covered under warranty as somebody had walked on it. House only built 4.5 years ago so everything was done then nobody goes in the roof and we even have the manhole locked also the unit is suspended so no way could the pipe be walked on. Charged by tech who basically accused us of walking on it and when I said will take further he said you don't pay I will go back up and cut the pipe. Have always recommended this aircon but no more as after sales is rubbish. So invisible msn that lives in my roof stay away from the aircon.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

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Questions & Answers

Hello The air con is working in all the rooms, but the 3 rooms that have a sensor in place I am unable to turn on? model no SRD191C - 0500 as it is not listed below many thank Julie
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Where can I buy the fans for a actron air conditioner sr18c?
2 answers
Hi Victor W, Thanks for the inquiry. If you can provide me with your contact number, address and Serial Number on the outdoor unit. I will put you in contact with someone who can help you out. Cheers - The ActronAir teamHi Victor, Probably it’s better to go with Actron directly, if Actron sells you directly. Also depends upon where you live. Let me know I can help.

Hi, I have an Actron SRD191C and the compressor has failed after 5 years and it has just gone out of warranty. I would think a compressor would last longer. The repair man quoted $3000 to fix the compressor. Is that a correct quote? Can I get it fixed cheaper? I'm in Perth, WA.
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Hi Mark Bad timing with your air going out in the middle of summer. I feel for you. Although I am only a happy customer and not an a/c technician I woulx sughest the following: 1. Contact Actron directly. A phone call to one of the helpful technical staff maysave you some money. I reckon they a very decent people with regards to their warranty. Worth a try. 2. Get a few quotes. I know it is hot and you want it fixed but so do they guys in the shop. 3. SRD191C is a single phase unit. Did you read my post about the 3 phase being more reliable. 4. If I had my time again i would have instaledl a Platinum model - tru inverter - less noise than our ESP model. Not sure about its reliability though. Hope you are able to get things sorted over there in WA. Please let me know how it goes.


ESP Plus SRV131E (12.3kW, Single Phase)ESP Plus SRV151E (14.4kW, Single Phase)ESP Plus SRV191E (18.6kW, Single Phase)ESP Plus SRV171E (16.9kW, Three Phase)ESP Plus SRV201E (19.3kW, Three Phase)ESP Plus SRV231E (23.0kW, Three Phase)ESP Plus SRA190C (18.2kW, Three Phase)
Reverse CycleYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Outdoor Unit Depth580mm580mm580mm580mm580mm685mm
Cooling Capacity12.27kW14.37kW18.64kW16.88kW19.32kW23.00kW
Heating Capacity12.16kW15.0kW18.52kW17.93kW20.09kW23.5kW
Indoor Unit Height412mm412mm435mm412mm435mm485mm
Indoor Unit Width1090mm1290mm1420mm1290mm1420mm1470mm
Indoor Unit Depth615mm615mm680mm615mm680mm695mm
Outdoor Unit Height990mm990mm1045mm1045mm1045mm1105mm
Outdoor Unit Width1320mm1320mm1460mm1460mm1460mm1685mm

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