Couldn't ask for a better system. Very efficient and easily handles our homes needs

Bought our system 12 months ago and have been very impressed with how it handled the summer just gone. When doing my research on different brands, ActronAir kept coming up as the best performing brand on the market. Thru those two stages of multiple 40+ temps days (We live in Penrith), the systems handled it so well, that if we hadn't walked out side and felt the temp, you wouldn't of know it was so hot.
Very happy with our choice and proved money well spent.

Purchased in April 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Heating / Cooling Speed
Home Insulation Level Good
Room Type Whole House
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Hi Andrew, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review on Product Review. We appreciate all feedback and are happy to hear you are enjoying the comfort of your ActronAir system.

Cooled me through several summers!

This is a solid unit which has helped me and my family get through several summers comfortably.

It has coped with the 40C days Sydney has thrown at us during the past few years. We get our unit serviced by ActronAir themselves to make sure it runs well every summer.

The controls are easy to use and having different temperatures in each individual room has been a life saver the kids can't handle the coolness I want my room at.

Purchased in December 2014.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Heating / Cooling Speed
Home Insulation Level Average
Room Type Whole House
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Hi Andy, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review on Product Review. We appreciate all feedback and are happy to hear you are enjoying the comfort of our ActronAir system.

Aussie Made, Unbeatable Quality and Worth Every Cent.

The Actron ESP Ultima is best air con ever. Having multiple zones on different thermostats means the kid’s rooms can be set 23 degrees so they can sleep easily whilst the TV area is a frosty ice cave. It cools so fast that you literally turn it on via the app and feel the effects in minutes.

Even on the 40+ degree days, this bad boy has no issues keeping the entire house cool with minimal effort. Other brands struggle in that heat so it’s a no brainer to pay the extra money for an Aussie made air conditioner. The ability for the system to ramp down to save energy is the cherry on top. Highly recommend getting an Actron.

Purchased in April 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Home Insulation Level Average
Room Type Whole House
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Hi Nick, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review on Product Review. We appreciate all feedback and are happy to hear you have chosen ActronAir. We hope you continue to keep comfortable with your ESP Ultima system.

Great unit that lives up to expectation

We have been running it constantly throughout summer without a hitch. Cools the house down quickly even when running in economy modes.
We have a 3 storey house, with a zone per room so have lots of control over the system (8 zones).
We are consuming far less power than our original Actron unit so it is already paying for itself.
I have also integrated ActronConnect into our home automation system to enable voice control of zones, plus additional occupancy based control.

Purchased in November 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Heating / Cooling Speed
Home Insulation Level Good
Room Type Whole House
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Hi Glen, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on Product Review. We appreciate all feedback and are happy to hear you are enjoying the comfort of your ActronAir ESP Ultima system!

Cool Summers

Replaced our old unit with the ESP Ultima, found it handled the hot conditions Sydney recently had with ease, and with added bonus of the smartphone app very user friendly THANKS ACTRON.

Purchased in December 2018.

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Hi Col, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review on Product Review. We appreciate all feedback and are delighted to hear you are happy with your ActronAir ESP Ultima system especially after the sweltering summer we experienced. Continue to stay cool with your ActronAir!

Brilliant Unit, top Australian product

I had the 151E installed in a new house I had built in late 2014. I have the Wi-Fi unit connected and I can thoroughly recommend this combination. I have had no problems with my system and I'm delighted to say that with my 6kW's of solar panels on the roof, the A/C doesn't cost me a penny to run during the day. My wi-fi connection works great, I connect to the A/C and turn it on via my iPhone when I have finished shopping so when I arrive home, the house has cooled down to my desired 22 Deg C temperature. Again, I can only speak in glowing terms when I talk about the ActronAir and wholeheartedly recommend the product.

Date PurchasedSep 2014
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Hi Mainpro, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review on Product Review. We appreciate all feedback on our units. Thanks - Andrew

Does a great job

We are happy with our unit - no complaints here. Cools the house down really well in summer and just keeps on keeping on. Haven't had any dramas with it since I've had it. Relatively cheap to get serviced by a local company too. Happy to be using an Aussie brand too.

Date PurchasedMay 2014
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Hi MJGoodfella, we are delighted to hear about your experience with your ActronAir ESP Ultima System. We appreciate you taking the time to place your comment on Product Review. Your feedback is important to us. Thank You.


I've had an ActronAir ESP model installed (about one year now) at my place with 6 zones, (9 outlets) Best decision I have made. This model can reduce power at light loads, so It's like having a small air cond. as opposed to my last one, it was either on or off, when it was on, it would be going through about 7 k.w. of power, now with the ESP model installed, if I have only one room on, it is only about 2 k.w. when initially switched on and keeps dropping in power consumption as the desired temp. is achieved. WELL WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY. You will make up the difference in the extra purchase price very, very quickly in energy saving. Apart from the initial Wi-Fi hick ups, (no fault of the company), my modem/router was too advanced for the ActronConnect Wi-Fi box. I then installed an older modem that I had lying around, and it connected instantly. Furthermore, I bought a new modem/router that was compatible to the ActronConnect Wi-Fi box and has been perfect ever since. Some people say the Wi-Fi is a bit of a waste of money, trust me, it's not. When my wife puts on the air cond. at 16 degrees and we freeze our nuts off, (menopause) I could change it to 'fan' only from my phone (anywhere around the world if need be) without her even realising. I would highly recommend the ESP model to anyone. By the way, you don't even realise that the air cond. is running, that's how quite it is. p.s. I've heard that ActronAir was working on a new ActronConnect Wi-Fi box that you could also connect Ethernet wire to, should be ready by the time you read this, it will make it a lot easier to have the actronconnect box in your computer room or cupboard and connect to an Ethernet wire, so no more issues for compatibility with Wi-Fi and routers etc.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Noise level out of this world

The unit cuts in and out every 10 seconds, told by installer this is normal and infact for this unit it is, it should not be sold in residential areas as the noise can be heard from the street.Was told this unit was quiet as we previously had a noisy air conditioner, Dont get this ESP model it will drive you mad.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Actron Air Conditioner

To get the best out of the Actron Air, you need to use an Actron trained/ approved installer. We learnt the hard way. Once Actron Air became aware of the installation issue, they pulled out all stops to help us. Great air conditioner, especially having a controller in each room.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Do not buy Actron Chinese models work better

I live in Gisborne ( Macedon rangers) Melbourne, generally a bit colder than Melbourne cbd , I my self thought I put a lot time into finding the best system that would meet our needs particularly when your spending money on the equivalent of a small new car (20k), so on average Gisborne generally 1-3 deg mornings and during the day by 3pm at around 8 deg's . It just simply blows out less than warm air , virtually cold , I complained to Actron there answer was you need to have an outside temperature of 7 deg,s for it to work properly and the warmer the outside temp the better it works , i said to Actron if gets any warmer outside why would I need to turn in a heater in the first place , , they didn't like my response , any how I said your rep should have advised me of this 7 deg outside temp thing . What's even more hilarious the Actron rep live locally ..........
stay away you have been warned.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Do not buy an ACTRON!!! Unacceptable Noise Levels

This unit utilizes a Copeland Digital Scroll compressor which loads and unloads the continuously run compressor in order to save electricity and run more efficiently. The technology is great! What is not great is that as the the compressor goes through its loading cycle, it makes a groan/growl sound/noise which I can only compare to a small CC motorcycle accelerating. When your set room temperature is within 4 degrees of the actual room temperature, this loading and unloading cycle starts and occurs every 5-10 seconds. Long story short, unless you and your Neighbour's love the sound of reving motorcycles, this unit Is unbearable and simply cannot be run, especially in the still of night. When the compressor is continuously loaded, the sound level is fine and as advertised at around 67db, when the compressor loads and unloads, the sound level jumps over 80db (measured). I have had several air cond techs look at the unit, and spoken to Actron. Each of them have informed me that this is normal for the unit and it is working as designed. I am sure Actron know there is an issue with this compressor, however want to keep it quiet as there are far too many already in operation. Simple answer. Do not buy one of these units. There are better and much quieter units available.

Date PurchasedDec 2011

Not Happy

This is our 4th yr with the unit. We have been happy up until when we received our June/July electricity acc. Compared to same time last year it had increased $285. As we have had the coldest winter we just accepted it and paid the bill although we have not used the unit any differently to previous years. There are only two of us living in the house and rarely have multiple rooms on at the same time. It just didn't add up until we noticed that the outside unit was not cutting in and out as it always has. This noise cannot be missed as it is usually very noisy and after an initial installation query were told this is normal and we have learnt to live with the noise. I visited Gas and Air in Willetton who installed the unit and described the problem. They were all polite and tried to help and suggested to have a technician check it. I was advised if nothing was found faulty we would be charged. I understood that and was confident something was at fault. I went home to monitor the unit at different times of the day over a 24hr period before I requested a technician. In March they put a new compressor in at the end of Summer so this is the first heating use since then. The technician tested everything and found no fault, he put it down to 17 deg and said it was cutting in and out.(we always have it 22 deg for heating). My husband also heard a faint click but nothing at all like the obvious cut in and out we were used to. We were given a bill for $214. I once again approached Gas and Air and spoke to the technician as I wasn't home when he called to check. All on deaf ears. Today I decided to go directly to Actron Air in Balcatta hoping to get more sense out of someone there who would understand the fault. After explaining that Gas and Air had been out the gentleman I spoke to backed him up. I got the impression that I was a paronoid woman focusing too much on the unit noise clicking in and out. The bottom line is this - high electric bill. My last non heating bill was $300 so basically it has cost me $585 more so far this winter for two months to keep warm with another semi winter bill arriving shortly. As I previously mentioned the comparable winter account last year was $600 and this year $885 but everyone tells me nothing is wrong with the unit. A blind man could see that something is not working correctly. Strange how a new compressor was installed in March and seems the problem has been since then. It is not making the same usual cut in and out noise that most people complain about. The unit is under warranty - are they waiting for me to get something fixed next year when out of warranty. On deaf ears from Gas and Air and Actron. Having paid $20K for "the most efficient unit and Australian made" yes maybe when everything is working correctly. Why would anyone want to buy Actron if it is normal to cost so much to keep warm as opposed to other units. Disgusted with the whole attitude of the companies involved. Believe me I am not crazy and I know how my unit usually sounds without it costing me so much more in just 2 months.

Date PurchasedSep 2012

Tripled my electricity cost of a normal ducted air con. I'm in shock!!

Bill jumped from $500 to $1500!!!! Yes it's winter but I never had such a bill when I had a regular ducted air from actron which was 18kw during winter!!! The rep sold it to us based on it being an inverter and the most energy efficient. Has was the installer too and one controller is so far away from its zone that the room temp is always wrong. We have to call him back to move it but now I've got to patch a newly laid wall. I don't understand why it was put so far away!!!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Actron Comressor Failure

We had an Actron installed in our newly built home nearly five years ago. We had the feeling that it wasn't cooling enough but let it go. As soon as the warranty period ended the compressor failed. We called out Actron's local dealer in Adelaide. They failed to figure out the problem. Spend nearly $900 for a part replacement and the very next day the whole unit burned. We called the Actron Head Office in Sydney and after hours of telephone calls back and forth finally they agreed that the compress had a performance issue and replaced the compressor. But it cost us nearly $1000 and nearly 15 days without aircon at the height of Adelaide heatwave.

So anyone considering an Actron, better think twice. They say it is Ausie made but but performance wise I rate this product poor.


Blocked Outlet Pipe

Have just had my top floor ceiling flooded because according to the installer, 'a spider had spun its web inside the outlet and blocked it'. Condensation back-flushed and the system over-flowed. The thing is, the air con wasn't on for very long or over a long period of time but the damage (replastering and repainting) is huge. Actron blamed the installer and the installer advised that we should pest control every 6 months (like that is going to stop bugs or even vermin from crawling up a pipe). I suggested that a more permanent (and cheaper) fix would be to attach mesh to the opening to stop things from crawling back up. Perhaps Actron could take the initiative and design a fitting as part of their offer for an effective system rather than wiping their hands once they offload to installers (whom they have qualified to represent their brand!).

Great Control

I own and operate a medium size air conditioning company and while predominately commercial, we do the occasional domestic application. Over the years I have installed many Actron systems (in the 100's per year) and other than a few times (maybe two per year), we get a warranty call. As a general rule , we simply push a button, commission the unit and walk away with the only feedback I get from my customers is thank you so much, this is the best system we have had. We recently installed one into a large double story home and the system happened to be identical to the owners parents home. His comments where that "our system is so much quieter than theirs and it does everything we ask of it".
Having access to most brands, I chose the Actron Ultima for my home in 2011. This system has not missed a beat, I have never had a warranty call on the system and I have complete temperature control in all areas of my house. With three children it comes in very handy when one of them says their room is hot can I cool it down, it really is a no brainer to say sure as you know the system is not going to be chewing through the power trying to condition 60% of the home while he is cooling his room down.
Being in the industry for over 30 years myself I know air conditioning pretty well and in all instances we hear stories of the system being this or that. The simple truth is that 95% of all issues relating to air conditioning systems are design and or installation issues, this is regardless of the make of the unit. I love the fact that Actron is an proud Australian manufacturer and in all instances I have had their support and I will continue to support the brand and their design innovations.

Compressor problems

I recently installed this Actron Platinum ESP in my home and it was going great guns, I received a phone call from Actro who told me the compressor in our unit had a known fault and they would be replacing it as soon as possible, East Coast Air who installed the unit in the first place then contacted me and we set a date for replacement, this went very smoothly and without interruption except for the couple of hours it took, all in all I cannot fault Actron as they had a qualified fault and did not wait for the problem to escalate into a drama, they just accepted it and replaced it, I will recommend Actron any time to anyone, and if they live in the Maitland or surrounding areas (we are 1 hour away) then get East Coast Air in they are the most professional team of Tradesmen I have dealt with. update** East Coast Air from Maitland have now informed us we are too far away to service the air conditioner, so just make sure before you use them that you are not too far away.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Worst Investment Ive Ever Made

Built our dream home and spent $25,000 on an actron ducted system and 4 years later have had nothing but trouble.
Out side unit is like a helicopter outside and we have had the soft starter replaced 3 times, twice in the last 3 months.
would not recomend them at all

Terrible noise from outdoor unit

Ive just installed the actron esp plus 19.3kw. The outdoor unit compressor cuts in and out every 2 seconds which is very loud. Do not install near bedroom windows or in a location that will be heard by neighbours as it is a very noticeable sound especially at night. Other then the noise unit works well.

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Questions & Answers

Actronair AM24-1 starts making buzzing sound coming from the loft when I try running heat on more than one zone. Please help.
1 answer
Hi Maria Honestly not sure if I can help you with this one however buzzing type noises usually occur when the unit goes into defrost mode , defrost mode only occurs when your outside temperature is less than 5degrees , I'm also wondering I old is your Actron unit

My SRD151C unit starts by itself without the two fans on top of the condenser running. Only the compressor runs. I need to switch off at the main switch. Has anyone had these issues with their Actronair units? Thanks Chris
2 answers
Hi Chris I have the same model how ever mine doesn't do that , not sure how old your unit is , hopefully you can still claim a warranty, my unit as a heater is useless but as an air con excellent, sorry I can't help you on this Regards JasonThank you Jason, I live in Qld, so I don’t use it for heating.

Can I ask some question? Is this good brand? I want to buy an Actron Air, but I have no idea about any model of this company (should buy or not?), after readed review, I can't decide. I need advice, any idea? Thank a lot!
2 answers
I installed Actron ESP back in 2008, installed it all for $10K. Since then, I had 3 problems. First was wiring, so that was not Actron's fault and the installer fixed it free of charge. About 4 years ago, condenser coil leaked, fixed that for a few hundred bucks. This year, the soft starter failed, that's another $800+ for diagnose, repair and parts. So, it looks like a breakdown every 2 years or so. I read more reviews too, it seems like they break down fairly frequently and I only use my A/C about 2 months/year. Based on this, I don't think it's a good unit at all. I'd go for Daikin, but choose your installer properly.Do not buy Actron , absolutely rubbish, I regret buying one it's relatively new , if I had the the money I would rip the Actron out and replace it with a Daikin Regards jason


ESP Ultima SRM151E (14.4kW, Single Phase)ESP Ultima SRM191E (18.6kW, Single Phase)ESP Ultima SRM171E (16.9kW, Three Phase)ESP Ultima SRM201E (19.3kW, Three Phase)ESP Ultima SRM231E (23.0kW, Three Phase)
Reverse CycleYesYesYesYesYes
Outdoor Unit Depth580mm580mm580mm580mm685mm
Cooling Capacity14.37kW18.64kW16.88kW19.32kW23.0kW
Heating Capacity15.0kW18.52kW17.93kW20.09kW23.5kW
Indoor Unit Height412mm435mm412mm435mm485mm
Indoor Unit Width435mm1420mm1290mm1420mm1470mm
Indoor Unit Depth412mm680mm615mm680mm695mm
Outdoor Unit Height990mm1045mm1045mm1045mm1105mm
Outdoor Unit Width1460mm1460mm1460mm1460mm1685mm

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