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Adult Match Maker

Adult Match Maker

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Compulsory Verification

So many fake profiles and time wasters on this site... I think compulsory verification would stop a lot of it but amm know that a lot of these fakes and time wasters are paying customers. Amm is more interested in the money than the genuine swinging customer. I also think that if there were less fakes more genuine people would pay for membership.

AMM support

I signed-up to adult match maker (AMM) on the recomendation of a female friend who had met a Dom through the site. I spent considerable time setting-up a lengthy and detailed profile of my kink self and ideal submissive play partner. Started exploring the membership base with a view to becoming a paid-up member if anything interesting poped up. Then a week into my trial membership it appeared that my, my profile had been suddenly cleared-out. Upon raising this with AMM support they kindly pointed out that I had indvertedly setup two profiles attached to the same email, one with pics and profile etc and one without. Upon terminating the duplicate, problem solved and kudos to AMM support for their professionalism.

Adult Match Maker

As a Male member of this site l have found this site to be a complete waste of time, as well as incredibly frustrating when I am a Genuine Sincere guy looking for friendship and intimacy.
I have been told that the men far outnumber the women on the site, so the women can afford to be picky and choosy as to who they want to meet.
From my experience, l have been on the site for about five months and have never met one person in real life as a result.
I messaged ladies that I would like to meet, but so far my messages either go unread or get read and receive no response.
I find this not only rude, but Arrogant and believe that unless you are young and say EXACTLY what they want to hear, you have buckley's hope of meeting anyone?
I have never engaged in any decent conversation with anyone let alone get to meet someone for a meet and greet and to chat with someone over a drink.
If any guy thinks that he is going to have some success at meeting someone then l think that he looks elsewhere.
The women are definitely not friendly, are self absorbed and only think of themselves. Arrogant and far from being polite and courteous.

Great Site To Meet Like Minded Naughty Playmates That Are Up For Anything

im a single male that was looking to meet new woman & couples to enjoy each other company or somthing kinky & wild.
Well i found many great women & couples that where for the most part up front and open with what they where after . Some we just had a few drinks and a laugh others we had wild naughty fun . Many that i still see to this day.

For men looking for woman or couples Show Respect to others wants, if they dont reply straight away dont keep messaging they get overwelemd with the same garbage messages so do something to stand out . Make sure you write a good profile with good photos.

And ladies, well you know how to play haha.:)

Waste of money. Dont bother

Just a waste. If you're a female you'll get plenty of attention. Male forget it.
Even if you send 50 emails, you might be lucky and get a response.
Unless you have plenty of time on your hands avoid it.
Plenty of fish, eharmony and other sites out there are much better. Not to mention the quality of woman big thumbs down.

This site is dodgy as

Full of fake profiles, Far more fake than real. Lead you on then nothing. All about getting you to upgrade & spend money. Recommend avoiding completely, or you just waste precious hours for no result. Absolutely disgraceful the practices used on this site.


Rejoined this site after years off it.
I thought things might have improved.
But after going through profiles..I realized the same old ones ...and I mean old...were still there after 9 or 10 years!! Same pics too!!!
Several contacts I made had promises. Lets exchange mobiles...catch up this week etc. Then bang. Blocked.
Over it. Waste of time...and money..
All fakes!!!
Totally frustrating.

Great hookup site

This is an out--and-out hookup site that has immediately produced lots of hookups and many more offers. We are a couple and she is hot which obviously helps a lot, but I have also had solo flights.
The search features are great and it is very addictive check out who has been looking at our profile.
You have to pay to get messaging rights, and in my opinion it is well worth the money. But even as a standard member you can send a free "wink" asking paid members to message you and can then exchange messages with them.
Outstanding. All 5 dates so far for me/us have led straight to the bedroom. Five stars.

Get Confirmation first

I am considering a membership of AdultMatchMaker, but when i put up my profile photo i will hold a piece of paper under my face with my sign up date, or the date i publish my photo, and i will get my profile or photo verified.
I will not entertain any female member contact unless i can see her face photo in profile, and i will also ask for another photo of her holding a paper under her face with her username and date on it, just to verify she is real, and i will be asking for an exchange of mobile numbers for verbal contact each way, again to verify each of us are real and not a scam.
I will also offer the same to any woman who asks, so please don't think this is a bit over the top, to me it is the only way to veriify a member before continuing communication, and another dating site uses this method and it works.

Our second home!

We have been members of this site for over 4 years now and can’t fault it in anyway :) ... the site is easy to use ... and setting up a profile is pretty straightforward :) And as new Party Organisers the support we have received is incredible! Keep up the good work AMM!

It's one of the better ones

The sign up was easy and straightforward. The people seem real and I feel a hook up coming already. Can't wait.

Great management and event organisation

We have used the site to find other couples and advertise events that we have run.

We have found the site easy to use and to navigate.

The contact with event management has been friendly, professional and more than helpful.

We have read the reviews on this site. Whilst anyone can establish a profile and claim to be someone they are not. We have reported fake profiles and they have been removed very quickly.

In conducting searches for other people. A few of the golden rules are check if they have been verified, see if there is validations and look at the photos to see if they are recent and in our case for couples both of them are in the photo.

We are more than happy to recommend adult match maker as a real site and having alot of success.

Terrible website.

I found 'adultmatchmaker.com' from a Web search, and after reading about the scamming involved in academicsingles.com.au I made the mistake of thinking it was a good choice!

I had no expectations other than that I would have some experiences and hopefully learn from them. My experiences were appalling. Maybe I found what I was looking for!

I've used at least ten different dating sites and this must have to be equal to my worst experiences.

The language the website displays is misleading and designed to manipulate the behaviour of users. First to pay, then to help convert non-payers into paying members.

Information in terms of functionality, including help pages, for instance how to delete an account is also misleading. It was hard to get out!

After using the site I realised everyone coming into contact with the site is being socially engineered. Except for narcissistic people that just want to manipulate each other. It takes all sorts. I guess they're part of the machine. What a terrible scene! Hmm, I think I did find what I was looking for!

Warning for verbal abuse of women

After been abused and insulted response is as per below from Support. So the money is more important to the site. Fake age, fake profile, fake photo and insulting women. No wonder poor ratings from people.

Report Incident for WTF167

Hi Dtf1973

Thank you for the report incident you submitted regarding WTF167. We have looked into this matter and issued the member with a warning.

AdultMatchMaker.com.au Support

I now have to take my hat off to support as I just received below. Hopefully it's a life ban. Thank you for looking out for your members Site Support Hi, Just sending you a message to let you know that we have banned member Dtf1973. Thank you for bring this profile to our attention. Have a great day, Mia AdultMatchMaker SupportSo banned from amm and now on redhotpie under couple fake account hammmers1. Fake account just like on amm. Bet woman doesn't exist

Fake Profiles

Contacted admin support regarding Plstrym3. Member has old photo on the site approx 20 years old. Age is incorrect. Description is incorrect. Member also sent naked photos of women he bedded trying to use it as gloating tool. Support advised they will monitor the account. Monitor the fake picture or profile-don't understand. Do those putting up fake photos think we won't notice.

It's amazing how someone's age has increased from 44 to 47 in three weeks. One year per week. Changed profile name from plstrym3 to WTF167 "what women want". So admin tell me if this isn't a fake profile? Ladies beware fake profile and fake photo and I doubt what women want!I would like to commend you on saying something as I reported him today because of below WTF167 16 Sep 5:55 PM You must have small tits and a big fat a** Reply WTF167 16 Sep 5:28 PM Haha Show me your voluptuous photo Or should I say fat photo This is the type of person he is wow. Wonder if admin will do something about this person. What gives him the right to degrade any woman? What women want? Sure not him. WOMEN BECAREFUL Got above from a woman he degraded on the site

Privacy of members not important

[details removed] sent me naked pics of another member [details removed], why?? Don't know. I contacted member support in 11 January who advised they are looking into. It's now March and [details removed] is still active on the site. I would have thought there would be a breach of privacy along with terms of being a member.
Seems the site allows your public images to be distributed without your consent. Keep photos in private gallery and beware who you Give access to

Update - I have been advised by AMM they have contacted NSAfuntime41 and advised he is not allowed to take pics. Wow reading other reviews were profiles have been deleted for no reason but keep member on who sent naked pics of female members without their knowledge is ok and I think he is same guy who has been mentioned below in other reviews being abusive and fake. AMM you should take note of what Tinder did and ban members like him for life especially as I've received more screen shots. LADIES BECAREFUL OF YOUR PICS as I'm sure you don't want them on the internetI got this in my in box. NSAFuntime41 is unelievable as is the site Hi I read your review. I agree I am astounded NSAfuntime41 is still allowed to be a member. He has been rude and verbally abusive. When I reported him nothing happened. So now he is sending members pics wow. I don't know if you have met him but his profile pic is actually fake and he says he is a professional. He is not that built and has arm band tattoo and is a truck driver. Again site allows people who abuse women and have fake profile.

Women beware as well.

I paid for my membership and started chatting to a couple hammers. Male only one chatting and then pretended to be woman pushing to hook up with him even though not my type. He is using female persona to trick women. They are gold members therefore verified because they use credit card. Woman doesn't exist only male. Says his name is [name removed] and woman is [name removed]. Whilst chatting to the female wording identical to way male chatted. How is that verified?

Private Plstrym3 contacted me a few months ago and I blocked him immediately as he is hammmers. I was meant to meet him and female partner who wasn't there so I left (fake profile). Definitely waste of time. Photo is very old and his profile description is inaccurate. Looks nothing like photo or description Totally agree don't put up fake profiles or pictures as we will walk awayReceived in private message. Ladies take note I met with Plstrym3 beginning of the year. Never met anyone who degrades women like him and puts himself above us. He is nothing but arrogant who initially came across decent and I can tell you you are correct as he doesn't look anything like his picture or profile description, average nah overweight yes, who sweats and has no stamina

If They Return Your Wink Guaranteed to Ignore Your Message.

Very odd place. I'm a tall lean, well preserved middle aged bloke directing original messages to woman my age. Never cut and paste and make a comment based on their profiles. Send a face photo - no genital or car images. If you send a girl one of those wink things and she returns it, guarantee your message will be ignored. Many of the profiles have been there years. I've come and gone for one month, going years between profiles and still, same old ones there. I've sent them a note under many usernames, from funny to serious and all variations and never got a reply. You can do a search that captures the time since activity but many of the profiles that are supposed to be a match haven't logged in for months. Why would a woman be on there for years? The gender imbalance is so massive and she's getting 30 messages a day. Yet she's on there years? Bottom line is the people who own this site should be prosecuted. It may work for couples and the few real woman but I feel that many, many female profiles are either fake, or work for the company. Also common is the tersely worded reject notes. Instead on a simple no, you will get "I'M NOT INTERESTED" Whoa, ok, slow up there lady. I've even met some nice, smart but plain ladies and they've chatted intelligently to me - all good. Then they've dropped that they go to the AMM meet ups and talk to the shy blokes. Working for the firm? Final test is, I use the same face photo on Tinders and AMM. I get ignored on AMM, but have many ladies hit the "like" on Tinder. And how different is the standard. Of the woman that do step forward on AMM - big girls. Almost exclusively so. Plain and big. On Tinder, with same photo get many like and by writing in a similar manner- elicits an exchange with an attractive woman There's a friend to be found but you will need 30 original notes for one reply. Don't write too much either, keep it brief as more words equals more reason to find fault.

AMM men fakes

Ok have read some of these reviews especially about hardpenis1. Meant to meet up to play at my place. He turned up. NOT AS PER PROFILE. Short older bald and stocky. I think same guy as previous two. He also became abusive
No point in advising site as they do nothing about it. I have reported a few and are still on there.
Site actually condones abusive behaviour by not doing anything
Just wondering what would happen if something happened to "safety first" who is held accountable
Ladies be careful of the member as I think same guy

Paying members looked after.

I had similar experience with gold member hardpenis1. We were communicating on site then kik. We were meant to meet up but no one fitting description turned up. He wouldn't show me any face pics. He then became abusive. I reported him to amm and guess what nothing happened. If I was a paying member maybe something would have been done
LADIES BEWARE OF HARDPENIS1 for your own good as is fake

HARDPENIS1 is back on site under NSAfuntime42. I contacted site for them to verify him as he wanted pics but wouldn't divulge his. As he needed to verify himself he contacted me again and verbal insulted me. Contacted site again. Told me to contact police and will monitor situation. They stated they do not condone abuse. Yeah right I'm a paying member and he is a trial memberLadies there is another fake profile Hammmers. The male is only on the site and talking to women. No female. No pics of him only a female. Tries to get you to hook up with him alone not as couple. Makes excuses she can't make itLadies warning - pics of nsafuntime42 ARE FAKE. It's not him BEWARE

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How long does the maintenance take on the site i cant get onto it
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Can be 2 or 3 hours. All back up now.

How can someone know that you have gone invisible?
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if you go invisible can anyone you previously contacted see you?
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Yes they can

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