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Adventure Kings Enclosed 2kVA Generator

Adventure Kings Enclosed 2kVA Generator

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Great little generator for the price


Have now had this for a number of weeks and it hasn't missed a beat, ran vac, tv, laptop, chargers at same time....turned up vac to full pwr 2000w and it cut out, Gen good to 1700 w. Product doing as it is advertised. Happy with it.

Received approx 3 weeks ago, it started first go, have been running it constantly since and it hasn't missed a beat. The fuel on/off came loose but easy fixed, it does give off a bit more fumes than other expensive brands however not a major issue. The noise level with economy on or off very good. Recommend for the price, what it does along with the service. Happy with the product so far and price. (Included cover)

Purchased in July 2020 at 4WD Supacentre Online store for A$508.00.

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Adventure Kings
Paul R.Adventure Kings
Rick B.

Rick B.South East Queensland, QLD

Do not buy this Chinese


Does not start. Does not work it is a piece of junk Chinese product. Didn't work when I brought it wouldn't buy something so cheap again king really knows how to sell cheaply bad products.

Purchased in July 2020 for A$550.00.

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Adventure Kings
Paul R.Adventure Kings

MichaelSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Amazing for the price


Purchased in November 2019 for A$300.00.

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Adventure Kings
Paul R.Adventure Kings

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PaulandJaneCentral, SA

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It's a 4.99/5 stars product. It's truly an epic product for our purposes.

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Purchased in March 2020 at 4WD Supacentre Online store for A$497.75.

Adventure Kings
Paul R.Adventure Kings

Thanks for a great reply Kathryn. I also hope that the video helps because I firmly believe that my home is better for having it as a backup. I'll both thankyou for the opportunity to provide further feedback and I'll happily be in touch.

Don't be afraid of the cheap price


I brought my Kings 2kva inverter generator brand new but secon-hand off the originsl purchaser. I added oil and fuel and it started first pull. Starts easy. Runs pretty quietly. I only needed it as a back up to charge our van batteries in situations where solar couldn't handle the job if the weather was a bit crappy.
Works a treat. I like most people worried that these might be rubbish given the main popular name brand generators were 6 times the price. But these aren't rubbish generators at all. Ours does the job we wanted it to do nicely. Glad I got past that barrier of doubt that the cheap price seems to put in peoples minds.

Purchased in July 2019 for A$300.00.

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Adventure Kings
Paul R.Adventure Kings

Hi Barry, Thanks for the great review, we work hard to keep our products affordable for our customers and it's great to see we've hit the mark for you! Cheers, Tamara


AaronPerth, WA

Kings 2kva generator


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Questions & Answers

Andrew D.

Andrew D.asked

Can I connect two together so I can run air conditioning and microwave and what are the db

1 answer

No you can't connect 2 unfortunately

Julie B.

Julie B.asked

Does it have USB ports

5 answers



No it doesn't

Adventure Kings
Paul R.Adventure Kings

Hi Julie,

No it does not sorry.

Kathryn Gall
Social Media Manager

Ian W.

Ian W.asked

Starting sequence for 3kva enclosed generator please.

1 answer
Adventure Kings
Paul R.Adventure Kings

Good afternoon Ian,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

We recommend to follow the following pre-operation checks each time the generator is used (see below):

- Make sure there is sufficient fuel in the tank.
- If fuel is low, refill with unleaded automotive gasoline.
- Be sure to use the fuel filter screen.
Recommended fuel: Unleaded Petrol (DO NOT use ethanol or high octane fuels).

- Make sure the engine oil is at the upper level of the oil filler hole.
- Add oil as necessary.
- Remove screws (1) and remove the cover (2).
- If oil level is below the lower level line, refill with suitable oil to upper level line. Do not screw in the oil filler cap when checking oil level.
- Change oil if contaminated.
- Fill oil until visible at the upper level of oil filler hole (1) (Approx. 350ML).
Recommended engine oil: SAE10 W30

3) GROUND (Earth)
- Make sure to ground (earth) the generator

We recommend to follow the following operations (see below):

1. Open the fuel tank air vent to the "ON" (2) position.
2. Turn the fuel cock lever to the “ON” position.
3. Turn the engine switch to the "ON" position.
4. Turn the Economy Switch to the “OFF” position (1).
5. Check there is adequate fuel in the tank.
6. Pull the choke knob until it is fully extended. Not necessary if the
engine is warm.
7. Pull the starter handle slowly until resistance is felt. This is the
“Compression” point. Return the handle to its original position and pull
swiftly. Do not fully pull out the rope. After starting, allow the starter
handle to return to its original position while still holding the frame.
Grasp the frame firmly to prevent the generator from falling over when
pulling the recoil starter.
8. Warm up the engine.
9. Push the choke knob back into the generator to return it to its normal
10. Warm up the engine without a load for a few minutes.

1. Check the AC pilot lamp for proper voltage.
2. Turn off the Switch(es) of the electrical appliance(s) before connecting
to the generator.
3. Insert the plug(s) of the electrical appliance(s) into the receptacle.

The overload indicator light comes on when an overload of a connected
electrical device is detected, the inverter unit overheats, or the AC output
voltage rises. The electronic breaker will then activate, stopping power to
the generator in order to protect the generator and any connected electric
devices. The output pilot light (green) will flicker and the overload indicator
light (red) will turn on, then the engine will stop running. If so please follow
these steps:
4. Turn off any connected electric devices and stop the engine
5. Reduce the total wattage of connected electric devices within the
application range.
6. Check for blockages in the cooling air inlet and around the control unit.
If any blockages are found, remove.
7. After checking, restart the engine.

This usage is applicable to 12V battery charging only.
1. Charging instruction for battery
Disconnect the leads for the battery.
Make the battery fluid filler cap loose fully.
Fill distilled water to the upper limit, if the battery fluid is low level.
Measure the specific gravity for the battery fluid by using the
hydrometer, and calculate the charging time in according with the
table shown on right side.
The specific gravity for the fully charged battery shall be within 1.26 to
2. Connect the DC output socket and the battery terminals using the charging
leads. The leads shall be connected making sure of the (+) and (-) polarity.
3. The DC circuit protector is to be set to “ON” after confirming the connection,
if the protector is in “OFF” position.

1. Turn off the power switch of the electric apparatus or disconnect any
electric devices.
2. Turn the engine switch to “STOP” position.
3. Turn the fuel cock lever to “OFF”.
4. Turn the fuel tank cap air vent knob counter clockwise to the "OFF" position

I hope this helps answer your question, if there is anything further I can assist you with you are more then welcome to email me at kgall@4wdsupacentre.com.au.

Regards, Kathryn.

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