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Cromtech CTG2500i

Cromtech CTG2500i

4.1 from 15 reviews

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MickPeel, WA

Great Generator


Purchased in January 2019 for $700.00.



Not happy


Not happy with this. Never been able to run several of my appliances, microwave, kettle, AC. Also become difficult to start after only a handful of uses. Do not recommend the product, just from my own experience. Maybe recieved a lemon? I had a smaller quieter Honda which lasted years and ran everything. It hasn't proven reliable for me.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
Peter J Ryan

Peter J RyanWoodford

  • 6 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Fantastic Generator runs like a dream .....


Bought this on special It was shipped immediately Recieved it in a few days Put oil and fuel in started first time instantly.Exceeds all my expectations for output quietness and is simply great on all fronts ... Considering you can have 3 of these with higher output compared to the red and the blue competition not that there is anything wrong there This is just a delight to have by comparison and price Support Australia wide as well ..
Highly Recommended......

Date PurchasedJun 2018
Andrew M

Andrew MAU

  • 2 reviews

Was working great


Was working great, drove the air con in my caravan no problems, a little noisier than I would have liked at full grunt.
Biggest problem was the fuel tank split around the seam so was only good for short burst before running out of petrol as could only fill it 1/3rd.

Date PurchasedMar 2016



  • 15 reviews

Nice small unit


Bought this unit for standby power, as we too live in S.A.
Very fuel efficient and reasonably quiet. Haven't used it a lot but its handled everything ive thrown at it. My only critism of the generator is, that its not that easy to start. 5 good hard pulls to get it going, easy enough for me. But the rest of the family have struggled. Having said that, i have not regrets at the price i paid.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

  • Verified purchase

cromtech outback, nice surprise!


Purchased my Cromtech Outback from L&V Forklifts via EBay for $879 with free shipping.
We had a new Honda EU20i prior which was great but it was going to struggle with the new Air Command Cormorant aircon in the caravan. Very happy with the unit, well built, all the outlets are solid and weather protected. Quiet and runs the aircon plus fridge no worries on eco idle. Glad we took the punt.

Date PurchasedJun 2018


jeremy.ieraciDarwin, NT

  • 28 reviews

Does what it says it does

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Very Disappointing.


Purchased for free camping purposes. Unit has to run for about 10 minutes before eco mode decides to engage. Runs an engels 40lt fridge and a small tv while alao charging 2 mobile phones and thats about its limit. Wont run a coleman a/c in a 20ft jayco sterling on low cool.
Wont even run the a 1300watt output microwave with nothing else connected. For a 2100watt output genny it makes a wonderful boat anchor

Date PurchasedJul 2017

GlenMount isa

  • Verified purchase

Dose everything they say it dose!


I mostly use my unit for work runs all my refiguration machines, a 1500W air compressor, I can run a catty welder on low and it will even run my 2400W drop saw easy. I have used it camping running 3 engel fridges lights and I get 22hrs out one tank. If i had brought a Honda I would have paid $3000+ to do the same job. Best value genny you can get.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
Dianne Naysmith

Dianne NaysmithSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 3 reviews

still need to use it.


ordered this product based on reviews.the company have great service we even have one near us.we aregoing away so cant wait to put it threw the test.will add more when we get back.im hoping it lives up to its review.it is light and heard others are better but hey im a money for value person.

April 12th 2019 Update: Well it was good while it lasted

We have used it like 3 times and had no trouble this time we went to kilcoy set up plugged it in and ran great ran out of fuel hubby refilled it and nope didn’t want to go so it’s in repair shop they are saying it looks like the inverter has gone. May I add at this point not happy.

Purchased in November 2017 for $899.00.



  • 2 reviews

Mid price standby generator


Bought the generator after the last cyclone. Installed a transfer switch in my meter box. Plugged in the generator. Added about 2l of fuel & it ran all day. Tested it out. Ran most household lights, ceiling fans & microwave. Was not comfortable with the electric jug!. Seems to be a good standby unit with plenty of power for most requirements! Would like to run it more, but no real reason to.

Ran it again today. About 7 hrs on 3 l of fuel. Started first pull.

Love it hope it lasts.

Date PurchasedMay 2017


Vestfoldhillsemerald. vic

Great buy


Light and quiet. All you could want. Australia wide service network. May not be as good as a yamaha but 10 kgs lighter, just as quiet and $1000+ less. If I was going to use a generator every day for months on end then yes I'd buy a yamaha ..... Update. 12/2017 On my first use the invertor failed. Took back under warranty and they immediately blamed bad fuel for the generator not starting. Some weeks later they admitted it was not the fuel but a failure of the invertor. The first time they had encounted this after selling "thousands" (their words). Bottom line they gave me a new generator so I'm happy about that. Still believe it's a good gen set, I was just unlucky to get a faulty one.

Date PurchasedJun 2017



  • 2 reviews

Awesome generator at an awesome price.

Date PurchasedMar 2017



  • 4 reviews
  • Verified purchase

A must in South Australia!


Yes I live in SA (we have excellent wine, but a lousy power supply). I picked up the Cromtech Outback in Melbourne (had difficulty finding a SA supplier - def a business opportunity for someone). Its first trial was when the power was off for 15 hours yesterday - no problems. Connected the fridge/freezer, fan, light, modems (kids would have gone crazy without internet), and small TV. All good & no probs. Certainly chugs when boiling the jug! Seemed to use 5lt of fuel after the first 7 hours. So a fridge and freezer full of food saved. Easy to start. I am sure I will get to use it a few more times here in beautiful SA!!!


teflonCentral, SA

  • 8 reviews

A Value For Money Inverter Generator That Works As Well As It Looks & Backed By Nation Wide Crommeli


Questions & Answers



What brand is the motor?

No answers



When I fill my crometech 2500i, Petrol goes into air filter and floods won’t start until I dry it all out! This now happens almost every time I fill it. Help anyone?

1 answer

I dare say one of the check valves is not working properly and allowing fuel to flow when it is not supposed to... Unless it is a bowl type carburettor in which case your needle and seat which shuts the fuel off when the bowl is full is not sealing and flooding, and also flowing back into the air filter, needs a carby kit and/or a good clean out.

Angel A

Angel Aasked

It works with the electric power of USA?

No answers

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