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Gentrax 3.5kW Camping Inverter

Latest review: The generator is exactly what it says it is and produces the power that it says it can. It is quiet as stated and the economy function is great. In the past I have had big brand generators and so

Honda EU20i

Latest review: I purchased a Honda EU20I online...This was my second Honda generator ...Surprise surprise the first Generator was an original ,but guess what the second one was not..We moved from Nt to Qld and we

Cromtech CTG2500i

Latest review: Not happy with this. Never been able to run several of my appliances, microwave, kettle, AC. Also become difficult to start after only a handful of uses. Do not recommend the product, just from my

Honda EU10i

Latest review: Use to take a 2kva Honda genny bush camping found it was to big for our requirements so decided to buy a 1kva Honda genny perfect machine runs a domestic 75ltr upright freezer 2x 40 litre angels 2x

Ark ArkPak

Latest review: The Ark pack works fine using DC current but even when you turn the switch on to use the inverter in continually beeps... Voltage is fine but the inverter won't power a small light without

Kipor GS2600 / GS2600H 2.6 kVA

Latest review: Used for 15 minutes and now won’t work. Out of warranty. Bought new and Stored in garage and went to use it and inverter needs replacing. $650 to replace, and even the service man said throw it away.

Work Zone (Aldi) Titanium Inverter Generator 3500W

Latest review: First time I used this ganerator it ran great for about 30 to 45 minutes using the air conditioner inn the caravan , it then. Started to run flat out as it was going to blow up , the went back to

Ryobi 1000 / 2000W Inverter

Latest review: Replacement for a noisy and inefficient older Ryobi genset. Works well and saves a lot of fuel with the smart throttle. In 5 months it will save its purchase cost. Sometimes decides to shut down

Briggs & Stratton P3000

Latest review: Purchased 31 Jan 2019 Love it! Quiet, and starts first go. Only problem is I dont know how long it will run for on a tank of fuel. Nothing in the instruction manual. I love the idea of the

Honda EU30iu Handy

Latest review: After using an Eu20i for years I upgraded to an Eu30i handy as the 20i, though an excellent generator, struggled with my caravan setup (I have air-conditioning, microwave, on-board battery charger

Kipor KGE2500X / KGE4000X

Latest review: Had mine for 4-6 years broke rope yesterday put new spark if in started 2 nd pull hadn't been started in 18 months with old fuel in no probs or any attention to shutdown just turned off and put in

Subaru R1700i

Latest review: Excellent machine, starts 1st pull every time. As quiet as a Honda for way less money. High quality packed with great features. Love that it has a charger for 12 volt batteries and an almost 7 hour

Yamaha EF2800i

Latest review: I purchased this generator to power our Jayco Outback while free camping and for power outages at home. Running everything in my van on 240v at the same time draws 5000 watts but we would never have

Cummins Onan 3.6KYFR-4856

Latest review: After a lot of research, I bought this generator 2 years ago to power my 20 foot caravan, also for general portable works. I really is an excellent product. It very quiet, fuel efficient and easy to

Subaru RG3200iS / RG4300iS Silent Inverter

Latest review: This machine has been running an average of 12hrs per day, and has not missed a beat. Using about 500ml/.5ltr of oil per 600hrs, at peak usage. It runs dam and irrigation pumps, compressors and

Kipor GS6000 6 kVA

Latest review: I have a 3.5kva kipor and it is an excellent machine. Starts easy, runs quietly, does not run at high rpm unless heavily loaded. The rpm and load run in unison. Increase in load increases

Polaris P2000i

Latest review: I have been using the Polaris P2000i digital inverter generator on a regular basis whilst camping. And honestly I cant fault it! In fact I am more than happy with its economy and low-noise level. I

Prime Power Diesel Series

Latest review: Purchased product and it has never missed a beat I use it for power back up for my farm house and out on the land running welders. Runs all my sensitive electrical gear like plasma tv and computers

Westinghouse WHXC2400i

Latest review: I have had a lot of generators from expensive Hondas (the best) to the cheapest 2 strokes. This is Westinghouse model is a solid performer. Its four stroke, nice and quiet - not as quiet as a Honda

Gentrax 3.5kW Remote Start Camping Inverter

Latest review: After reading reviews of competitive brands I decided on a Gentrax 3.5kW generator. I ordered it from Outbaxcamping, it arrived within days. However, I couldn't get it to start. On closer inspection

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