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Goodbye two stroke

I've been so impressed by this line trimmer I've now replaced all my old 2 stroke garden tool with the 58v AEG alternatives. They are just as powerful, vastly cheaper and easier to run and maintain, much quieter and better built. No more sucking down 2 stroke fumes on the weekend either, which must be better for both me and the environment.

Purchased in February 2017.

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Another great invention

Powerful! for non commercial use (unsure about daily use) 2 power settings, only need lower power for home use, does our 700 mtr square yard with ease, 40 mins is plenty, very quiet, light weight, charges off our solar panels, uses same standard battery as other AEG Power tools including mower, all parts are replaceable and made with quality. Comes with good quality cord. Bump feed works well. on off switch works real good.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Good quality but not without its flaws

I have almost every AEG 18v brushless tool in their lineup,I love their gear.
This trimmer is powerful,light and easy to use
Bump feed head works well and is easy to feed.
I live on a rural property and a 5.0ah battery gets most of my work done depending on how long I've let it go for.
I only have two gripes
-they dont provide a harness/shoulder strap like almost every other brand does
-it has severe vibration issues-they have re designed a few other tools recently due to vibration issues. If I use this for 25 mins my hand swells right up and goes tingly,not good health wise.
None of my petrol trimmers did that even with an hour of use.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Great product

We bought this line trimmer in combo with the AEG blower and it has not disappointed us. Hubby was dubious about battery power but he's now sold on it. The trimmer appears just as powerful as a petrol driven one without the fumes or nuisance of replenishing the petrol. It's comfortable to use and so versatile. We are yet to run the battery down to '0'. We finish off the job with the blower and have got about 40 minutes from the battery with one bar of charge left. We have a 600m2 block with extensive paving and quite a lot of lawn (large council verge inc). He has been able to reach very difficult to access areas with the battery power making it a very light task. It has cut through kikuyu like butter and has not stuttered at all. To be fair we haven't tested it on extremely long grass. The line so far has fed without bother. We were looking for a cheaper alternative at the time of purchase but are so pleased that we went with this line trimmer.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Very impressed with this trimmer

After having had a 240v electric trimmer 10+ years ago that could barely cut the grass, I persevered with a petrol trimmer until I finally decided to buy a better trimmer. I was looking at the Honda line trimmers as they have such great reviews, and my father has one that I tried. He suggested looking at the electric ones again since technology has improved so much, and with a little trepidation I bought the AEG. I was completely surprised how well it cuts, light and manoeuvrable, quiet and clean. Battery life is great. It takes a second or two to spin up to full speed but from there it's got heaps of grunt. It came with a full spool of cord, the bump-out head works well.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Who needs 36v

Had a 36v Ryobi unit, and saw this come out and having all AEG tools with plenty of 18v batteries it intrigued me. Did some digging around, and found that its a Ryobi P2090 in the US. Go and read some reviews of it. This is excellent. Had a ryobi 2 stroke, and went to ryobi 36v, and now this AEG (Ryobi) 18v Brushless. Love this thing compared to the rest. Got rid of the 36v as i am reading of the 36v batteries failing, and looking at the price of them they are expensive to replace, so was very keen on this. It take the Expend It attachments too, which is excellent. Tried them in the shop, and at home at all works a treat. You wont be dissapointed. Now they just need to bring out a brushless hedge trimmer. Cant comment on the time it lasts with a battery, as i only need it for about 10 minutes at a time, and put the battery to charge after about 3 months, and it still has charge...

Date PurchasedJan 2018


I would never use a petrol powered tool again. It's Light, powerful and very quiet. The battery lasts very well, I've done my back yard 3 times and the fron yardt once and it doesn't need charging yet and it is so much cleaner than one using fuel and oil also.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

AEG 18v Line trimmer

So far this has been a good purchase. It has a straight shift and a good length if you're on the taller side. 5ha battery gives u about 30-40 min. I got 2 x 5ha battery as it was part of a combo but for my medium size yard 1 battery gets it done. You need to give it about 0.5-1sec to spool up to speed then it goes well. It feels sold built and we'll balanced. Happy I got it.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Questions & Answers

I have taken off the head, how do I open it to replace the wire? the button marked "PUSH" does nothing.
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i brought my trimmer from bunnings less than a year ago however i cant find the reciet, im having a problem with the battery not going all the way into the trimmer so it wont lock in, as soon as you try to use it it will cut out, any idea how to fix this issue? otherwise it has been a great item its very powerful
No answers

What is the metal rod 4 the instruction don't say anything about it?
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Price (RRP)279
Power SourceBattery
Handle TypeLoop Handle

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