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Ryobi 18V One+ OED1850

Ryobi 18V One+ OED1850

MPN: OED1850
4.6 from 13 reviews

Does the job

Does the job and with ease cuts good being battery powered nice and street easy to handle easy to use.
Defo worth the money as having 18v drill I didn’t need the battery pack.

Purchased in March 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $169.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Weekly
Grass Type Thick, heavy grass or weeds

So far so good!

Easy to use, nice and quiet and last a while if you have a decent battery! Most of my edges are surrounded my curbs and pavers so the blade wears out pretty quick but other than that it suits my needs.

Purchased in February 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $169.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Weekly
Grass Type Short grass

Excellent product with a tiny flaw

This edger is fantastic, easy to use and a great addition to my Ryobi ONE suite!

Only problem is the star cap on the front guide wheel which popped off on the 1st rough patch.
I solved this by drilling a 2.5mm hole through the shaft and putting a split pin in. Measure carefully though.
Note to Ryobi; This is like a one cent cost per unit.

Purchased in June 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Occasionally
Grass Type Thick, heavy grass or weeds

Great tool, 6 year warranty

Tired of line trimmers and was looking for something that is not such a pain to use.
The tool is performing great (as expected), just plug and play, no hassle with the lines.
Key points:
1) To Nick - it comes with 6 year replacement warranty so I guess it can be replaced if the motor is dead?
2) I bought a 9AH battery as I have other RYOBY tools that I use frequently. Doing our back & front yards consumes barely half of the battery.

So far quite happy with the purchase.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Not happy after a while

Bought this just over two years ago and it’s been great. However, now it won’t run intermittently and it’s like the brushes have given up (don’t know if this motor has brushes). Of course it’s just out of its warranty period. So it’s a no for me!
PS The questions you ask above are about a whipper snipper. This product is only a lawn edger.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

The 2ah battery they include gives 6 mins run time

Bought this edger because of the reviews. The kit comes with the 2ah battery which is completely useless. It only gives 6 mins run time before it needs to charge for 1.5 hours. Factor into the price of buying at least the 4ah battery when purchasing. Very disappointed with the battery, what a waste including something so small. Otherwise it works well.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Best Garden Tool Ever!

I was going to buy one of those line trimmers until I saw a guy use an edger and how neat and straight his edges were. I bought the Ryobi 18V One+ OED1850 from Bunnings and got the 5.0ah battery, which I have since found is over kill as it only needs charging occasionally. Once you get the hang of it this thing its perfect for cutting edges, I was wary at first of letting the blade touch the edge of the concrete, but now have found that it's normal for this to happen at times. I can do all the edges in record time and even the neighbors comment on how neat and straight they are. No mixing fuel, no buying that line that quickly runs out, no ear plugs, it's all good, the blade seems like it will last a long time.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

The weekly chore becomes a breeze

I waited 30 years before purchasing an automated lawn edger. With summers seeming to last longer these days, I borrowed my dad's electric (chorded) Ryobi lawn edger. It did a great job, but became painful when the chord went around obstacles in the yard, the diconnecting and reconnecting to service the front yard. When I saw the battery pack model, I read the reviews and went and bought one. I bought the battery and charger separately from Bunnings (although I believe you CAN buy the battey and charger in package deals - these batteries a wide range of Ryobi chordless products. My first use was a surprise, The edger is much lighter than the chorded model but seems to be as powerful, in terms of getting through the toughest edges. I had the blade (which by the way, is replaceable) has four levels of height adjustment. I had the highest setting and managed to 'excavate' a fair bit of dirt. I will to wait and see on my next trim how much dirt ill be expelled. Overall cut was clean and precise, easy to handle due to its light weight, and only used a quarter of the 5.0Ah Battery to do the 100 lineal meters of edges. Don't be shy - go for it, It's a beauty!

Date PurchasedApr 2018

No more dragging extension cords around the garden

Our electric Ryobi edger was getting old, and the handle was kept together with tape, so I decided to look into a new one. We have a large garden with a lot of garden edging. I was planning on petrol, but starting to look towards battery as I have some of the 18v tools. Wow. This edger is top notch. Great edging all the time without any issues to date (3 months old).

Date PurchasedNov 2017


I gotta give this lawn edger a 5/5. For a battery operated machine it makes light work of the edges. So easy to manoeuvre and takes a lot of time off of doing the lawns instead of just using the whipper snipper. Makes doing the lawns a real treat.well done ryobi. Its amazing

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Edger with unbeatable performance

Love this edger! So light to use. Powered with battery means that its always ready to be used. I use it to trim the sides of my lawn against the fence and driveway. The performance is always reliable and if the cord snaps for some reason, you don’t need to worry about it as it automatically extends for you to continue with your work. With my previous petrol trimmer/edger, it was a continuous stop, redo the cords and then start. Gosh I would think so many times before taking on the task. But not anymore!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Best thing since slice bread

Ladies!!!! starts first time, light and easy to use what more can i say dont think it would suit thick heavy bush but for your drive way and paths it is excellent. Wouldn't hurt to have a second battery but the charge should do an average size yard front and back

Date PurchasedNov 2016

An edger that actually Works

After trying countless different edgers from manual to 4 stroke I have found one that actually works.
After the initial cut around the paths and lawn edges which took a fair amount of time this edger powers through the edges in one battery charge.
Being in the one+ family the battery takes less time to charge than it does to discharge so you can change batteries and continue to edge while the original battery is charging. One year on and this edger is just as good, had to replace the blade $25.00 from Bunnings (The heavy duty one) The old one worn out. That is the only maintenance apart from clean and Battery charge.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Questions & Answers

Does 18v edger skin works with a 36V battery?
1 answer
no it doesn't, it uses the ryobi one 18v battery system which is a different shape.

just wondering if anyone has purchased OLT 1830 model line trimmer whether it came witb an 18v battery?
2 answers
G'day Toni, theres two options at Bunnings. One without the battery (referred to as skin only), and another that has a 5ah battery (not sure about charger though). Not sure if you know how the battery rating work, but here goes: They are all 18v for this range, however, they can come in 1.5ha 4ha etc. The higher the number, the longer it will work before needing a charge. Hope this helps.Hi Simmo and thabks for your prompt response. Could you pls confirm if tbis model SN 1509002179 Line Trimmer 2015 included 18V battery.

G'day, I am tossing up between the 18v and the 36v model. Ryobi or their suppliers are unable to give me an answer as to how long the 18v model will last before needing to recharge the battery. I have a lot of garden edges and would prefer to do the edging in one hit. Thanks in advance. Andrew
3 answers
Depends which pack you use and how wet it is when you use it i suspect. I asked the Ryobi rep near me, and i think he said 18v with the 2.5ah battery was 400m-500m - 20ish minutes. The 36v is sold as a tool only, but i would expect similar run times.Thanks MyCozyHome, I ended up opting for the 18v edger. The thing was absolutely perfect. Awesome edges every time.Sorry pal for late response.i c you got it all worked out.to me it would have worked out on if I had batteries already.if not I prob would have gone for the 36v but I'm not sure if many of the other tools run on this.i have the 18v cause I have a lot of smaller tools that I use.ie nail gun ,drills ect.but I only use 1 4.5ah battery and that last a long time.little ripper of a machine hey.


18V One+ OED1850
Price (RRP)185
Power SourceElectric
Handle TypeLoop Handle

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  • MPN: OED1850

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