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AJ's Sports Centre

AJ's Sports Centre

3.2 from 12 reviews

Nil Customer service from Manager

Cancelling a membership came about due to ongoing disappointment from equipment and things at the gym .... poor management of the centre opinion was heightened when the manager displayed repeated poor/no customer service ability. Earlier on the PT sessions which were part of it never happened. Gross waste of money. Disappointed.

Value for Money

AJS Member Review

I have been a member of this gym since i was 18, i joined up through one of my cousins, and i am happy to be apart of the AJ's community.

It has done a lot for me. I have lost weight, i started my martial arts journey there, and i have met and socialised with so many like minded but good people, through the gym, over the years.

The gym is under refurbishment and new equipment is coming in. For a while, not much was going on, but whoever is in charge now, is taking action towards making AJ's better, for now and into the future.

Great gym!! Value for money

Ajs is a great gym - everything you need from massive gym, sauna, squash courts, power lifting and various classes. Customer service is excellent

Highly recommend this gym

Box of rubbish

I would strongly recommend never goes to this gyme very rude and uncooperative management just poor . I am very disappointed that why i went and waste my money. Its just a rubbish box

They have everything!!!!

If it's various classes, weights rooms, endless cardio options, pools, saunas, squash courts and much more that your after than AJ's is the place to go. Staff are always smiling and willing to help. Couldn't ask for better place to spend most days of the week doing my workouts.

New Management and some good changes

This gym is under new management. They have installed new equipment, cleaned the place up and refurbed the pools. Would recommend.

ajs gym

Gym only there to help the fit. used to be great few years ago. Everyone was welcome. Even the pools are full of family's having day out to the pool. Have cancelled my membership after paying it for 10 months and not going .. very disappointed

New Management are great

I've been a member for 3 years now and the new management have really made an effort to introduce some new equipment and facilities. Things have happened a bit slower than I hoped but there were a lot of issues behind the scenes that they have had to work on

PT sessions, overpriced and dangerous

I have trained for figure sculpting before and had an old school personal trainer.
My recent PT at AJs was charging $100.00 for three half hr sessions....i mean 45 min sure... But what are this new generation of trainers being taught.
I now have a sore lower back due to pissassing around with traverse abdominal core training ,in which no actual abb crunching was introduced. Wish I had listened to my own gut instinct.
Anyone wanting to join should do classes and weights with a friend not a trainer, as from what I've seen, most PTs think they know best and want your money.

AJ's Gym

The gym needs more kettlebells!! I have been at this gym for a long time and am getting a bit tired of having to look around the whole gym for a kettlebell. The ones in the collossum area are great however having to wait for the class to finish is really inconvenient!

A must see for any Microbiologist

Just go there and see for yourself.
I need to write more, it needs a high pressure water cleaner throughout the whole building starting in the steam rooms to remove all the mould. Then empty the pools and replace the water. While the pools are empty remove the sharp tiles from under the water that cut my feet each time I make a turn in the lane.
Try to stop people from spitting on the ground and enforce taking a shower prior to using the pool and after a steam. Clean the toilets more often, they really stink. The showers taps don't work properly.
The staff are quite rude, maybe they get lots of comments so they are now hardened to the customers.
The gym equipment is soooo old.
If you could just spend a day cleaning up the place with a bottle of bleach and a hose would make a big difference.
It has a steam room, sauna, gyms and pool. Quite rare these days on the one premises
Someone with money to spend on it needs to take it over. The current owners have neglected the place.


The opening hours are very convenient. And that's it.
There is a distinct avoidance of adhering to duty of care, by the owner, as the state and sheer stench of the changerooms and toilets attest. On further inspection, the pools are poorly balanced in terms of ph levels and cleanliness, as well as lane ropes that flex from New York to Los Angeles (metaphorically speaking), zero policing of kids and people sitting on lane ropes, gym equipment that is in a shocking state of repair and cleanliness, i.e, weight training machines, cycles used in the cycling class. The carpark area has lots of refuse, MANY nails and other screws (builders refuse) from works that have been carried out over time, just ready to puncture vehicle tyres. When Alan was approached about all these issues, he became very argumentative, and tried to state that no one had a problem in any of these regards before. My photos clearly prove otherwise, and will ensure that this cretin is hung out to dry, and these are available for public viewing, as honest, paying patrons are what makes his business buoyant. It's time to make Alan wake up to himself, and start treating patrons with the respect they deserve, as without them, he DOESN'T have a business.

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I posted the comment regarding the opening hours being convenient. In order to give credit where it's due, AJs are open from 5 am and close at 9:30 pm from Monday to Saturday. Yes, granted, you're right, they are religious, and, as such, aren't open on Sunday, which can make it inconvenient for many. I stand by everything I said. Everything I've said STILL applies today. The managers, Alan and Bev Mead, clearly don't give a stuff about patrons, and desperately need a wake up call. Patron and customer service is clearly an alien concept to the both of them. Filthy premises, pool water that rivals India's River Ganges for cleanliness, badly maintained lane ropes with phenomenal lane flex, soddingly disgraceful toilets and changerooms, gym equipment in a shocking state of repair and cleanliness. I've already discouraged many people from coming to AJs, and I'll continue to discourage more, yet. In this day and age of social media, if you decide to play hardball with your patrons, they can play hardball right back, and then some. Are you listening, Alan and Bev Mead???

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