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Hypoxi Australia

Hypoxi Australia

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It works - hips 8cm down!

Thank you to Heather @ Sunbury Hypoxi. I came in for a free trial and she welcomed me and gave me lots of information. I then went on to give it a good hard bash for 4 weeks and lost 27.5cm all up. But, the thing that I was there for was to shrink my out of proportion fat bum. I had lost 35kg and felt like little was coming off the rear. I’ve now lost 8cm from my hip measurement! I am a very sceptical person but Hypoxi works and it helps me with my fluid retention too and the dermology has been relaxing which is a huge plus when you have psoriatic arthritis. After 6 weeks or so doing Hypoxi I got diagnosed with stage 2 lipoedema, types 3 and 4, which makes my cms loss even more amazing because this fat is considered impossible to lose. Thank you! I honestly feel I already look more normal and feel more confident. I probably had never have found out I had lipoedema except that Heather told me about the condition and one of the clients using it. When I told her I had it she had reading information on that too and I was very impressed. Heather genuinely loves helping people, she is generous and friendly. I wish her great success for many years to come and a lot of people could learn something about great customer service from her.

Pain relief as well as weight loss

I did my first Hypoxi course last Oct/Nov to lose weight specifically around my stomach and after 8 sessions I was very happy with the results.
I also realised that my ongoing lower back pain (the result of an injury) had eased substantially; the Hypoxi machines were originally developed for injury rehab. My back pain returned and I am now doing my second course (less intensively) for pain relief as much as for tummy toning. If this works well again I shall be happy to spend my money on Hypoxi instead of on chiro and physio.

Value for Money

Love it, love it, love it!

I have been doing Hypoxi at the Sunbury studio for a little over a month, and after my first 12 sessions I lost 1.6kgs and 22cm, I couldn’t believe the results, I’m a small women, so I wasnt even sure if Hypoxi would work for me, but I can’t believe it! My friends and family have notice a big change in my shape and I feel more confident than ever, Hypoxi has literally changed my life. The staff at the Sunbury studio have been a huge support in helping me achieve my goals! Iv also had a few sessions in the newly installed infrared sauna and my skin is glowing! I couldn’t be happier with my results so far and I encourage anyone who is looking to lose weight to give it a go!!

Value for Money

Achieved my goals

During my 3 months at Hypoxi I lost 13.6kg and lost 12cm from my waist. The staff at the Sandringham studio are lovely and I got a lot more out of my sessions that just the exercise, it really helped me improve my diet as well.

Value for Money

Noticeable results!

I decided to try hypoxi after plateauing at the gym. The workouts are low intensity so I was surprised to see the results just 6 sessions in. I have noticeably less ‘dimples’ on my legs and have lost a few kilos!

Value for Money

Lose size, look slimmer, do exercise, be happy and fit :-)

I have been doing combo hypoxi sessions at Port Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC for a while and I really enjoy it as not only me, but also all my friends and family can see its great results. Looking fit and even nicer in your dress :-) Very happy about it and love doing it :-)

I love Hypoxi Macquarie

I love the Macquarie studio. They were so helpful after my cammeray studio closed down. The Lovely staff at Macquarie are helping me to achieve my goals on my HYPOXI Journey to losing unwanted fat around those difficult areas along with watching my food intake and eating the right food.

Value for Money

Hypoxi classes

I really Enjoy my hypoxi classes and have seen very positive results.
It’s a enjoyable environment with friendly staff such as H, Hellen and Deb at the glen Waverley studio helping me achieve my goals.
Thank you ladies.

Value for Money

Toned and weight loss

I have signed up to Hypoxi studio at Cross Roads Goodlife gym, SA and I am so happy with the results, I am doing combo first in a suit and then in the vertical bike. Food discipline has grown on me too, I now very rarely include carbohydrates in my meals even outside hypoxi dates. Staff is so friendly and accomodating, especially Karen, Nikki, and Patel.

Weight loss journey at Hypoxi Macquarie

This is my second time round at Hypoxi at the Macquarie studio, since I was very happy with my results when I first started with it in April 2018, I had lost up to 5 kgs, and cms in all the areas I needed to in just 2 months.

So decided to come back again this year to continue my journey. All the coaches at the studio are great the manager Monique is very encouraging and motivating. They were able to help me out with a good plan on what to eat and not to eat on my hypoxi days and even on the days where I don’t have hypoxi for efficient results.

To anyone who wants to start of their weight loss journey I definitely recommend Hypoxi, which I have to family and friends.

Value for Money

Cellulite? Hypoxi is the answer!

I have been weight training for the last year and a half but always found that my troublesome areas glutes and stomach weren’t improving! Monique my coach and the team @ Macquarie are amazing! They keep you motivated and it never feels like a chore to go. Just like working out with your friends! I cannot thank them enough for helping me achieve my goals including cellulite reduction and toning of legs/stomach. I am now fitter and stronger and more confident.

Value for Money

Highly recommend Hypoxi Docklands!

Have been attending Hypoxi Docklands for the last few weeks and have already noticed a huge difference in my body! Kristy and Aimee are so friendly and make each visit really enjoyable!
Definitely recommend Hypoxi for anyone wanting to kick start their weight loss journey!

Value for Money

Amazing place and concept

Hypoxi has been such a great way to kick start my fitness and weight loss journey! The team at Hypoxi Docklands are incredibly motivational, uplifting and i would recommend Hypoxi to everyone who needs a kickstart into a healthy routine! Thank you!

Value for Money

Amazing results, fast!

I just want to say a huge thank you to Monique & the team at Hypoxi Macquarie. I am always welcomed with warm smiles & feel I am being fully cared for during each each session :) I am very surprised with how fast I am seeing results in my body - I initially started off with just the upright bike (S120), but a few weeks in I added the dermology suit to my weekly sessions and the results have been amazing. My skin is noticeably firmer & I have lost centimetres in places where I didn’t think I could lose! I can’t recommend Hypoxi Macquarie enough, I absolutely love going to my sessions :)

Waste of money!

Results are minimal... not worth your money! Don’t get sucked in by empty promises and an easy way out because it just doesn’t exists (except for surgery and drugs) so don’t bother, invest that money in personal training sessions, gym membership or other activities, functional training sessions are a cheaper way to get insane results and need the guidance of a PT without paying PT prices.

Value for Money

Lose inches fast!

I have been doing Hypoxi at the Randwick studio since December 2018. In my first 6 sessions I saw great results so decided to continue. It’s very convenient, doesn’t take much time and is a great low impact workout which worked well for me being a new mum. The staff at the Randwick studio are wonderful - very helpful and friendly. If you’re thinking about Hypoxi, do it!

Value for Money

results seen

When I started hypoxia I didn’t see much of a difference in the first month. My trouble area was really just my stomach area so the consultant suggested I use the walking machine and suit. Instead of the standard machines. That suggestion has made a big difference and the tailored approach to my needs is paying off as since changing I have dropped a dress size, lost cms and weight. Thanks Hypoxi Sandringham

Value for Money

perfect for keeping the shape

this is perfect for people who do not have time to go to gym for hours but want to keep good shape. the staff at glen waverly are so friendly.

Value for Money

By far the easiest way to loose weight!

I have been doing hypoxi for about 8 weeks at crossroads studio and have noticeably lost centimeters and gained smoother firmer skin. The low impact exercise method combined with vacuum technology means this form of exercise is easy with big results all whilst reading a magazine or catching up on emails. Staff are friendly, helpful and encouraging. Highly recommended!

Great results

Have been using Hypoxi for 2 months now, the results started to show after 6 sessions and even more after 12. So far I am very happy with the lost in weight and cms around my waist and tummy, it is not a flash weight lost but gradual over the weeks, I can fit in some of the clothes I put away in my wardrobe as I could not fit in before. The staff at Glen Waverley are lovely and cheerful.

Value for Money

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Questions & Answers

Will it work on lower legs
1 answer
For me I have a lot of cellulite on front and back of legs to my knees! It’s made a difference !

Is it normal to feel sore especially around the waist area after first session of HYPOXI
No answers

Hello, have done 12 sessions of Hypoxi and have lost 52cm, but only 0.04kg. Can anyone explain why this would happen? I'm very happy with the results, however just curious
1 answer
You've probably gained muscles

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