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Hypoxi Australia

Hypoxi Australia

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Amazing results

Amazing results with minimum efforts required, very low impact. Staff are amazing and very helpful. I have lost nearly 10 kg in the 4 months I’ve been doing hypoxi, and I still eat all the food I love, just in moderation.

Value for Money

It really works !

The results that I have achieved at Hypoxi Moorabbin are nothing short of fabulous.
To date, I have not only lost 12 kilos - but kept it off over Christmas.
Terri & Eri are always professional & accommodating.
I highly recommend Hypoxi for those looking for a low impact but high results weight loss program.

Value for Money

Perfect for my lifestyle

I joined Hypoxi after having a total knee replacement as I can’t do much else. Hypoxi is perfect and helps with my arthritis and aches and pains.
I attend Hypoxi Moorabbin and eri and the staff are always so welcoming and lovely :)

Value for Money

Who knew weight loss can be this easy

I've been attending Hypoxi at Mt Gravatt and the results gained from attending 3 days a week is amazing. I've said good bye to those Kimmy K cottage cheese legs and hello to firmer, toned legs, hips and stomach and also lost centimeters off my back... no more back fat here. When I tell my friends I cycle in a vacuum for 30mins three times a week and gained these results no one believes it can be that easy. Because losing weight is meant to be hard. You need to try it for yourself to see the genuine results. Good luck!

Value for Money

Great results, worth the money!!

The Randwick studio staff are so helpful with information about your diet plan for your hypoxi days and they’re fun and encouraging throughout. I have lost several cms and dropped two dress sizes!!

Value for Money

Great idea - but didn't really work

The consultants and the machines were great. I enjoyed going - however at measurement time...nothing changed really.... my weight stayed the same and the cms didn;t budge much at all. My clothes didn't fit any better. Not sure why it didn't work, but it really didn't

Value for Money

I love hypoxi

I’ve been doing Hypoxi since August 2018 @ Fountain Gate and I love it! Nothing else that I have tried has helped with my cellulite, my circulation, and my skin tone as Hypoxi has. Treat yourself and give it a go!

Very expensive diet

Well what can I say? Not sure what the medical evidence for Hypoxi is? The diet works well as you’d expect by eating healthy food and cutting out alcohol but as far as the equipment goes I haven’t seen any difference.

If you have lots of money to burn and the idea of this motivates you live a healthy lifestyle then I suppose it’s worth it. We’re all looking for a quick fix aren’t we? This doesn’t work in my humble opinion.

Love love love

HYPOXI has been a valued addition to my fitness journey! I do 2-3 sessions per week approximately, alternating between my gym workouts. It has helped me maintain my weight and tone and tighten up my problem areas! AMAZING STAFF, who are constantly checking in and giving advice... love the FG Team

Absolutely love the results!

Hypoxi is something I am so glad I tried. I had amazing results in just a few short months. I really look forward to signing back up again later in the year. The machines work, the customer service is amazing and it is the easiest way to lose weight with low-impact exercise. I used the L250 and the vacunaut and loved both!

I only recommend people who are very discipline.

First of all, l I love it, it’s works for me.
I going to gym for years but it’s not really work for me, also I’m quite busy and lazy so I chose to going to Hypoxi.i also use dermology. I never follow their meal plans, because I exactly know what to eat. Eat right, i mostly follow Keto diet, lowest cabs and sugar. So this is the most important for any exercise, you need to be strict to yourself, even staffs surprise I lost so much weight just in first 20 sessions. 7Kg and I forgot how many inches. But it’s a lot.
I signed 12 months membership in 2018 ( because it’s cheap then 1,3,6 months)
I will keep going there in this year , just maintain it until I found another better exercise.

Love it @ Hypoxi Fountain Gate!!!

Friendly staff, lost 17cms after only 6 sessions and I try to fit in 3 sessions a week. The shopping list is super helpful. People are noticing the change which is a bonus from already feeling good, much healthier and fit.

Over 60.

I am over 60 and thought I would give Hypoxi a try as there are to many sore joints etc to
do conventional excercises. In my first 6 seasions,I have lost 17.9 cm, best of all most of it is from the areas I really wanted targeted. I am doing 3 x 50 min very low impact sessions a week. very happy so far..

It didn’t work for me - I think it’s an expensive scam

Having already lost a significant amount of weight, I wanted to do this to lose the last bit of fat on my thighs. after the first session I thought I could see a difference so I signed up for 3 months.
Well it didn’t work. I don’t know why it didn’t work. I followed their diet and recommendations.
I wouldn’t recommend it for people who already exercise and already eat well. It’s just a waste of money. If u don’t exercise and eat well, just try that first and save yourself $2000.

The equipment is also a bit hit and miss. Some stuff is quite old and you will notice the difference

Better then a personal trainer!! and cheaper too!!

I love Hypoxi!! It’s amazing. I lost 7 Kg in 5 months! I am hoping to lose another 10 kilos in the next few Months.

I started working out in Circular quay, i only did the 12 sessions, i felt the owner was very pushy, telling me off for what i eat! and pushy to buy her side products, etc her replacement meals/shakes side business, i felt uncomfortable going there!! Being pushy is not the way to win a customer, i know she means well and want to help me but i felt like i wanted to end the session because of this lady, she made me join the facebook group for the replacement shake and i did not purchase it yet! She was just trying to influence me to purchasing it from her. Anyways i decided to leave after a month. If i go anywhere to work out, i want to make sure i can just do my own work out and not have someone whinge to my face that i am eating something wrong and that i need to but her side products to increase her sales for her business. It just turned me off, although the girls that worked under her was sweet as, not pushy at all and good at selling the hypoxi service.
After the 12 weeks session i think i lost 2 or 3 kilos following my own diet, no coffee, no eating after 2 hours and low carb diet!!!!

So i gained so much weight! After a few months later, and then i developed a disc extrusion (Bulge disc/herniated disc) i could not walk!! I even developed a achilles’ tendonitis! I was limping and struggling to walk for Months!! I have now developed arthritis!! So much pain!!! Can you imagine?! I was getting bigger and bigger! i gained up to 74 kilos.

Dr asked me to do surgery on my ankle and back but i refused (i know i am a rebel) lol

But the after all the pain killers i took, i could slowly walk again, gained my strength.. after a year or so i decided after being able to walk normal again (but still have back pain, foot pain, ankle pain, and knee pain) i decided i must lose weight in order to fix myself! Otherwise i would just deteriorate slowly.

I avoided surgery because i was scared of the side Effects.

I am now going to the hurstville hypoxi!! and omg big difference, the owner was so friendly!! and she was caring and she was personable.

She did not push me into purchasing the sessions , or side products like herbal life.
I choose to continuously lose weight so i am still currently working out 3 times a day because i can’t do regular exercise!!!!

I have lost 7 kilos so far (less then 5 months actually)

Karen helped me gain so much confidence, she helped me avoid my surgery and i have gained my strength now!! i do have knee pains here and there but that’s part of my condition, but losing all the weight has helped me so much in so many ways..

The owners are so lovely, and so as the workers there, they are friendly, bubbly, they love interacting with their clients, you just instantly feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door.

I would definitely recommend hypoxi and if you live near Hurstville.. then swing by and check it out!!!

Everyone is amazing there! and the results are amazing as well!

I plan to lose 10 more kilos and that will happen because this is the most effective workout i have ever done!

It’s cheaper then a personal trainer as well. They usually charge approx $100 an hour.

Do your calculations, you would rather do hypoxi then personal training with better results!

I love Hypoxi. Ask me any questions, i am happy to answer anything about this program.

Hypoxi fountain gate

So far I feel good with the results and staring to fit into my dresses and the help from Paige has been very encouraging for me thanks hypoxi fountain gate.

Great for recovering and sweat

I have visited Armadale Studio in Mel and the staff was lovely and knowledgeable. It was my first free session. You will feel definitely the heat in your body after the session and after experience the bike and vacuum therapy you body feels wonderful. Also, after doing multiple workout at the gym and using Hypoxi I felt my body didn't hurt as other days. It helps me to sleep better last night as well.

Doing wonders!

Since starting hypoxi, I’ve made amazing progress that I never thought I could. I’ve achieved more in the last 2 months with hypoxi then I have anywhere else in the past 2 years. The staff have kept me honest and helped me every step of the way to achieve the best results in and out of the studio! It helps when the staff are highly enthusiastic towards helping you achieve your goals!

HYPOXI Fountain Gate

HYPOXI Fountain Gate has been the best choice for my wellbeing thus far. The team is caring, honest and encouraging through and through. Progress is two way, as all programs go, they provide the resources, program, incredible support and following it allows for results. I have lost centimetres and am feeling incredible! It’s a step into developing a healthy lifestyle and their support prepares you to continue even when your program ends. I’m just over halfway and fitting into clothes I never thought I’d feel comfortable in. Looking forward to the end result!

Good for cellulite - but you're much better spending your time at the gym

Seriously - spend the time at the gym and then buy some nice outfits with the money you save.

I did 40 sessions.... cellulite disappeared from the compression suit... but, yeah... stop being lazy and go down the gym!

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Questions & Answers

Is it normal to feel sore especially around the waist area after first session of HYPOXI
No answers

Hello, have done 12 sessions of Hypoxi and have lost 52cm, but only 0.04kg. Can anyone explain why this would happen? I'm very happy with the results, however just curious
1 answer
You've probably gained muscles

Will it work on abdominal fat?
1 answer
Yes, definitely! That is exactly where it DOES concentrate! The main thing to do is to keep to the Hypoxi diet regime of not eating for 2 hours after the finish of your session and (especially the 6 hours after your session) to only eat high protein foods (it’s impossible to eat “only protein - unless you buy the “no carbs, 25-50g protein drinks” ... Which I love having and is a great easy “cheat” to consuming high protein - although balanced meals are essential throughout your day as well!). The Hypoxi machines are easy work in themselves (low impact), though I found the more I pushed and the more gym sessions I did over the week that my weight - especially tummy to knees - dropped beautifully! All in all, over 6 months of about 2 Hypoxi sessions a week and about 2-3 extra gym sessions/classes each week I lost 15kg and 64cm! I now have (pretty much) a flat tummy and fit all my clothes from before, so it definitely worked for me!

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