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Aldi Trimat Advanced

Aldi Trimat Advanced

2.0 from 6 reviews

Do not buy

Broke out in a rash all over my body. Not allergic to anything! I tested it on my wrist to double check and it felt like it was burning my skin!

Purchased in March 2019.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes


Aldi Trimart advanced concentrated laundry liquid T&F
I tried many laudry products but this product is outstanding
perfect, wash well, smell fresh and nice

cant believe Choice could be so wrong with their review

never have I had alergies to anything..
Dont know what is in this powder, but I have rashes and blemishes all over my body...
It doesnt clean work clothes at all -
Has no accompanying fresh smell
In the bin it goes after using it four times

Good reputation - bad outcome

I bought this because of the recommendation by Choice and its very reasonable price. I was expecting a good result from using it in my front loader.
Don't get me wrong - it washes well, despite me using half of the very large scoop for a full load, probably as well as a big-name brand.
I didn't like the fragrance - no big deal.
BUT today I have re-washed two weeks' worth of clothes, sheets, towels: the works!
I thought I had hives, scabies, eczema, perhaps all at the same time, until I finally twigged.
I am massively allergic to it. No other washing powder has ever done this to me before. It has been a horrible couple of weeks, particularly due to lost sleep - sheets, pyjamas, even itchy feet from socks. Grrrrrr.
I'll be keeping an eye out for Omo Sensitive on special.

Terrible smell

This washing powder is more expensive then the one i usually use and only purchased it because the one i usually use was out of stock. I was very disappointed as it didnt wash the clothes properly and left marks and stains. It also left my clothes smelling awful and i threw it away due to the smell it left. Will never use this product again

Rave reviews and recommendations disappoint

I normally only buy a particular brand of washing powder or liquid but had heard so much good recommendations about Aldi Trimat liquid and power so decided to try both.
The liquid seemed ok to use but noticed didn't have the in wash stain removal i normally get in wash and had no particular clean fragrance or smell which is a personal peference that I'm use to with Omo.Tried the powder and immediately noticed how big the scoop of powder is and what's recommended per wash.I found for the first time ever my clothes were hard and wrinkled on drying.The stain removal was good but not great.The main issue is the skin reaction of being itchy wearing clothes after using this powder.I have never had to use sensitive washing powder or liquid before as this has never been a issue.The other issue is my machine hygiene and clean cycle is activated on every wash.I rang my machines helpdesk and they have advised to discontinue use so not to cause issues with my machine.I am really disappointed in Trimat as i was really expecting so much more with all the reviews and was looking forward to spending much less on washing for a family of boys!

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