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Only used it for 15 mins max, started smoking. Turned off and unplugged, and the smoke continued to get worse. Then it burst into flames, underneath, and was on fire.

Purchased in September 2019 at Calamvale for $129.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

An awesome low budget unit

For the $ paid...we bought it today and have used it for 5hrs cleaning old concrete, it was awesome. A control over the auto chemical cleaners aditive would be good but it is certainly worth the $

Purchased in September 2019 for $129.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

TTA-15751 2400 Pressure Cleaner

(A).. ample pressure to clean driveway pavers --(B)..length of pressure hose and spray settings just right --(C)...weight of unit is ideal also storage size including height --peice of mind-Price $99.00

Purchased in October 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
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would dearly like to BUY another --prompt payment will apply-- I look forward to your reply"-Mine was removed from my driveway" CHEERS Terence.

Great Value for Money, Accepts Some Karcher Accessories

Paid $50 about 2 years ago for a new Aldi/Workzone 2400 pressure washer, a really good buy. It has a tread at the base hose connection which fits an older Karcher hose assembly- I was able to fit the hose and accessories from my defunct Karcher 310 to this unit-which was a bonus.

Purchased in April 2017 at Purchased from a friend that won it in a RSL raffle. for $50.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Workzone 58428 Pressure cleaner from Aldi

Its fabulous, better than my old Kartcher. Only $50 on special buys at Aldi, As it has an adjustable nozzle I can change from direct spray for dirty places to 180 deg fan spray for windows and flyscreens and car washing. I had really dirty pathways with pavers,Cleaned it all up really well by female user 70 yr old. Am waiting for repeat of same special to buy more for family members so they dont borrow mine all the time.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Does the Job

Only got this because it is a basic low pressure cleaner, with deck / patio washer head. I did not want a cleaner that blew the paint off walls etc. This little unit does what it should, provides basic function cleaning. Narrow head stream bit restrictive, plastic fittings off putting and 3 metre hose limiting. This said it is functional. great for the car, patio, pool surrounds and 3 year warranty. So would i get another, on expected performance yes but have some reservations, from other reviews, about warranty claim etc should issue arise. Time will tell I suppose.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

A Very Happy Owner Of Many Workzone Tools

Traditionally I have bought quality tools such as Metabo and Hitachi. In the last couple of years I have bought a few Workzone tools. A Jackhammer (looks identical to Hitachi) which has been brilliant. Next I bought a cordless 20 Volt drill and an impact driver. Again extremely pleased with them. The latest edition is a Workzone high pressure cleaner, based on a Karcher. What a unit. It has already done a lot of work and not missed a beat. I also own a multitool and a compact saw. The only issue I have had with any of their tools was a dud battery which can happen with any brand. It was replaced without fuss. I would not buy any other tool now when you consider all the tools come with a three year guarantee.

Reading the three reviews rather supports what I have said. For the number of tools they must sell, to have only three unhappy customers speaks volumes. May I suggest that the complaints could be improper use of the tools.

Having had a hardware business, I certainly would not buy from Bunnings for many reasons. Service plays a very important part when buying electric power tools and certainly Aldi provides this from my experience.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Workzone unsatisfactory after sales service

I purchased the WorkZone high-pressure cleaner from Aldi on 17 Sept 2016. Since purchase it was minimally used, only to wash the car once in about 3 weeks. Recently it started smelling of an electrical appliance heating up. These appliances as long as they work you are fine about if they breakdown, you are at the mercy of the After Sales Support based in Sydney. It is impossible to speak to anyone as according to the recorded message the staff " staff are busy answering other calls". If someone answers, she will hurriedly ask for your number to call back. But, yes, you guessed it - no call. I sent an email as required and received a reply requesting more information. Which I did. Silence after that until I called and this time was able to speak to someone who got my details again and promised to get the service person to call me the same day. Yes again - no call. I even called Aldi and the person who answered promised to contact the After Sales Support to contact me but that did not happen.
I think it is better to pay a little bit more and buy electrical appliances from reputed dealers who will provide much better after sales service.

No problems - edited

Had for about one year now. No problems at all. I would suggest some sort of extendable base to put a foot on to stabilise when winding up hose. Otherwise if the hose was more flexible, it would be easier. I have asked how to turn detergent on & off, which is not mentioned in the manual. UPDATE. I Have found detergent suds is triggered by during the swirl brush attachment.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

This is good for my compound

This product is good for cleaning, expecially good for janitorial use I bought it for my boys and they like also even my wife commented on this product is good, I introduce this product to my friends I think seven of them likes it and they all go for it

Inexpensive, but not very effective

The power cord outlet was too close to the hose inlet, meaning that the extension cord was always getting caught around the garden hose. So the design is dangerous. The power cord should have come out of the other end of the cleaner. The cleaner does not come with a patio cleaner, so I had to pay another $30 for the attachment. The patio cleaner did not work well and snapped off in the connector gun when I applied pressure to it. Taurus should have replaced the unit for not being of reasonable quality under Australian Consumer Law. Instead they said that I could pay another $25 for a replacement gun for the unit. I threw the cleaner in the bin and bought the preferred Choice model that was on special at the time. The extra $120 for the preferred Choice unit was definitely worth it, and the patio cleaner was thrown in for free.
It was inexpensive to buy
The handle broke after I applied standard pressure to it to try and clean my patio.

Do not Buy Major Corrosion Problems

Total piece of rubbish!! This unit had major internal corrosion problems after 1 use with city water , phoned for warranty never replied after 3 phone calls...pay the money to get a better brand with real warranty...Was very disappointed with the whole experience , the only Aldi product I have bought that was rubbish....
Really nothing as it only worked once then died
Only worked once , no warranty help cheap rubbish

Aldi Helpline needs help

I first contacted Aldi Helpline on 19 November 2013 re a problem with the water blaster by email as I could not get anyone to answer their phone. I sent emails again on 20 Nov and 21 Nov. On 6 December, 15 days later, I received a call from the Helpline, was then transferred to Customer Service where a very abrupt female wanted to know why I had called her. I finally convinced her that Aldi had rung me about emails that I had sent 2 weeks prior. So, she could not help but assured me that a technician would ring me back within the hour. Guess what? No call. But, on 6 January, a technician rang me and finally said the product was a introductory level water blaster and suggested one gets what one pays for. Okay, next time I will donate the $100 to charity and save on fuel, time and effort. Aldi Helpline is absolutely hopeless.

Faulty out of the box, help desk no help at all

Bought the washer from aldi on the 11th and found the next day that the high pressure hose has a leak. Called their help desk and told to send receipt and contact info. with a description of the fault to their help email address which I did right away. Called help desk again the next day as I have received no response. Basically got told that 24 to 48 hours is their standard and the attitude of the help line person is that I don't need their help, just get a refund from the store if I can't wait.
Shoddy quality and very bad service

Taurus is a big scam

We bought high pressure cleaner of this brand from Aldi, after couple of use, plastic washers thorn apart, started leaking. We called the customer service, she got our details over the phone and never answered back, we also sent them couple of emails, no answers again. Do not buy anything from this company.

no customer service at all

Good Work Horse

Have been using the Taurus for over two years found it to be adequate for all tasks undertaken. Light weight, but has good pressure for that sized machine. Pressure hose a little short but with the lightness of the machine it can be moved to where it is needed. Well presented work horse.
Light weight, but has good pressure for that sized machine.
Having trouble locating spare parts as have lost warranty manual.

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Purchased at Aldi in early November.So far so good .Who has the attachments available (rotary scrubber) and detergent? Max Lilburne

Taurus High Pressure Cleaner.

Bought from ALDI In september 2012 and used it in the following few weeks and it did the jobs it was supposed to.Its not the type of tool you use every day so next time was late January this year.
Used it for a couple of hours and the trigger assembly started to leak.
Contacted the customer service number on the instruction manual and the lady I spoke to could not be more helpful and she understood my problem..Requested I email a copy of the Aldi receipt, (I also attached a diagram showing where the leak was),
Within a day received advise by email a new trigger assembly was on the way and four days later it arrived.
It does not get any better than that.
It does the job as it was made for especially the High 2400watt motor.

Broken down at 2nd time

It worked perfectly the 1st time.
The 2nd time which was 3 months later, there was no pressure after 30-40 minutes of continuous usage. The moter kept restarting then immediately stopped.
Call the customer service and the experience was not pleasant. The lady tried to get rid of me in a few minutes in a unfriendly manner (almost rude, I would say).
Value for money (if it works)
Not working

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I have the same machine and I experienced the exact same issue and I called the help desk who advised me to clean the jet lance with the pin that came with the product and it worked perfectly after that. I found the customer service staff to be very knowledgable, helpful and friendly. It's a great product, well priced too!

What a dud!

Poor performance, then the unit failed completely after only 40mins use!!
Other brand cleaners in this power range perform much better. It's poor performance could have been related to the unit's complete failure after only 40mins use. I guess I'll never know - ALDI were sold out of replacement units and contact details for the manufacturer could not be found!
Inexpensive (if it worked!)
Poor performance, zero reliability.

Poor quallity

Very poor construction.
Mine came with a fault gun that leaked and the company refused to replace under warranty.
appauling customer service, they yelled at me and then hung up.
now I'm stuck with a pressure cleaner that doesn't work.
Good luck if your silly like me and bought one.
didn't work and company refused warranty

Taurus if bought from Aldi stores comes with 60 day money back gurantee, I used mine with no issues, but as most al cheapos it will corrode internally over time but then again so did my mate's who paid for a Karcher K4.650 over $ 500 and is worthless after 1.2 yrs sitting in the garage, my point is if its for infrequent use rent one instead of own one, however for 79$ from aldi is as same as renting one:) thanks for good advice.I tried to buy a part, the lower lance, as I did break it (without trying) by call to the 1300 helpline. Spoke to a girl once, who promised to call back - nothing, have left a dozen messages since. no reply - Help!!!

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Hi I have had the pressure washer for just over a year now and love it, but it now has a pin hole in the adjustable swivel head letting water squirt out from the side of the nozzle,is there any were i could buy a replacement head for it Cheers John Blackwall Central coast NSW
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Hi there, I’m looking for a replacement head/gun for the workzone water pressure cleaner. Does anyone know where I can get one. Thanks
2 answers
I fitted a gun from an early model Karcher I had lying around broken - you need the gun and hose combination with the threaded hose end that screws on to the Workzone pump.SORRY , CANT HELP ..mine was stolen whisted I was picking up my daughter from school . Iam waiting for stock to arrive , need to replace mine.

how do I operate the detergent to mix with water I cannot find anywhere hoe to turn on the detergent container
1 answer
I seen the video mostly put water inside only and buy a spray connector and put soap in this if helps


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