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Ozito PWE-1300

Latest review: Was a decent little unit for the price, although I found it to be loud when in operation. The engine gave out after about 18months. Used it maybe 3-4 times a month in that time. Took back for

Stihl RE 119

Latest review: Works well and is very powerful. I had the use of may father's Karcher for a while but that was a toy compared to this. Does an excellent job cleaning paving and washing cars and other

Stihl RE 129 Plus

Latest review: My re129 was great for a few months, then it started leaking out of the trigger handle and lacking pressure as a result. Sent for repair but when I connected it up at home it was still leaking and

Karcher G 2800 FH

Latest review: great machine but no aftermarket backup. I need parts adn after 3 weeks and 4 emwils and phone calls I get nothing but circular references. I gave part number and photo. Too hard for K'archers

ALDI Pressure Washer
  • Categories: Petrol Pressure Washers and Electric Pressure Washers
  • Power: 35 W, 1,400 W, 1,600 W, 2,000 W, 2,200 W or 2,400 W

Gerni Super 145.2

Latest review: Does Gernie have 7year warranty I read these reviews and they are concerning should I buy or go Karcher I’m torn what product do people out there reco mend for a p

Gerni Classic 125.2

Latest review: Brought this to replace a Karcher due to the promise of metal pump components and due to the strength of the Gerni brand (people use the verb “Gerni it” to describe general pressure cleaning so it MUS

Karcher K2

Latest review: I bought this online through Kogan. First mistake as their service is very hard to contact. Product arrived with missing part. That was sent out eventually . The product says it was made in Germany

Karcher K3

Latest review: Doesn't look like many people with positive review's come here. So I thought I'd post mine. I upgraded from older Karcher model which was at least 15 years old. (It still works but was getting very

Jet-USA 3100 PSI RX470

Latest review: From the first time I used this washer I tried to return it due to low pressure, very noisy and turbo nozzle faulty. Crazy sales staff were very difficult to deal with and they wanted a video to show

Bosch Advanced Aquatak 150

Latest review: I was on pressure cleaners market to find suitable solution for a small family business which deals with mold and dirt building up on tiles and metal surfaces of some machines. After reading a lot of

Michelin MPX 160 RBP

Latest review: I have developed a large interest in pressure washers the last 6 months, and wrote a lengthy review of the Stihl RE129 pressure washer which was excellent. My most recent purchase is the Michelin

Briggs and Stratton 020539

Latest review: Bought from Stihl shop, so expected some quality after reading on other pressure washer disasters. Starts first pull and works terrific. Motor idles away until demand is required. Awesome pressure

Michelin MPX 130 BC

Latest review: I bought this unit based on the Choice test. It is an excellent pressure washer and beyond expectations. It comes with all the extras including two different pressure heads, wand extension,

Aussie Pumps Slow Speed Blaster Scud

Latest review: purchased an aussi pumps, premium scud AB20 pressure washer, it has the 6.5 hp honda engine GX200, and works at 11 litres per minute flow rate, but is only 2000 psi, the unit can be used for 10-30

Kranzle K2160 TST

Latest review: Every now and again a product comes along that exceeds expectations and performs above its price line. This is that little gem the Kranzle K2160 TST. I have the 14 amp model 3.2kw. Needs a 15 amp

Spitwater HP1008

Latest review: Ive had this machine for 10 years now and am looking for more pressure now so definitely will be getting another spitwater. reliable...backup

Bar 2550B-H

Latest review: Bar Pressure Model 2550B-H as stated on machine. Day 1 - cleaned the black and mouldy fence (I live in North Qld) then moved onto the front path and driveway. The fence looks like new and the

Spitwater 10-120H

Latest review: best pressure cleaner i had and ive had a few. works a treat with cleaning grout fot newly paved tile. thats my day job. brilliant service here in perth even when i used to have a aussie pumps

ThoroughClean D10M-36H-TO

Latest review: This is great quality and works very well. Im very happy with its performance. I was a little more expensive than others but really proved to be worth the extra outlay. I clean driveways and roofs

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