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Great for my wellbeing.

I started taking Anthogenol about 10 years ago and at first I thought of the cost, but it is well worth it. I have noticed when I have stopped taking it, my legs were aching again as this was the main reason I started taking it, it must help with the circulation. I have good skin and nails too and I am always told that I have a great skin for my age which is 66, I can only put this down to taking one Anthogenol a day religiously. I thoroughly recommend it.

Purchased in January 2008 at Harrisons Pharmacy. for $159.00.

Effective Within A week

Great product with excellent benefits for hair, skin & nails

I started taking Anthogenol about 5 years ago, my hair was thinning and I have always had difficulty with soft nails that would split easily. Look, this product is by no means the answer to all your health problems because it is a powerful antioxidant 15 times greater than Vitamin C and 50 times greater than Vitamin E) It definitely is beneficial. I am 49 years old and most people think I am in my late 30's!
My skin looks smooth, slight wrinkles, yes but I do not experience break outs or have other skin issues.
My nails a stronger and do not split, break.
My hair has certainly stopped thinning and even my hairdresser noticed it was getting thicker as I had new hair growth all over and my own hair stopped breaking so easily. I put this to the test several times by not taking Anthogenol for several weeks and my hair would start to break and fall out. As soon as I recommenced taking Anthogonel, by the 2nd - 3rd week in, my hair would stop falling out.

Yes please!

I take these every morning for healthy skin and nails.They definitely work but cost a pretty penny. Take anthogenol religiously and watch your skin transform. Amazing product , highly recommend.

increases Blood pressure. Do not use

In 30 days increased my blood pressure from 120/80 to 150/100. After i stopped using the product blood pressure has normalised within a week. Look at the study done by ncbl.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15662232

Expensive but worth every cent

I started taking these as my ankles had been swelling a lot due to varicose veins and I heard these tablet might help.
I have been taking them for 3 months now and can say they have definitely have helped with the swelling though the main thing I have seen a difference in is my hair and nails. My thumb nail had a split right down to the nail bed ,I spent a fortune trying to repair it but nothing worked.Since taking the Anthogenol it has been growing without the split and is now growing out. i have noticed my hair is not shedding as much either . It is expensive but I believe it is worth it , I no longer buy any other supplements as this one has so many benefits .

Excellent product !

I'm taking 2 tablets Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 1 tablet the other days. Excellent! My legs are not as swollen and not as heavy.... I'm buying on Ebay the cheapest version (120 tablets for about $120) with free delivery. Worth trying!

Can't live without it.

I was taking anthoginol some time ago but stopped because of the price. Now , regardless of price I have started taking it again because of the difference in my feeling of health and well-being. I have now stared my husband taking one a day as well.


I have been using this product for many years now, and cant live without it. I worry both about the aging process and the veins i have in my legs. I decided to come off it at one point, purely due the cost, and my legs just ached. I went back on it and they didnt ache anymore. This product satisfies bot the aging process and addresses the veins in my legs and i have proven it does work.

Feel great

I have been taking Anthogenol for two weeks now and have found that my thinking is sharper. My skin looks good too. But my mental alertness is impressive. I have more energy. I love this product. I bought some for my mum and dad. I am telling everyone about it.
Easy to take, and gets results.

I highly recommend this supplement for those wanting to delay wrinkles!

I have been taking this product once per day for around 2 months now and the very small fine line I was starting to see form over the last year has almost 100% disappeared, along with the two lines I had next to my eyes (1 each eye). I decided to make a switch from Blackmores Radience, as I had been taking that for 3 years but was beginning to see lines forming so it obviously wasnt enough to keep them at bay. I am 23 and expecting to start seeing fine lines as I am approaching mid 20's which is when skin stops producing a large amount of collagen etc,

I highly recommend this product also taken with a silica complex and fish oil, as together they have firmed and plumped my face skin and now I dont even have the beginnings of my first wrinkle anymore. Almost every single person I know who is aged 19-23 have fine lines on their face and I still have none :). I feel fantastic and happy that I dont need to waste money on botox or other invasive treatments.

It also gives me more endurance when I do cardio as it promotes oxygen around the body and aids the cardiovascular system. I only power walk twice a week as I am having a break from gym as it was boring and I feel almost as fit as I did when i was training 6 days a week! I dont tire like normal unfit people do when im exercising.
It is the most effective supplement I have tried to delay the wrinkles and aging process
It is expensive and for it to be effective you must continue taking it

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In two weeks my thinking is clearer and sharper. I will keep taking this just for those benefits.

Questions & Answers

I had open heart surgery in Nov 2017 (aortic valve repair) and on Perindopril, Metoprolol and Crestor. Would it be safe and beneficial for me to use Anthogenol?
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Has anyone found that anthogenol reduces their iodine levels therefore increasing their cholesterol reading?
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Does it rase blood pressure?
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