Why Did I Wait So Long?

I have upgraded apple air iPads but never realised just what I was missing. Having a newly developed neurological disorder I was struggling with the size of the appleair2 iPad when a friend suggested an APPLE PRO And with the help of telstraonlineshopping centre I had received a brand new apple pro and am having a ball.
It is a dream come true when it comes to playing BrainGames games just for fun and communicating with family and friends. The photography is so good it almost steps out of the screen

Date PurchasedAug 2018

iPad Pro 2018 release

I just purchased a new 2018 iPad Pro. Safari freezes all the time. Apps are very slow. My old iPad out performs it on the same network. I have rebooted it several times, taken it to the store and contacted support twice. I have owned it 3 days. I recommend that you do not upgrade until there are several positive reviews. I regret this purchase. To me apple cannot explain this behaviour and are unsure whether this is a bug or not. I feel like a guinea pig who has not done well at all

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Love It

Apple's unboxing experience is second to none, the packaging is beautiful and a delight to unbox. The only cravat worth mentioning is that in order to turn on the iPad, you need to hold down the power button for around 6 seconds.

Demonstration video: youtu.be/4DlLEDdK0rw

The stylus is a pleasure to use, it is really fun and now charges directly when placed on the magnetic side of the iPad Pro. However, at the moment, it won't work with the home swipe up gesture, which makes things cognitively awkward and not all apps support it, but worst of all, it clashes. Yes, it can attach magnetically to one side of the iPad Pro, but it stands out drastically. It would of been nicer if Apple borrowed the Samsung design of including a pocket for the pencil to fit into the iPad, rather than just hang there awkwardly.

It's as you can imagine, overpriced for what it does, but, it does work great, and folds in enough ways to allow it to be used with the back facing camera and as a stand.

While the image quality has improved since the A10 iPhones, it not lacks image stabilisation which means that your photos and videos can be blurrier than before, so be sure to be very still when photographing. Secondly, the field of view of the camera is very narrow, you need really long arms to take a selfie. Furthermore, the portrait mode camera only works on the front facing camera and not the back. For a Pro device, this leads to a lack of precise AR utility.

The speakers and microphone are drastically improved over the iPhone. Apple are really doing great things in this department.

Touting the performance of a Xbox One S at the slightly dearer 4.5X the cost, the performance is very promising. When compared to the previous generation A10 processor, our early browser based benchmarks yielded a 20% performance bump on the CPU and a 40% bump on the GPU. I guess the 10 billion transistors need app specific optimisations before the performance can be fully realised.

Price aside, my girl loves it and to be honest I do too. It's not a productivity beast like the Mac, but it certainly has its place in retail productivity, though slightly hindered with a lacklustre camera.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

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Camera (Rear)12MP12MP12MP12MP12MP12MP12MP12MP12MP12MP12MP12MP12MP12MP12MP12MP
Price (RRP)$1749$1529$1449$1229$1449$1749$2349$1669$1969$2569$1749$2049$2649$1969$2269$2869
Screen Size12.9inches12.9inches11inches11inches11inches11inches11inches11inches11inches11inches12.9inches12.9inches12.9inches12.9inches12.9inches12.9inches
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