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Apple MacBook Air 13-inch

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch

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An essential tool suitable for everyday use!

I received this product as a gift from a relative, and it has met all my needs. So far every electronic device that I own is Apple. Haven't had a problem with them. The features provided quality educational and entertaining tools. This product has a maximum of 12 hours running time on a full charge. I wasn't sure about the price but it must be definitely worth it! This product certainly passed my standards by far!

Purchased in December 2017.

Still going strong!

I bought a MacBook Air back in early 2012 (Mid 2011 model), and just love it. It has worked tirelessly for the last 7 years. I opted for the upgraded I7 processor and 256 SSD. Have recently replaced the battery as it was bound to eventually die. That was easy and now it feels like a new computer again. Yes its an older computer and isn spec'd to the latest technology, but as a regular computer used for home and occasionally work it does everything I need it to.

Purchased in January 2012 for $1,700.00.

Love it

It is so easy to carry around as I am a mum of 4 kids I don’t need to be carring a thick and heavy laptop around when I have to juggle my kids at the same time.. very good apps and amazing quality have not had a problem with it!!

Purchased in July 2018 at Apple Store Australia.

Pretty sweet

Very good laptop, runs well and doesn't crash, easy to download stuff.
The trackpad and scroll are really easy to use and the screen size is plenty if you're not doing anything like hardcore gaming, i personally use this computer for school mostly and it is very useful. Photoshop, office 365 and most other general programs run fine. Only problems with spotify.

The only downside to this computer is the closed Operating System, i originally had to reset my mac because an apple product i downloaded didn't work and then when i deleted it, it kept the icon and notifications for it in the top right corner and i couldn't stand it. The settings are highly customisable and it can be put in stealth mode.

Battery life for a new one of these is amazing lasting for around 9 hours of use or more. The internet works well on it and the current 3 month apple music trial with no need for payment (if you kill the subscription in setting before the pay date) is a big plus and i have downloaded 1200 + songs onto it and they all sound great.

Overall a pretty great laptop besides the closed OS and i recommend it for work or school, even youtube and some gaming, although it won't be able to run anything like GTA V.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Great computer, but the keyboard...

The MacBook air is great and is a huge upgrade on the previous model. It is fast, compact and crystal clear graphics. The only issue is the keys on the keyboard are continuously getting stuck down and you are forced to remove the key to fix this. Other then this, the computer is great!

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Love it!

Love my MacBook Air, it is sleek, light, fast and does the job. I mostly surf the web, stream music and videos so is perfect for my purpose. Battery lasts a very long time and I love being able to use the Bluetooth on my laptop to connect to my Bose speaker. The only downside so far is that there is no standard USB port, you need to buy an adaptor which I didn't realise before I purchased it. It is a bit of an inconvenience but not a deal breaker. My last Macbook Air lasted over 7 years with barely an issue so I'm hoping this one does the same!

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Excellent Lightweight Laptop

Unless you need very high processor speed or a very large screen these laptops are an excellent choice. I've had one or two of these before and I've liked them all. They are slightly prone to screen failures if badly knocked or you just have some random bad luck. But there's nothing better for web-surfing, travel and communication. For some people an iPad might be a more portable choice but if you're tossing up between the two, bear in mind that the Macbook Air has a built-in keyboard (so you don't need to buy one) and it sits upright at a suitable angle for viewing without the need for a stand or cover. It's also got the CF card reader and USB port built in. It charges very fast and the battery keeps it going for hours.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Awful Camera resolution: Apple

I myself have bought this device when it was released and can confirm that the camera is by far the worst resolution in the history of cameras on laptops. I have exchanged it for another device however the quality remains the same. This goes for any Macbook Air 2018 device I have tested in store (on display).

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Apple MacBook Air 13 Inch

I Bought them. in Jan 18, and by May 18 I have to bring back to Apple store Sydney , they replace the Logic board as still in warranty . Now Nov 18 the battery is dead and the apple store has to replace again .
We are using them pretty much average 2-3 hour / day for doing the assignment .

I'm not sure if really worth buying apple again . But I think I will definitely moving to another brand , Spending more than $1500 but get a B grade products . I hope that Apple people with read this one .

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Probably the most durable laptop I have ever had

I had this simply because my sister switch it with me as she want a better one. After having this for over 4 years, as a clumsy person, I often would bumped it into other things and every time I thought it is done after hitting something hard, but when I turn it on, it works just fine. But there was one time that really changed my percetion about this MacBook Air. I dropped it from the bench while watching YouTube and cooking, I really think that was it. But it still works!!!!! Easily the most robust lap top I have had. Absolutely love it

Date PurchasedNov 2014


So compact and easy to use. I got this for my uni course and the long battery life and amazing graphics Is just what I need. They are a bit pricey but the long life I’ll get out of this laptop makes it a worthy investment and gives me all the things I need!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Very bad experience

Dear Sir/Madam

APPLE is considered to be one of the most trusted electronics brand with best quality worldwide. However, I would like share with you an ugly experience of using MacBook Air.

This is regarding the MacBOOK Air 13 inch: 1.8 GHz Dual-Core Intel CoreI5, 128GB, purchased on 5th August 2018 at Chandigarh, India. My device was functioning well till 19th of November 2018. I used my MacBook Air last on 19th November 2018, after use I fully charged the device and left with flap down. On very next day (20th November 2018) to my surprise when I opened up my device neither its power is getting switched ON nor the keyboard light, without any accidental/physical or liquid damage to device. Finally on 21st Nov. 2018 I have submitted my MacBook Air to nearest service centre (f1 info solutions & services private limited) and on next day from service center I came to know that the Motherboard of my MacBook Air is not functioning, need to be replaced.

This is real surprise that if the worldwide best product (MacBook) is behaving like this within less than 5 months of purchase with moderate daily use. Looking at this why one should go for APPLE Products instead of others really good brands in market, I think they are providing better services than MacBook.

This was the first time have trusted Apple for MacBook, probably I will not have trust in future again. If Apple’s new product is not serving even 6 months without fault then why one should trust Apple. Definitely I will not suggest people around further for APPLE products. Really I was not expecting such a poor performing device. Even my last laptop (of brand Lenovo), I used for five years without any product related problems at all.

Anyways thank you for such a bitter experience with MacBook.

Won't recommend.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Love it!

The macbook has been nothing but awesome since I bought it. It's lightweight, fast and very easy to use. No issues so far and am looking forward to using it more. The battery drains very slowly and is quickly charged, while the keyboard is very light and easy to type on.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

The best laptop I have ever had

This is my 4th Macbook and 2nd Macbook Air. I had Macbook Pros before I had the Airs. Cannot fault any of the Macbooks I have used so far. Slick, beautiful powerful machine. I pretty much never shut down unless I have to to install an update. They NEVER break down. I use MS Office on my Air and works beautifully. I also had Windows installed that worked better than a surface! The biggest advantage is, I don't need to buy and antivirus or need to "clean" my computer or get blue screen of death or frozen screens! Macbooks are unbreakable!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Good but bad?

I bought one inMay 2016 because it's much much much lighter than my old 2012 MacBook Pro and I was going backpacking in Europe for 3 months so I wanted something Light but still have a 13inch screen and for that it's amazing BUT in June this year I had to use my extended warranty to replace it as it kept shutting down after I left my laptop on screensaver mode and I couldn't figure out why. I have the 2017 model now and it's been great but I bought the extended warranty again just in case. I don't like how small the hard drive in but it is a light laptop so I shouldn't complain. You don't get a CD drive but it doesn't bother me since I wash everything on Netflix anyway. Overall it's a good laptop and I do recommend it but buy AppleCare and get extended warranty.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Confusing, unimpressive, bad battery, too hyped

I have no clue why everyone is obsessed with having a Mac. For the price I paid for this I could have gotten a great quality Dell, but instead I chose this because there's some kind of culture surrounding them and being obsessed with them.
The storage space fills up fast, after a couple years the battery started dying wayyy too fast, sometimes when I try to shut it all the way down, as soon as I open the lid, it's already turned on. No good battery-saving mode, the charger you have to get falls out if you brush up against it so it's difficult to use sitting on your lap, no HDMI plug or CD drive which is a huge inconvenience.
The layout of the thing is trying to be cool and unique and intuitive but it's the opposite of intuitive. I've been using this thing for years, I am 20 years old, grew up on computers, and consider myself wise enough to troubleshoot technology on my own most of the time. But this thing defying understanding.
There is no one place to find all your settings, you have to search around for different aesthetic preferences and if you want to find storage and "about this mac" you have to go to the weird useless bar that's always at the top of the page. For 6 months I couldn't find out how to have a pictures file and had to look up an extensive tutorial on how to put your photos that it automatically uploads into the dumb Photos app into an actual folder where I can see the pictures in the finder like normal.
And speaking of the finder, it's foolish. Never ever when I search for a keyword or title does it actually bring up all the things with the phrase or word in it. It's seemingly random what it decides to show when I search, whether it's in one folder or the whole mac. Not to mention the """recents"""" folder, which I will download something, edit it, refresh the recents, and not only will my recent download or edit not be there, it will not exist in the downloads folder, nor anywhere else that can be seen through the search.
The last time I updated my mac, also, it deleted everything on my desktop and in my downloads folder without asking me. Everything.

It's almost impossible and sometimes is impossible to change the settings, it's very uncustomizable. For example, there is no way to turn off the setting that makes a two finger swipe within an internet page go "back." Why would the same gesture be used to scroll and to go back? It's random which one it does and it always makes me go back at the most inconvenient times, like when I've just filled out a long form. I used to be able to two-finger swipe away the notifications on the upper right corner and now it no longer works, I just have to wait for them to disappear. There's no way to turn off the permanent notifications to update your software and you always have to pick "remind me later," there's NO "don't remind me" option. They will bug the crap out of you until you update, even if there's no space to update it. Literally as I was typing this the second notification about it of the day popped up. It's not like my mac is outdated, I literally updated it a month ago. It's not an issue for me, why is my computer acting like it's gonna die???
One of my usb ports doesn't work with my wireless mouse and the other does.
For about 8 months the Messages app stopped syncing with my phone and there is no way to press a button that says Sync. If your mac isn't automatically syncing with your iphone, there is no way to remind your mac, "hey, can you make sure you're synced?" I spent hours with customer service that couldn't figure it out and then I gave up, just to have it turn on again 8 months later out of the blue after nothing significant had happened.
Yesterday my mac notified me about an email I got, I went to my mac email inbox, and the email wasn't there. I asked it to get new mail, but it wouldn't fetch the email that it had notified me about until five minutes later of it's own accord and free will, when it felt like it.
It's clearly behind Windows in terms of the way it handles its, well, windows. When two windows are next to each other in full split screen, I can't switch them around. You can't put a smaller screen window in front of a fullscreen one. There is no button that automatically takes you to the desktop, and even when you go to a desktop, there will be like 5 small windows that you have to individually minimize in order to see your actual desktop icons. You can't go straight to minimize, you have to make the window small and THEN minimize it. Once you hit X on a window, you never know if it will close or just be minimized. Even when you close all the windows of an app it still runs in the background.
You can't play games on this thing at all or it will overheat. Even the most basic games people don't make for mac. When they do make them for mac you have to run them in small screen so your mac doesn't burst into flames. Because there's no damn vent on the thing. Why did they make a case with no vent?

Alright, end rant. To sum up: the mac is problem-ridden, planned to be obsolete, annoying, not user-friendly, not customizable, not intuitive, and wholly worse than windows. And the customer service is poor.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Good laptop

Does everything efficiently and have had no issues with it. I needed a basic laptop and this does everythng I need and more.
I love the lit up key board. It's also soft on the fingers. I also love how light it is. Easy to carry around.
Charges up very quickly too.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Fast Mac unfortunately battery dies pretty quickly

Small, compact, fast when its new but soon slows down if battery is not replaced, unfortunately apple does not stock this computer anymore so I have to buy a new one once I got so used to tis one, not a fan of the Mac Book Air, sorry, this one was a bit more sturdy. It is discontinued now so I can't even get a new cord for it anymore, a shame.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

This is amazing!

This is amazing, perfect for all of my needs. Everything's simple on this laptop. Makes school work so much easier. Can do everything I need to do with ease. So light and portable too. Light as a feather. I can't go without it now, would recommend 100%. Absolutely incredible product !!

Date PurchasedJun 2018


The computer is ideal for traveling to uni and completing my work needed for both uni and work. Excellent graphic display and any problems Apple resolves quickly and efficiently. Only had one problem with the battery which was replaced under warranty. Good size for bags and no complaints from me.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

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Questions & Answers

Does this device have mini display port?
2 answers
Yep, mine does (mid 2013 model).Yes the thunder port can also be used as a mini display port.

How does the Macbook Air's cope with editing softwares and loads of footage? im a media student and been suggested to get a Macbook air/pro but how convient is this mac towards what is needed of me?As well as the maintance of this product?
2 answers
Hi, based on the info provided I would recommend the pro over the air. The air was not designed to handle that kind of application. The Air is powerful enough to run Final Cut Pro X - but it depends on how complex your movie is - the Pro has better graphics and faster processors. I use my Air (1.7Ghx Intel Core i7, Intel HD Graphics 5000, with 8Gb Ram and 500Gb SSD) to do imports and rough edits when I am in the field and transfer to a Mac Pro for the heavy duty work when I get home. Its a LOT cheaper than the Mac Pro...

Will it go on the internet with a sim card same as i pad?
2 answers
You can connect to the Internet through WIFI but cannot do so with a Sim card.No not the same as the ipad, the next best solution is to purchase a 3g hotspot or USB dongle


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