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AS-Motor AS 940 Sherpa 4WD

AS-Motor AS 940 Sherpa 4WD

MPN: AS940
5.0 from 14 reviews

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Incredible machine

We purchased our Sherpa from Glen at Steep Terrain mowing and slashing, First of Glens customer service is the best I've experienced in a long time. Secondly this machine is almost unstoppable From thick Green grass over one meter tall to lantana bushes twice the size of the mower it eats it all with out hesitation. Our property is very very step and the Sherpa continues to surprise us in its ability's which we are pushing to the limit! We have rolled the machine twice on incredibly steep areas both times with out a scratch on us or the robust machine all we had to do was roll it upright fire it up and away it goes again.

Purchased in February 2019.

Build Quality
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Hill / Slope Performance
Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance

Oh what a feeling

My Sherpa AS 940 XL has only done 27 hours but i am amazed at what it will do. I live on a very undulating 40 acre property that has not been slashed in over 2 years and this machine is doing a unbelieveable job, i keep driving it into thicker and thicker growth and wondering what will stop it, have stalled it a couple of times on very large thick clumps of tall grass but that was me just going too fast. I thing it is an awesome machine.
I live at Delaneys Creek QLD and our local Sherpa dealer Glen Stewart Just lives up the road how convenient, i found Glen to be very Honest and Trustworthly

Date PurchasedNov 2018

When the going gets tough - call a Sherpa!

Our Sherpa 940 XL has done about 70 hours of work now, in tough conditions. It is a genuine workhorse, which doesn't take a backwards step. All steel construction - no plastic. The Sherpa feels safe and comfortable on our steep terrain (Mt Mee, Qld). We are very happy to recommend the service, reliability and courtesy of local Sherpa dealer Glen Stewart of Delaneys Creek Qld.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

What a workhorse!

I have only had my Sherpa for about 12 hours of mowing time at this point but I am so impressed with it's grunt and ability to handle steep terrain. We have a hilly 5 acre property that my greenfield just wasn't up too. I needed something safer that could handle the extreme contours of the property. I looked at grillo's and razorbacks but feel I have definitely made the right decision with this workhorse. It's a little slower than I expected, rated at 6.2 km/h but feels slower...BUT, I certainly feel very safe heading up a steep slope, not a hiccup in power as it grinds its way forward. It also does a pretty good cutting job on the better couch lawn around the house pad. I can highly recommend this for hilly, steep properties.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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It's now November 2018 and I'm still very impressed with this machine. It's tough, reliable and very well built. travels with ease up and down steep slopes and It ploughs through lantana, small saplings and meter high grass but still does a good job on the lawn around the house. love it!

Too Good to be True

I keep expecting something to go wrong as I cut more and more rough stuff and go steeper and steeper but just no issues. It is an amazing machine. I have cut head-high blackberries and waist-high sags (tussocks) here in Tassie all no problem. Wattle regrowth up to an inch also seems fine. I have stalled it only once when it had a huge cut of sags plus it was over a bump in the ground but that is the only time it has stalled. I did hook the roll bar on a tree and it lifted the front wheels off the ground by 2 feet before the roll bar went under the branch - it is so powerful. I have changed the oil and recommend an oil extractor pump rather than trying and get it to run out the sump plug without making a mess or getting on the belt. It does a good job on the lawn as well as the rough stuff and reclaiming bush. The only problem is why didn't we buy one a long time ago :)

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Hardyards Allterrain Mowing.

This mower is the ultimate of mowers goes anywhere never had an issue i mow acerage with it in sunshine coast hinterland. Im a contractor get some difficult uards check my facebook page pics. Fuel usasged is good prompt parts from interstate. Goes into areas that you cant walk inn some cases. The machine carves up saspplings best for small areas upto r4 acres.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Safe, reliable and powerful

Used fairly extensively with very few issues and it is so good that I offer mowing services on it (see steepmowing.com.au for photos of the results it can achieve).

After-sales care is superb and I'm confident that if there were any major issues they would be resolved without problems.

The mower will take care of most things from fine lawns to thick scrub and is easy to maintain. It is light and maneuverable and tackles steep terrain. With 4WD and a difflock, it will get itself out of most situations.

Fuel use depends on the work. At worst it'll go through around 4 litres per hour in very heavy grass (1.5 metres high and very thick). Generally it consumes around 3 litres per hour.

There is a small hitch on the back which is useful for trailer work (shuttling firewood, garden maintenance, etc.). It is rated for pulling 100kg loads, so only relevant for light work.

On the whole I rate it as a great machine but in the interests of a balanced view there are a couple of minor negative aspects that I have found:

1. It has too many gaps/nooks&crannies which trap cut material and makes it time consuming to clean.
2. The 'R' clips which hold things together underneath can get caught and fall off. Replacing 'R' clips with split pins is relatively easy to do.

Overall, if you're after a mower that will go literally anywhere and cut almost anything (within reason), you won't go far wrong with one of these.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Climb Every Mountain

The Sherpa is versatile and resilient and is still behaving like a beast after two years of hard labour on steep terrain. This machine continues to be an indispensable asset in the maintenance of a property with difficult to access areas. Will go places no tractor would dare. Excellent after sale service provided by Reg from Valley Pumps and Irrigation Systems.

If it's steep you want this

We have 140 acres, 25 of which is a hardwood plantation on steep country up to 30 degrees. There are places I simply can't go on a tractor and plenty that make me very nervous. I was sceptical that a 'mower' could cope with the rough terrain, thick understory and do the job.

I was very wrong. If you are game it will drive on it and if cut it.

There's almost nothing that makes me nervous now. It goes under or around a lot of things that make a full size slasher hard or dangerous. The control is great. Even wet or crumbly grounds is a lot better when you weigh a few hundred kg all up rather than several tons.

The only real limitation is that even on the highest cutting you don't have a lot of clearance so you can only cut on country you know there's nothing there to get stuck on or in. Even then you can usually manhandle of off an get on with the job. The tractors have their uses but they are going rusty now. My only criticism is that the big powerful engine will drink more fuel than you think - more than 2L hour for hard going but its well worth it. It's also quite noisy so wear ear protection.

Sherpa 940 - 2 years on

Have owned a Sherpa 940 since Feb 2012 - one of the first 4 into Aust. It's performance on steep slippery ground (Dandenong Ranges) is A1. Excellent design and built like a tank to be non stoppable.
Have had no major issues --- have had to replace 1 belt (to hydraulic pump).
Each person to their preference, but have fitted the 'spinner knob' accessory to steering wheel & I find maneuvering easier with it.
On some sites the new larger wheel diam may offer advantages as it increases the ground clearance & max cut height by about 20mm and also the 'breakover angle' ie, the amount of slope change you can handle without scraping bottom when you come up and over a steep bank.
I think it is a top class ruggedly built machine and have had not one regret in purchasing it (in fact sight unseen)
Performance, build quality, ability to handle steep, slippery and rough terrain.
Nothing major. Higher ground clearance could be useful at times.

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Now 4 1/2 year since purchase and the Sherpa is still going strong with no problems or issues. My original review/opinion stands unchanged. Someone mentioned that the engine was a bit 'thirsty' on fuel - at 2-3 litres per hour on steeper terrain and tougher mowing, I am quite satisfied as another 20hp B&S motor (on a woodchopper) will consume over 3l /hr when it 'is worked'. Would I buy another one -- certainly 'yes', but I reckon it will never be necessary as it will 'still be mowing the daisies long after I am pushing them up'.

AS is A1!

Just had the first 50-hour service from Brad Fox at Fox1 Machinery at Samford in Queensland. Very impressed with the "Sherpa" and so too is my wife who would not let me buy 4WD tractor or any other ride-on we looked at - all of them! While our 12 acre block in western suburbs of Brisbane is no steeper than many others around here, we do have lots of lantana (less now) and some slopes not for the faint hearted. The orange beast, though compact in appearance, makes light work of everything. Brad and Kelly are also fantastic - nothing is too much trouble.
Compact, colour (orange), safety features, operation (ease of use), mulching (even palm fronds), German engineering, great design!

Excellent on steep terrain and cutting tall grass.

I live on acreage with includes some steep slopes and purchased the machine to maintain trails and firebreaks. I still haven't clocked up a lot of hours but I've but really impressed so far with its ability to handle the steep terrain (although one always needs to maintain caution with any machine) and cut tall grass. I was particularly impressed with its ability to cut trails though sections of very tall grass which hadn't been cut in years (if ever), and it did so without appearing to overly burden the engine.

Prior to purchasing this machine I was accustomed setting forward and reverse with my foot. It took a little while to get accustomed to using my right hand for this purpose but it's not a significant issue. Overall I'm very happy with the purchase.
Great on steep terrain and cutting tall grass.
Needed to adjust to using my right hand for forward/reverse.

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I live on a steep block. This mower handles the terrain with ease. I have clocked up over 200 hours and apart from normal routine servicing it has not needed any attention. I have been called to neighbours properties to pull out other so called steep hill mowers, much to their embarrassment. The mower is excellent value for money and their representative in Queensland is very helpful.

Made for the job.

After mowing my steep 5 acre block with a variety of self propelled walk behind mowers for 28 years, i was stoked to find the AS 940 Sherpa. It climbs, descends and handles long grass with ease, safety and comfort. I couldn't be happier. I almost look forward to the grass growing! It's the machine i was hoping someone would make.
100% suitable for the task.

If you have a steep , rough yard or really long thick grass then this mower is for you!

I have 5 acres of steep hills, wombat holes, black berries, gum trees and bracken fern. I needed something that could safely mow all of this with no hassles.

I purchased a AS-MOTOR 940 SHERPA German made rough terrain 27 hp four wheel drive ride on lawn mower and it just eats anything i throw at it.
It mows up and down 35 deg slopes and sideways across 17 degree slopes. it can push through thick scrub and long grass like its not there.

i can pretty much mow every where with no problems the machine is made with a super strong construction.
The deck is 3mm thick galvanised steel with a huge strong cutting blade and a mulcher blade that smashes all long scrub into small pieces.

German inovation and enginneering are second to none, it really is a fantastic machine.

Very comfortable.
Everything, powerfull, well built, safe to use in rugged conditions
nothing it was all good

Are you able to let me know how much you paid and where you purchased this mower from?If you click on the official website link at the top of the page you can contact them thereHave owned a Sherpa 940 since Feb 2012 - one of the first 4 into Aust. It's performance on steep slippery ground (Dandenong Ranges) is A1. Excellent design and built like a tank to be non stoppable. Will write a full review soon

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What are they priced at
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Hi. I have the chance of buying a 4 year old 940 with 180 hours on the clock. Looks in good condition but probably needs new belts and blades. Other than that it looks fine. Would anyone have doubts about buying a 4 year old machine? Thanks.
2 answers
Hi john It’s hard to say without seeing machine I would get in contact with the nearest dealer to you to get an idea on service schedule and what cost you would be up for on a machine with the hours I know the first 50hr service is a big one. My blades have already copped absolute abuse and they still cut the lawn around my house beautifullyThanks Ash. It’s a machine i would have to import so its not particularly easy to sort out an inspection etc. So on that basis, I don’t think I will go ahead with the purchase - to many unknowns!

Just been comparing the Razorback CMX227 with the AS940 Sherpa. The reviews have been helpful. But just a question on weight. The Razorback is apparently a smaller machine yet weighs 450kg compared to AS940 at 355Kg. Where is this difference in weight? Is Razorback using thicker steel, stronger deck etc. What acounts for weight difference??
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Maybe because it has a drive shaft and a cast iron compact tractor front axle set with planetary hubs and larger fuel tank.... I still prefer my Sherpa, much more comfortable working it for a few hours especially if you're taller and you have legs!


AS-Motor AS 940 Sherpa 4WD
CategoryRide-On Mowers
Price (RRP) $27,000
Zero Turn No
Power SourcePetrol
Cutting Deck MaterialSteel
Cutting Width900 mm
Height of Cut50 mm to 105 mm
Transmission TypeHydrostatic
Horsepower22.4 hp
Max Speed6.2 km/hr
Dimensions 1520 x 980 x 1910 mm
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
Engine / Motor
Engine Displacement724 cc
BrandBriggs & Stratton
Engine Type4-Stroke and OHV (Overhead Valve)
Engine NameBriggs & Stratton, 44 Professional Series 8, V-Twin

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  • MPN: AS940

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