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Rover Mini Rider

Rover Mini Rider

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Down on power especially in reverse, otherwise a good product.

My Rover Mini Rider Hydro is now around 3 years old - purchased from KC Machinery Co in Lismore NSW 2480. I mow a 780m2 mixed grass block, which is mainly on the level - but also have a 20degree tilted council nature-strip to the road that cannot be mowed by the MIni for safety reasons - [well over 11 degrees.] Have to use my self-propelled Rover 'Personal Pace' for that task. Cuts in reverse and this is a bonus. The M/Rider is quite able to "jump" a 5" path with cutter off/highest deck setting for the front lawn . It will also just fit through our front gate! Power in reverse is poor even on gentle slopes/paving stone edges. Turning circle is good. I can mow this block x3 times on one fill of 95octane fuel and a bit to spare. Fuel tank "window" is handy. First servicing was relatively expensive at around $340, including $50 for transport around 2km back/forward to this dealer in South Lismore.
Overall a good product and not over-priced. The foot-brake is difficult to use as it is too high - needs to be on before being able to start. Reverse/Forward pedal better designed.
Recommended for light duty/back-yard use.
[Note: I weigh 100Kg - this mover definitely needs a V-twin engine for more power on reverse operation.]

Purchased in October 2017.

Build Quality
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Great little machine

I've had my mini rider for 9 months now and am very happy with it. Super reliable, comfortable to drive. I'm on a 1500m2 block with some tight places and long runs all of which it handles perfectly. It's mulching feature is fantastic. the only thing I'm not happy with is the forward/reverse lever is quite stiff. Next time I'm going with the hydro version instead.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

does the job but a few very small issues

Just bought one, to paint the scene since its a little outside the recommended usage - had a 750 sq m block to slash (grass about 1 m high)...
Initial impressions: generally good value for money, just adequate power, starts easily, good fuel economy, comfortable to drive, and gets the job gone without too much difficulty.
However, a few short comings too: compared to my old Victa 3010 it has worse traction - very easy to spin rear wheel on relatively small humps; the output shute clogs up very easily in longer grass and since it doesn't flip up like the one on the 3010 (welcome to the nanny state) you have to get off to unclog it; parking brake is poor - tends to jump off very easily and feels less than positive when setting - perhaps an adjustment issue?; F-N-R lever is poorly/unergonomically placed making it difficult to operate in tight situations requiring 3 point turns and placing unnecessary strain on fore-arm muscles (fortunately there is the nanny-state reverse mowing override so you can at least avoid also having to uncouple the PTO); and the fuel filler is very poorly located making it necessary to use a funnel with a standard gas can with internal retractable spout although a plastic can with flexible spout manages.
I'm sure a lot of these issues could be remedied without increasing the cost.

-And just a shout out for GYC Mowers Peakhurst - the staff there were excellent with Aaron spending significant time helping me load it into the back of my 4x4 while I did some extreme seat rearrangement to make the last 20mm fit.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Good value for money

Purchased Hydro drive and the mulch kit is essential. Excellent value and cuts as good as a self propelled mower... faster with less effort!
Don't expect John Deere quality but just like them, everything is now plastic!
Made in China, assembled in the US, but it does have a "rover" label and 5 year warranty?

Date PurchasedAug 2018

love it

love this little beaut mower, I can also now reverse while in use and get pretty much very close to the edge of the lawn. What i love about it, is how quickly i can get my lawn mowed both the front block and the back yard. What use to make me hours, takes about an hour all up if that.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Good MOWER . Questionable agent ???

I find this mini Mower good ,my section is small with some tight corners which are difficult to negotiate. The agent who I purchased the mower from will not honour two year warranty unless I pay for an oil change & service within 3 months of purchase. ( approx NZ $ 175). Has anyone else
heard of such a rort. ?

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Best buy I have made in a decade

I bought the Hydo model and it has taken all the effort out of mowing many of the yards I manage. I mulch and you have to be sure the deck isn't too low or it won't "vanish" the clippings into the grass. Also you have to keep the speed down or it simply won't mow all the grass but miss bits. These are inherent limitations and not negative points. All in all I'm very impressed, especially with the 860mm wide wheel base that goes through even the smallest of gates. The 5 year warranty ads peace of mind.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Perfect for my small acreage

My place is 2.5 acres and this is the perfect machine to breeze over my block. I have an undulating block with some long grass and also manicured lawns out front. The cutters are able to go from a nice short haircut up to a slash for the more unruly stuff.

Handling is pretty good once you get used to the gears. It jumps out of the gate with a bit of a start, but settles down quickly into whatever speed you've selected. My 75 year old dad uses it without any trouble. I'm also not the most co-ordinated person, and I haven't mowed over the cat yet. The turning circle is good, being a small machine. I looked at the Micro, and it's probably not robust enough to tackle an acre+ This machine is a great budget option that handles the big block, has the manoeuvrability of a small ride-on and is good build quality. The cutting deck is also large enough to do the job in good time.

I've had this mower since January and it's started with no fuss every time, even after a couple of months hibernating in the shed. I bought this one from Chris at www.acaciamowercentre.com.au and I can honestly say that his customer service was exemplary. Delivery was very reasonable and he did me a super deal. I can't fault either Acacia Mower Centre or my cracker of a ride-on.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Wouldn't waste money on this model.

This mower has spent more time in garage than mowing. There has been a problem with fuel supply from purchase. Fuel is gravity fed to motor but they are almost level which on my machine leads to short mowing or no mowing when fuel empties from the fuel line even when fuel tank is over half full. I have only been able to mow approx one acre in one go about 6 times in past 5 years! Many times it cuts out after 10 minutes, leave it for 10 - 15 minutes and it goes for another 10 minutes. Sometimes it doesn't start! It is comfortable to ride when it goes and cuts fairly well. I don't believe it is very reliable. Several mechanics have looked at it and still not reliable! Model MT13A226JD333

Date PurchasedOct 2012

so far so good..............

From out of the crate from Bunnings was OK. The mower does not come with a charged battery, for transporting. We thought it would come with a charger -WRONG... We checked with Bunnings they don't even sell a suitable charger, so we had to sort that. We blew a fuse in that process but finally got it going. Cuts fine, starts each time without any issues. Its really a push mower with a seat- that's all fine if you don't have too high expectations.
I found ear protection with ear gear is required as you sit on the engine and can be noisy.
For what we need on a 1200 sqm block which is fairly level this is ideal and also rolls under the deck for protection.
Happy mowing... G

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Brilliant for larger residential lawns.

This Rover Mini rider has made mowing my large 1200m2 block a breeze. My back yard has a slope, and the lower part of the lawn gets very thick. The Rover Mini powers through it beautifully. The only negative feedback would be, that the centre of gravity feels a little rearward, so on non level ground the steering can be a little tricky. But otherwise, very impressed. Mulches the grass very finely also and very economical on petrol.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Happy with it

I am very happy with the Mini rider. Does my house yard really well. I love it can go through normal house gates. The only thing I had a problem with is my yard is pretty rough and has some old veggie patch mounds. And the blades would dig into the ground as they just followed the height of the front wheels. I added some small wheels on each corner of the mowing deck to let the deck move to the contour of the yard. It works a treat.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

rover mini rider

Makes the job easy is fairly comfortable and cheap to run mulches shorter grass so well I don't need to rake afterwards i do mine and my neighbors yard as he is in his eightys I have only had it a few months but i am extremely happy with this machine only downside is messy to do oil change but i will use a vacuum sucker next time

Date PurchasedJan 2017

money well spent

We bought this mower 2 months ago and love it.We also bought the grass catcher and it works really well,though it is expensive compared to the price of the mower.We mow lawn(about 1/2 acre) not jungle and it picks up grass 2 inchs long very well,as long as its not wet. It also mulches very well We have a partly sloping block and it goes everywhere easily even up a short steep incline.It seems thirsty compared to our Honda self propelled but its a small price to pay to be able to sit on instead of walking behind.I changed the oil after the running in period,a bit messy, but i will use a syringe next time like the bloke in the mower shop does.I'm 70 and we both like our lawn looking nice so it has made the job a lot easier.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

mini rider best on the market

just over 2 years since i purchased my mini rider to cut my 1 1/2 acre house block . previously had a mtd 38" cut which constantly struggled to cut anything more than 4" high , and cost a fortune in blades and repairs until the techumsi engine exploded .
enter the mini rider . will cut 12" high grass without protesting , and the lowest position is perfect for a smooth finish to the finer parts of my block .
takes around 3 hours to mow my block , and the mini rider has not missed a beat in 2 years , the blades are brilliant just changed for first time 2 months ago , and i have plenty of stones on the block which the mini rider has shaved down a fair bit .
starts first time all the time , and apart from 2 oil changes and filters the only cost has been for one set of blades .
i have had 5 mowers since i have lived on acreage and the mini rider is by far the best i have used . cannot recommend it highly enough .

Date PurchasedDec 2014


I have one keeps braking the cable on cutting deck after 2 or 3 mows cutting blade weak bends if hits a stick. I would avoid these at any cost Rover replace one of the cables they snap right at the end where the cable comes out. It's clearly a fault in design.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Awesome machine! Perfect!!

Buying this Machine has been the best thing I've ever done. I have a disability so I had to find am alternative method of cutting the lawn instead of using a push mower with my bad leg.

It's small, light weight. Doesn't take much room in the garage. Easy to lift onto a 6x4 trailer, with 2 people you can even lift it into the back of a twin cab ute. It slightly sticks out in a twin cab. Will fit perfectly in the back of a extra or single cab ute.

Starts 1st time, every time. It is very comfortable to drive considering the look of the seat that doesn't look crash hot but I can sit on it for hours without any issues.

Engine is a Rover engine and is very easy to maintain. Easy to change oil. Has an external screw off oil filter.
I cut my 850sq meter block of land and still have over half a tank of petrol when finished.
Fuel economy is great I think.

Single blade cuts the grass well. 5 cutting heights; 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. On setting 1 it cuts the grass nice and low. Very happy.

This machine has 2 attachments. 1 is for the grass to throw out the side and the other is a mulch plate. I always use the mulch plate. It cuts the grass and throws it back into the ground. It doesn't leave your grass all cluggy at all. After I finish cutting the grass, my grass always looks like a golf course. No grass clumps anywhere. I only use the throw out attachment when I am cutting very thick and long grass where the grass is too thick to mulch. If I try mulch this type of grass the engine stops as it's too hard for it. Remember it's only a small engine.

It has a 6 speed gear box with forward, neutral and reverse control.

It has a key start switch with safety over-ride and a really good turning circle. Very easy to drive and control.

I fit a hour meter to the engine as it doesn't have one factory fitted. I installed it from when I purchased it brand new.
Now I service the engine every 20 hours.

Has a tow hitch on the back. I have a small trailer I attach to it and transport fire wood from the front of the property to the back shed.

Very handy machine. More than just a lawn mower. Very happy with it.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Cheaper version

Not a bad mower, does not cut low enough for me and the cheap knock off engine worries me, but has not let go yet. Has a single cutter bar, so not good for chopping through rough grass that may contain rocks and bend it if hit.The tyres are best filled with slime to stop leaks from the start.

Great mower for larger sized house blocks

This is one great little ride-on mower! It is ideal if you have a double sized block that is taking a bit too much time and effort to keep trimmed with a "push along" mower.

I bought mine about fifteen months ago and I've never looked back. As soon as I had bought the Rover Mini Rider it was "goodbye" to the drudgery of battling to keep the double block's grass under control and "hello" to a nicely kept lawn. I don't even use a catcher and find that the clippings to rake up afterwards are so little that it rarely needs doing.

I've never had one problem with this machine since I bought it and it is one of the wisest purchases that I have made. It is easy start and very easy to drive and maneuver. My only regret it that I didn't know sooner about the Mini Rider! I could have saved myself from so much hard yakka.

I purchased mine brand new and at a sale price. I now look back and think, "what a bargain!".

Questions & Answers

how long does it take labor wize to change the belt
1 answer
No idea, belt only 2 yrs old serviced by dealer - sorry.

I have a rover mini ride on , not getting even cut , digs in one side. I believe there is an adjustment nut some were I can’t find. Should I lay the mower on its side.
No answers

have a Masport Mini ride-on...hit a piece of steel...bent the blade..motor still starts BUT when I engage the drive for cutting...its a no go..could it have sheared a pin or could it be that i need a new belt? what ever it is everything else seems to be working. Cheers
3 answers
please be a little more specific - when you say its a no go... does the blade rotate? can it be rotated by hand and if so does the blade shaft turn with it? does the blade hit the frame/deck-skirt at all? or does the blade shaft spin under power and not the blade? Or does the blade shaft not spin under power?Have to get back to you with answers...all i know is that the blade can be turned by hand but when it is put into cut mode...nothing happens.. Blade does not hit sides of deck. I shall check to see if shaft spins under power or if blade is free moving on shaft...All good now...apparently it had something to do with the pully protection cover...when the cover was removed it worked ...when cover replaced it didnt..they just gave it a few taps with the hammer and alls good.


Rover Mini Rider
CategoryRide-On Mowers
Price (RRP)$1999
Cutting Width760mm

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