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ASAP Range

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I may have overdone it!

I have used the ASAP range for about 4 months now and have seen my skin get smoother. However recently I have had an allergic reaction under my eyes and itchy patches on the sides of my face. The allergic reaction looked like my skin was burnt and I sneezed constantly and my nose dripped. I am not sure exactly which of the products has triggered the allergy as I have recently increased my purchases but may have used too many of the dIfferent ASAP products in too short a time. I have just had another flare up after using the exfoliating scrub after a second shower today. I’m not sure which ones are now safe so will sadly need to take a break from them and then perhaps slowly reintroduce. Libby, Port Elliot SA

Purchased in November 2018.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation Yes
Skin TypeCombination Skin

Quality skin care

I purchased the triple pack.
The facial cleanser and exfoliant leave my skin smoother. I have seen no reduction in my redness.
I find the moisturiser with 50+ sunscreen leaves my face hot and makes my eyes water.
So now I just use the moisturiser only.
Quality product. Like that its aussie made.

Purchased in February 2019 for $100.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation Yes
Skin TypeCombination Skin

Super smooth and lovely fragrance

I haven’t seen any reduction in pigmentation, dark circles or roasacea but my breakouts have reduced and skin is very soft. I use ASAP cleanser, ASAP exfoliate, ASAP b serum, ASAP r serum and ASAP moisturisers

Purchased in September 2018 at Weight Losers for $190.00.

Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeCombination Skin

Excellent quality and good value for money!

I used ASAP ages ago in my late 20's and loved it, then used various other things over the years. I've really been struggling lately with redness and irritability, I think because of the heat, and started using it again - it's so good! It's only been 2 days and already my skin is more even in complexion, redness is noticeably reduced, pores are smaller and it feels so good! And that's just from the cleanser, exfoliate, night cream and daily defence (which I love has 50+ protection).... Am definitely going to get the serums to go with my routine as well now. It's such good value for money too and you hardly need to use anything, a little goes a long way and products will last for months

February 4th 2019 Update: Love ASAP but not the CC cream

I love ASAP but not so much the CC cream. The coverage is just too sheer.... If you're u going for the au natural look then it's ok, but it's very au natural ie not much difference between wearing no coverage at all. It does have a lovely texture though and adds an extra level of moisture and makes your skin feel lovely, and makeup goes on nice over the top. I don't think I'll be purchasing another bottle though, as much as my skin and complexion has improved I still need a bit of coverage to even out and this just doesn't do it unfortunately

Greasy sunscreen

I purchased the 50+ moisture and protect sunscreen and it was so greasy if I had laid under the sun and cracked an egg on my face the grease would fry the egg
Going back to my former skincare products

ASAP skincare - less product

I loved ASAP and used it well for 2 years and didn’t mind the cost till my last 2 buys - , I noticed I got less then 2 weeks out of the pump on both and on a smaller sample I received there was no product in to test.
I realised the difference in Qty after moving to a different brand which lasted 8 weeks and that was using once a day.
It’s a shame because I did like ASAP it’s just a shame there wasn’t a lot in the pump bottles


I have been using ASAP since 2009. It has been the only thing that has worked on my face. I met my husband in 2011 and he had red skin and often had breakouts. A week after using ASAP nobody could believe how much his skin had changed. We have never looked back. There is products out there for every type of skin. Your face is the first thing people see, so it’s worth spending the money to make yourself feel good.

My skin never looked so good

Pros: I bought the ASAP Platinum pack and the results were great. Friends commented on how great my skin looked. I have dry skin and quite a few wrinkles and discolouration and I found my skin tone was much more even and I hardly needed foundation. My crows feet were finished quite a lot too and my skin had a radiance.

Cons: would like the night cream to be a bit richer and it only lasts about 3 months max so is quite expensive (but worth it).

Quick Results!

I received a couple of samples of this product from a skin clinic I went to for a facial, and I hands down am absolutely IN LOVE with these products! They started working within just one day of usage, and after one day my skin was feeling sooo smooth, was noticeably clearer than the night before and was glowing and hydrated. Amazing product that is most definitely worth the money.

Havent had a problem

Was given a whole range of full size samples from this range when I worked in a skin cancer clinic. Still using them and havent had a problem with any of them. Used the Soothing aloe vera gel, The AHA gel, daily facial cleanser a night moisturiser and others. The 50+ daily moisturiser is a box ticker in that its unfragranced, lightweight and makeup sits well over it. Not into complicated skincare so would likely only buy 50+ Moisturiser again. Cant complain though as all worked well.

Perfect for me

I usually have a hard time finding the right skincare product because of my skin type. But with ASAP, I had no problems at all. I use their range of products for just about anything skin related like scars, blemishes, removing blackheads, or whenever I feel like my skin is about to break out. I also use the products for my daily skin care routine.

amazing clearskin gel

I received a sample of this product and noticed an improvement in pigmentation and scars very quickly. I wasn't sure if it was the asap or another product i was using so I ordered another sample which confirmed it is the bodygel making these changes. I do have however 2 white patches of skin where ive used it so recommend even cover or spot treatment.

Effective Afordable Skin Care

I've been using and stocking this range in my skin care clinic for over 10yrs now. It's simple, effective & affordable ...
Australian owned, not tested on animals , full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for all skin types... amazing results without the price tag... highly recommend anyone with any skin issues to use this range and see for yourself the difference it will make...

My skin is not the same without it!

I've been using ASAP for 2 years. My daily routine involved cleansing, (exfoliating on alternating days), toning with a serum, then moisturising.
I recently ran out of product, and tried something that was cheaper. I've been using the other product for 2 weeks, and my skin has never felt worse! Really bad textured, breakouts, and dry.
I can not live with out ASAP. My skin is always so healthy and radiant with my daily routine!
100% recommend their skin care range to everyone!


I have only used asap's spf 50 sunscreen and I can already say that this sunscreen is causing my face to turn red with white bumps and dry flakes. I haven't been using any other products along with the sunscreen so I'm going to have to say that this suncreen cannot be applied on those with sensitive skin. I'm so disappointed that I spent a lot of money on this product but lucky enough to only buy the 50mL version.

Salon recommended but never again.

I was given a Gift Voucher from a Beauty Salon and decided to invest in a good eye cream - was very disappointed. The container is deceiving because there was hardly anything in it! I could not see any difference whatsoever in the area under my eyes after using one full container. Wouldn't buy that again. Just bought a Sukin Eye cream for 1/6th of the price (on special) and noticed a difference after the first application!

Great results

I use ASAP cleanser, exfoliator, clear skin gel, tinted moisturiser and moisturiser/suncream. It's improved my skin skin so much as i used to have pretty bad acne - I still get the occasional blemish but I'm very happy with the results of using ASAP products. I've used their products for at least a year now and I will defenitely continue using them. Great product line. I'd highly recomend you use them :)

Face wash

Awesome products! I like the daily wash with AHA. I alternate between that and another wash as to not dry out my skin. Cleared but my skin issues now I rarely get acne even if I don't use ASAP.

ASAP peel

I love having facials and do not have sensitive skin but recently decided to have an ASAP peel. Within 2 hours I was glowing red and had to wash my face in cold water and place a cooling pack on it. When I went back to the therapist she would not believe me. Ladies please be cautious.

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Questions & Answers

Why does asap R need to be applied at night?
No answers

I'm scared having read the review that this cream is harmful to skin and the environment as well as containing polyethylene. I'm a new customer and have spent a lot of money on an array of ASAP products. you haven't denied these claims so is it true?
1 answer
Don't be scared: checkout Paula's Choice for expert advice in the Ingredients Dictionary about what things are: https://www.paulaschoice.com.au/ingredient-dictionary/thickeners-emulsifiers/polyethylene.html?fdid=ingredient-dictionary&crefn1=name-first-letter&csortb1=name&csortd1=1&crefv1=P

My skin drys up after using the products. I'm 55 what should i do?
2 answers
Hi Farida, which products exactly are you using in the range and how often ?. Do you know your skin type/tone etc ? More info would be great so we can guide you in the right direction. Generally speaking though if you get dry patches of skin or it becomes flakey this is the skins way of telling you it's not moisturised/hydrated enough.Hello Farida! What products are you using, if you don't mind me asking? There was a few things that contributed to my skin flaking. Number 1 was hydration. I wasn't taking in enough water. The second was the moisturiser I was using. It was the right one. I believe ASAP have 2 - Advanced and Ultimate I think? I use the advanced. Do you exfoliate daily or every couple of days, or at all? Exfoliating too often, or not at all, dries out your skin. After cleansing each night, do you tone with a serum? I can look into the best one if you like? I use Super B Serum and Radiance Serum.


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