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SkinB5 Next generation clear skin

SkinB5 Next generation clear skin

4.4 from 164 reviews

Part of my every day healthy skin routine!

I have been using these products for almost a year now and I can’t speak highly enough about how well they work. I first started using just the tablets and after such success with them clearing up my skin in such a short amount of time I was completely sold on the product and only wish I’d found it sooner! I then began using the entire range, including the superfood booster, the face wash, clay mask and the moisturiser.
I cannot recommend these products enough to anyone with skin issues. It has simply changed my life. And the best part about it is that it’s all completely natural and good for you!

Purchased in September 2018 for $50.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeOily Skin
Acne SeverityModerate

Working wonders

I’m on my second bottle of Extra Strength Acne Control Vitamins and my acne has started to clear up now my face and back have almost cleared up and my acne scars are now fading.

Purchased in April 2019 for $60.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeCombination Skin
Acne SeveritySevere

Loving the new range of Next Gen products!

I've been using the previous range for a while now and was excited to see some new products come out earlier this year.
I've used the cleanser, moisturizer and superfood booster and it's just as good as the previous range. The scent on the cleanser and moisturize is light and doesn't leave my skin dry. While I don't have acne, I do get breakouts monthly and I've noticed my skin is smoother and not breaking out as much.
The superfood booster was a great addition and complements the caplets I use as well to keep my skin clearer :)

Purchased in January 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeOily Skin
Acne SeverityMild

Easy Pimple-Prone Skin Help

The tablets from SkinB5 have helped me and my family control both pimple-prone skin and skin congestion. Genetically we are all a bit pimple prone here and so when something works for one of us, then it's an easy answer for my kids to use it too. Both the Mask and tablets in a tub from SkinB5 have been very beneficial for us.

The white mask is easy to use - it helps to calm and clear congestion in our skin. It also seems to control oil and it's one of the best masks I've ever used for acne/pimple-prone/oily skin issues. I find that when we get on top of our congestion in our skin, our skin stops breaking out and this mask really helps to control these issues. I loved it's effects and so now my daughters use it too. It's gentle and very effective. It's fast and simple to use - just smooth it onto the face and after five minutes, just splash it off with water. Pat your skin dry to reveal detoxified feeling and looking skin. It calms and soothes the skin making it look better really quickly. It deeply cleanses and purifies the skin. We love it!

The tablets help to control the pimples from occuring in the first place and are a godsend for us as internal assistance to prevent the acne from worsening and improve the issue. They are worth it because they work. They are a white tablet that my youngest daughter (who is 14) is now on because her skin was getting worse with pimples. Now that she has been taking them her skin is on the improve. I'm really grateful that something like this exists.

I can highly recommend SkinB5 tablets and mask. My best tip would be to just start with the SkinB5 mask first and just see how well it effects your skin. Then, try the tablets because they are as reliable as the mask for helping the skin. Using both these products have really helped us a lot!

It works!

Have had acne my whole life and this product helps keep it under control! Keen to keep using this long term to see if it keeps improving! It seems to reduce the oil in my skin which I have find to be a triggering point together with hormonal acne.

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Hi Claire, Thank you for your review. Ensure you keep up with your supplements. As our formulation is vitamin, mineral and nutrient based, you are able to take long term. If you are especially oily, you may still need the full dosage ongoing. When your acne is under control, remove one Extra Strength Tablet at time over a period of time and observe results. Please feel free to contact us on help@skinb5.com for more assistance, we are always happy to help! Kind regards Michelle from the SkinB5 Team

What i have been searching for...

After a big 12 months in life, what seems overnight i had adult acne, painful and confidence crushing so its finally great to find a brand that delivers. The Extra strength tablets have been easy to take, my skin feels so much better and my overall health has improved, especially with anxiety related issues. The Acne control cleansing mousse smells great, foams up all over face and neck easily but my favorite part is after cleansing my skin feels clean, without tightness or burning which is awesome. The control moisturizer is AMAZING, goes on easily and soaks in well without leaving my face feeling oily.

My acne has calmed down so much, decreasing in size quickly. Red pigmentation spots from old acne are blending in and barely noticeable. An all-round great brand which is actually healthy for you and Australian made which i like.
Thanks to skin B5 Michelle, great customer service and willing to give advice.

I wish I had started Skin B5 sooner!

Since coming off the contraceptive pill 9 months ago, my cheeks and jaw have been covered by deep, inflamed cystic acne. In that time, I spent thousands of dollars on doctors visits, topical products, antibiotics, naturopathic remedies, supplements and detox programs - nothing worked.

Blood tests confirmed that my hormones, insulin and thyroid function were all completely normal. An ultrasound confirmed that I did not have PCOS. I ate healthily and exercised regularly. I showered twice daily and had a good skin-care routine. I spent hours and hours reading about the cause of acne and why it might be affecting me, but I was at a loss as to what was causing my skin to be so angry.

I read about the Skin B5 range in the course of my research. I was extremely sceptical than any over-the-counter product would work for me, given how stubborn by acne had been previously. However, last week my skin was so bad that I purchased a bottle of Skin B5 Extra Strength Tablets out of desperation. I recall thinking "great - another $50.00 down the drain for something that probably won't work".


In one week, my acne has improved by around 80% and the inflammation on my cheeks has significantly reduced. I have had no new breakouts in the last few days (normally, I would have 5 - 8 new pimples per day).

After months of poor self-esteem and loss of confidence, I can't wait to see Skin B5 work more of its wonders!

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Hi Hayley, Goodness, you've had such an arduous journey. We are so pleased to hear you have seen the success SkinB5 can assist with and the improvement to your confidence is why we do what we do! We would love to let you know about new products that are coming out if you would be so kind as to email us on help@skinb5.com Kind regards Michelle from SkinB5

Most Effective Natural Remedy!

I have been taking the SkinB5 Extra Strength Tablets for 2 months now. Within a month I had already noticed a drastic difference. You must take into account that nothing will cure acne in the blink of an eye and although I am still getting some odd spotting, my skin is so much clearer, brighter and healthier since I started taking the supplement. I will continue to take these because I am confident my skin is showing tiny improvements almost on a daily basis. Before I started taking these I had - skincare routine that I did everyday religiously and although it helped, it wasn’t nearly as effective then when combined with the SkinB5 supplements. If you are looking for a natural remedy, this is definitely the one worth trying! Remember to also have a set skin care routine because the two combined will lead to the best outcome! Be patient, the wait is definitely worth it!

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Hi Ella, Thank you for your review. It's very heartening to see you are seeing the improvements and results SkinB5 supplements can deliver. We appreciate your understanding that it's different to medication and is a long-term solution and not a quick fix. You will find with continued use that the active breakout will cease and then you are able to switch to a maintenance dosage. Please feel free to contact us by any means you need: email - help@skinb5.com, phone or SMS +61 488 841 701 and through our social channels, we are here to help! Kind regards Michelle from the SkinB5 Team

Made my acne worse

I have now finished three bottles of the extra strength acne tablets. I continued to purchase them because I had faith they would work, but I’m now realising after over three months they won’t. I now have more acne than when I started. I understand that all acne is different but just a little disappointed as I spent so much money and had faith that they’d work after reading all of these great reviews.

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Hi Maddie, Thank you for your review, though we can hear how disappointed you are. We are here to help all customer and can be contacted by email - help@skinb5.com, phone or SMS +61 488 841 701 and through our social channels. Did you contact anyone at SkinB5 for support for your personal situation? What type of acne do you have? Have you seen any improvement in reducing breakouts? Were you compliant with the doses as per our recommendation on the bottles, 2 Extra Strength Tablets, three times a day with a meal? Were you using our skincare? We would be more than happy to assist you to help with your acne if you would please kindly send some more information. Kind regards Michelle from the SkinB5 Team.

Good suplements, works for me but expected more for that price.

I started with extra strenght tablets and used it for a 10weeks, then i mixed 1 extra strenght and 1 Caplet. After couple of weeks i feel that it realy worked, my skin looks much better. I also used Cleansing Mousse and Moistuiser, cosmetics are awesome, but after this month of treatment I decided to stop because i didn't see results which i expected.

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Hi Anna, Thank you for your review. Great to hear you saw improvement using our range. Our potent formulation contains therapeutic doses of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, so feel free to compare to other supplements on the market with a lower price point. SkinB5 is a long-term solution to treat acne at the source, and to control acne: sebum control, hormone balance, strengthening immunity, stress relief and cell renewal. From what you describe, you need to take the Extra Strength Tablets and scale down to a maintenance dose by eliminating one tablet at a time to a maintenance dose. For those who have oily skin, the extra dose of Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A is required. Kind regards Michelle from the SkinB5 Team.

clear skin!

Finally found something that actually works! this range including the supplements cleared my skin and even prevented the acne from returning. I still get the odd pimple here or there but not breakouts that lasts weeks on end. I'm loving this range!

Should have never started

Started in January
Its been 5 days since I've stopped and noticed my acne is actually going away. When i was using the acne strength tablets, my acne would continuously appear everyday. I figured it was part of the process but it got to a point where my acne is now severe and the acne that was appearing were not going away. It wasn't just your average acne, it was causing pain and lumps all over my face literally. I'm starting to look like i have a disease. I am 23 years old, i play sports and go to the gym 4-5 times a week, had mild or little acne. I can see alot of reviews where people were successful and figured it would work but never in my life would i have tried it if i knew the outcome for me. I've spent alot of money buying your products only for it to make it worse. I've lost all confidence to go out doors, skipped outings and stopped going gym since going on your treatment. I'm completely frustrated that it has caused so much grief.
I have started using benzac which consist of benzyl peroxide and it is started to clear without several pimples all over my face and it has dramatically calmed which the lumps are also smoothing out
i should have never started this treatment.

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Hi Jeff, Thank you for your review. Your experience of suffering acne is awful. Not wanting to go out and is something we have experienced and heard from our customers. We shared some of this information to your question at the start of March.Without the answer to some questions, it's hard to remotely assist you. Did you seek medical advice for your personal situation before starting SkinB5 or continuing, as there may be other issues with your health? Did you take both the supplements and use the skincare? Do you have oily, combination or dry skin? Were you consistent with dosage compliance (2 Extra Strength Tablets, three times a day with food and water)? Some customers report a purging process once commencing SkinB5 supplements as their body goes through this process. We have a video explaining why here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci2vhufSheI Did you watch this video? The skin needs time to decongest and turnover. Vitamin B5 is critical for controlling skin oil, but is water soluble and needs to be taken with food and water. We recommend taking SkinB5 for at least 8-10 weeks as on our supplement bottles to see results. With people with more stubborn Acne, the process may take longer, for example, cystic Acne. A great example is our Luis, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFGW_0Xpv4w To assist with clearing this congestion, we suggest using the mask more frequently than once a week. Our mask will draw out impurities while soothing the skin and reducing inflammation. As you stated you exercised consistently weekly, it’s helpful to inform you about what happens in the body. Acne is usually caused by an imbalance in the family of hormones called androgens. Testosterone is an androgen and in higher levels in men. 1GF-1 growth hormone is another androgen. Studies show that resistance training and bodybuilding increase the levels of growth hormone and testosterone, which are acne promoting androgens. Serious bodybuilders also tend to take testosterone and 1GF-1 boosting supplements which promote acne. Gym goers often take a protein supplement, mostly whey protein, and there is also growing scientific evidence linking the consumption of dairy products, including whey protein, to acne. Regarding benzoyl peroxide, we intentionally don’t use it as it’s not a long-term solution and doesn’t address the root problems of acne. Our official blog here http://blog.skinb5.com/skinb5-and-other-treatments-for-acne/benzoyl-peroxide-is-it-safe/ As offered before, if you would like more tailored assistance with your personal situation, please feel free to contact us on help@skinb5.com Thank you so much for reaching out us, we are here to help you.

Amazing products

I’m 19 and I’ve been using the skinb5 skin care for about a year and in that time it has dramatically improved my acne. 10/10 and would highly recommend any skinb5 products to anyone who wants clear skin.

Works a treat

I don’t usually write reviews but this product was amazing my 15 year old daughter had mild acne but was very self conscious about it. I purchased these tablets but it took 3 weeks and then we saw amazing results her skin has no redness and hardly any breakouts and her confidence has soared. To see her this happy I would have paid 100 dollars a bottle. Thanks guys

It actually helps

I get so scared when I read reviews because for so long I would read them and then the products would never work on me. These ones actually did. The cleanser was gentle enough and I think that was always my problem - I used too many hard treatments. I only use the cleanser now in the AM (since I try not to wear skin makeup anymore and that has also helped tremendously), and use water at night. I feel like my skin is at a normal pH now. The supplements work wonders. I think that is what really helped the most. I'm on the maintenance vitamins now and still so happy with the results. Don't stress - keep trying different products like I did. This one worked for me!

No results

I used this religiously for 10 weeks(2 tables x 3 a day, mask etc.) and saw absolutely 0 results at all. I understand that most acne products don't work for ALL acne, but these products make big claims and have big price tags, so I was expecting, you know, some visible improvement?

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Hello Joe, Sorry to hear that our products do not meet your expectations. Advice that we could offer: Majority of our customers see results (when following recommended dosage diligently) see results within 8-10 weeks. However, others need longer to see results if their acne is more severe and have been suffering the condition for a longer time. Some of our customers who have more serious and persistent acne take 4-6 months of consistently taking SkinB5 at the recommended dosage to see visible results. You can see one such case study here of an actual sufferer that SkinB5 has helped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFGW_0Xpv4w Some customers found that taking 1 Extra Strength Tablet + 1 Caplet, 3 times a day works better than taking 2 Extra Strength Tablets, 3 times a day. Our Caplet formulation contains 15mg of Vitex herb per tablet, and Vitex could provide extra support to harmonise your hormones. If there is anything that we could do to provide you with further support to get results, please do not hesitate to PM us and we would be more than happy to assist you with personalised advice. Regards, SkinB5 Customer Support Team

Amazing product, I'm so happy with my results!

I ordered the Moderate to Severe Acne treatment pack in August this year and have had amazing results! I’m so happy with how much better my skin is looking now, the redness in my face has reduced so much. I honestly didn't think I'd have such great results but I've been pleasantly surprised. I noticed a huge difference after about 4 weeks of using the products. Thank you SkinB5, I will continue to use the products for a very long time!


My partner introduced these supplements to me in May, 2017. I read lots of reviews and couldn't wait to try it! I started with 1 tablet and 1 caplet 3x a day. After 2 months, I had seen no improvement in my acne or oiliness. I searched Skin B5's website, and decided not to be discouraged and keep taking the supplements dutifully. At the 4 month mark, I decided to switch to the extra strength combination. It is now November (6 months later) and with my supplements ending, sadly, I don't think I will repurchase this product. All I have seen is my money disappearing...

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Hi Matilda, Thank you for your review. From what you describe, you have been on the Extra Strength Tablets since September, how many weeks? We recommend 6-12 weeks on our supplements and for more severe acne, like cystic acne, it may take longer. See our video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFGW_0Xpv4w on our SkinB5SuccessStory, Luis Barnett. He had to make diet and lifestyle changes to achieve clear skin. Our resource, www.blog.skinb5.com has many articles to assist you. Were you taking the Tablets with food and water? VitaminB5, responsible for controlling skin oil, is water soluble and needs to be supplemented. Were you using our skincare range? Do you have any other health issues, like malabsorption, gut health issues, hormone imbalance? Diet? Lifestyle? If you would like more detailed assistance, please email help@skinb5.com Kind regards SkinB5 Team

Skin B5

SkinB5 has helped restore confidence i'd lost through experiencing acne. Through the initial month of my course on the extra strength capsules, I've noticed literally no side effects but immense success. The tablets seem to be more effective than when i was on Accutane. I'll without a doubt be continuing to use SkinB5 to maintain perfect skin. Better than anything I've used before.

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Hi Nicholas, Thank you for review. We are so pleased to see you have seen clear skin. Keep up with your supplements to get your skin under control and combine with the skincare range to heal and repair your skin. Kind regards SkinB5 Team

Great product!

I’ve been using Skin B5 Acne Control Tablets for 3months now. I’m really impressed with this product because at first, I thought this will not work for me. My skin is so much better now! I don’t get lots of acne anymore. I usually get when it’s my ‘time of the month’ only. Satisfied costumer here! Planning on purchasing the Caplets soon.

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Hi Maureen, We are pleased you persisted with the supplements and as a result saw visibly clearer skin. The journey can be longer, but the solution a Nutritional and long term solution. Please feel free to contact us directly on help@skinb5.com for assistance on your personal situation. Kind regards SkinB5 Team

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Questions & Answers

Hi! So I have recently started taking your products, just under 2 weeks ago. I have persistent acne around my T-zone, jaw, mouth and chin. I have also been struggling with dry skin around my mouth recently, which I think is a result of using epiduo cream 3 times. I have since stopped because it was really irritating my skin. Does skinb5 contribute to dry skin when you first start? I am using the extra strength tablets, 2 tablets 2 times a day but I also have the capsulets. I’m also using the cleanser and moisturiser. What is the best combination of the pills for my skin? Should my dry skin eventually clear through the use of the 4 extra strength tablets plus skin care regime? Thanks heaps! My skin is definitely starting to look better, just want to clarify about the dry skin.
1 answer
Hello Kyla, Happy Easter, and thank you for reaching out. Glad to hear that your skin is starting to look better, it will only become clearer and healthier over time if you continue to take the skinB5 vitamins and use our non-drying, balancing skincare products. Our Next Generation Extra Strength vitamin tablets work from within to normalise skin oil production all over the body, it should not cause dryness in specific areas of your skin - you should find that after stopping the epiduo cream skin dryness will improve. If you are taking our new Next Generation Extra Strength vitamins, you do not need to take our previous Caplets, because this is now combined into the Next Generation Extra Strength formulation. Once your skin is clear, you can start reducing dosage to 1 tablet, twice daily. If you are prone to dry skin, we recommend that you apply a couple of drops of high quality non-comedogenic skin oil straight after applying the skinB5 moisturiser to lock in the hydration. Also, you can try just washing your face with water and skip the cleanser in the morning if you already cleansed your face well before bed - your face will not get dirty while sleeping so you don't really need a thorough cleanse in the morning. Hope this helps! Regards, The Team at skinB5

Does SkinB5 help with dark spots/scarring?
1 answer
Hello, Thank you for reaching out to us. SkinB5's vitamin B5 based supplement delivers high potency ingredients that promote healing, skin repair and cell regeneration. If you take skinB5 daily at dosage 1-2 tablets a day, it would help reduce the appearance of scarring over time. Our new product, Clear Skin Superfood Booster with 63 powerful nutritional ingredients, contains marine collagen (bioactive collagen peptides VERISOL®) and other collagen promoting ingredients and naturally high vitamin C content which could help reduce pigmentation and rebuild skin structure which means reduce scarring. Our Australian Botanicals skincare products contains 8 highly active native extracts which have very high natural vitamin C content which helps promote healing and reduce pigmentation. Let us know if you need further assistance. :) The Team at skinB5

Is it safe to take these pills in the morning and Doxycycline at night?
1 answer
Hi Brandon, Thank you for your question. We would recommend speaking with your medical practitioner for your personal situation and bring the Acne Control Extra Strength Tables with you. Our formulation is vitamin, mineral, and nutrient-based. Kind regards, Michelle from the skinB5 Team


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