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Real-u Beauty Bundle

Real-u Beauty Bundle

4.8 from 131 reviews

These products are just amazing! I was so shocked! So in love!!

I purchased the bundle a month ago and to be honest I was so shocked at the real results, it has cleared my adult acne up, I’m less oily and has been minimised my scarring caused from acne. the products are not harsh for the skin one bit and doesn’t leave your skin dry or flakey! I can say I feel good within myself not wearing makeup to hide my horrid skin! I’ve suffered from oily, acne skin for years and have gone through so many different skin products and have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on products that has not helped and if anything has made my skin worse off! I’m being honest when I say these products have blown me away with how effective they are and could not be anymore happier. I highly recommend realu products!

Purchased in April 2019 for $109.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeCombination Skin
Acne SeverityModerate

This product is a life saver I have my confidence back again.

After a month my skin had a beautiful texture it was smooth and glowing , I now hardly ever break out anymore and i have confidence again thank you real u

Purchased in January 2019 for $105.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeCombination Skin
Acne SeverityModerate

Didn't make a difference at all.

I am so intrigued by these reviews! Everyone loves Real- U! I got it about a year ago and stopped because after months it didn't make any difference, I noticed no changes at all and had a few more pimples come up (can't say if it was the product or just coincidence). I have recently started again last week, more pimples have popped up but I'm holding out faith, especially after these reviews. I am hoping to update this review with the same results as everyone else because my scarring from any spot i get ruin my confidence and uneven skin tone makes me never want to go out without makeup on. I don't get acne, just a few pimples that seem to tag team each other all over my face.

Fingers crossed I can update with the same review as others who it seemed to work for. My skin is so scarred from every single spot I've ever gotten which is why I chose to purchase but I'm so sad it hasn't worked.

Purchased in May 2018.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Skin TypeCombination Skin
Acne SeverityMild

Absolute God-send!

One year of using Real-U... Absolute life changer! I didn't feel confident going to school when I saw all the pimples on my face. Discovered the world of Real-U and that was the end of that! Started noticing a difference within weeks, and developed a confidence to go makeup free every day. Thank you so much for creating these amazing products! Xx

Products sent from heaven

No, I felt like the specific products I got were perfect in curing my acne and maintaining it. The spot treatment and control serum were the miracle workers.

Confidence Returned

The product so are just perfect and I love them so much. I will never use other products again. Before Real-U my skin was terrible and I had no confidence to go out in public. After using Real-U my confidence was returned and I look and feel so much confident in my skin. Thank you Real-U

Life changing!!

All these products were perfect for my skin. They didn't dry it out nor did they make it too oily. Honestly, these products and my skin feel like they were made for each other! So so happy with them and my results. They have helped me gain my confidence back and I would recommend these products to anyone and everyone

Love it

Was perfect, ever since I've been using it my skin has been clear. Fast delivery and good price. Love the foaming was and the face oil it is amazing! highly recommend

The most amazing skin care products!

Real-U is hands down the most amazing acne care range I’ve ever used! As a late teenager I suffer from intense acne and acne scars that I can NEVER seem to get rid of and every time I try with creams it just makes it so much worse, I seen real-U on Instagram and seen their before and after photos and thought I’d give it a try and I’ve never been happier! I’ve only been using real-u for 2 weeks I use it Morning and night every day and my skin is more amazing now then it has ever been, I am glowing and most my acne scars are not their anymore !!! I Am recommending this product to everybody who has problems with their skin because it definitely will not disappoint !

Absolutely incredible!

I have PCOS, which gives me hormonal acne.. but I also have very pale and sensitive skin.
Real-u is absolutely perfect for me. It quells the redness, my skin soaks it up without any greasiness.
I received my package yesterday after not using it for two months and my skin was immediately calm, bright and amazing — even my mum commented on it! Thank you so so so much!

I so badly wish I never got into this

My level of acne isn’t severe it was just a few pimples here and there so I had bought this bundle with the green serum. After using the products religiously, I was left with horrible pimples in my first month. I realized the acne spot treatment was actually doing zero work for me, literally zero. Second month in it only got worse and worse. By the third month I could tell this was bad for my skin although I so hoped i would be one of those people it worked with, but unfortunately wasn’t. I was left with horrible scarring all over my face (which my skin never did before). I've now stopped it for 6 months have no acne but have a lot of scars.

Confidence in my natural skin.

I absolutely swear by real-u for my everyday skincare. It is fairly simple with only 4 steps and in the past 5 months has brought my skin back to life; clearing up my acne and giving my skin back it's natural glow! I have and will continue to highly recommend their products.

Life savour!

So I have been using real u products for a while when it first came out and haven’t stopped using it! I love it so much it literally is my life saver especially as I have acne and I can happily now not wear makeup and I have my confidence back! Highly recommend!!

Didn’t work

I purchased the complete bundle back and have used it for 2 months now and it hasn’t helped at all. Pores are still the same and breakouts still occurring as usual even after following the instructions strictly and using day and night. I had such high hopes with all the great reviews but unfortunately won’t be reordering anymore.

Miracle Bundle!

This bundle leaves my skin feeling more clean than it ever has. My complexion looks brighter, smoother and pores visibly tighter after using it. The bundle is staple in my every day skincare routine!
Highly recommend!

I love it.

No other beauty regime works for me. Will never try another product. It’s not harsh. it’s perfect for problematic skin like mine. and I absolutely love it. I would love if they did a monthly subscription.

Go to for sensitive, acne prone skin

I've been suffering from hormonal acne for years and while no skin care will ever have the ability to cure my acne finding skin care that doesn't aggravate my skin is essential. I keep coming back to Real-U because I know for sure that it won't aggravate my skin. It has definitely helped my skin look better than any product I have tried so far.


This is honestly the best cleanser ever. It does not leave my face feeling dry and helps control my oil balance. I already finished my third bottle. For a while, I was using a snail essence which made my skin feel good at first. However, it made my skin rough and dull over a while. I switched back to the control serum, and my skin started to brighten and become baby-smooth. I love this, can't wait to get more.


The cleanser is so gentle and doesn't dry out my skin while leaving it feeling fresh and clean. The control serum and moisturiser are so lightweight and don't make me break out at all. Love these products!


I’ve been using real-u products for a few months, and recently stopped using the control cream but continue to use the cleanser and moisturizer. The cleanser is most gentle I have ever used and has not irritated my sensitive skin once, plus it removes EVERYTHING, which is so important. And the moisturizer is so lightweight and silky, I don’t know what I would do without it. It also keeps my makeup in place all day. Real-u customer for life

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Questions & Answers

Thankyou Thasmialosli! I was wondering also if RealU would suit teenage skin, as i notice that most of the reviews aren't from teenagers..
2 answers
Hi Beauty, Yes real-u also suits teenage skin :) For reviews and pics, please see here: https://www.instagram.com/realureviews/ Kindness xxYeeeees girl

I have large open pores on my forehead and chin, will these products help these to go?
2 answers
I’ve never had big pores, but I’m sure it will help with that as my skin not only cleared up but felt fresher and cleaner. I’ve also tried Sand and Sky Clay mask that my friend will definitely do the trick but the REALU is really good for everyday use but you don’t have to really use it everyday but you still get great results. Hope this helps.I have pores in the same areas and it hasn’t dont much - if anything to help reduce them. My skin has been 100% clear since using though :)


Beauty Bundle
Price (RRP) $95
Skin TypeOily

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