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Please don't waste your money! Most of the profiles are fake and they continue to send you messages from the system enticing you to burn or buy credits. Last but not least, there is absolutely no possible means to contact Ashley Maddison - they're on a beach somewhere. Absolutely nothing will come of it - don't do it!

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupNo

Don't waste your money!!

If a man it costs to join. If a woman it's free..intercourse sells true enough..my advice? Join as as fake woman, give yourself an interesting profile, bait other men with standard AM one liners, and have fun reading the replies...I even scored a photo of someone's anatomy..maybe I should have replied with one of mine..LOL

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupNo

Catfish central

I gave it a try. Their payment system means that you have to use up some of your credit each time you reply to a message. I quickly used up all of mine replying to about 5 messages I got in response to my profile. Long story short, every one of them turned out to be a scam trying to con me in to signing up to bogus "dating security" websites which are nothing more than poorly disguised porn sites (and not even very good ones). Every single one of the profiles I checked used fake photos which could be traced with a google image search.

Bottom line - if not a single one of the profiles I checked out turned out to be legit then it's a completely pointless site. Don't bother.

Stay away. It is DESIGNED as a scam

even if one of the many thousands of spam messages you get is genuine - it will cost you a MINIMUM of $60 just to read it.
You will get boned if you use ashley madison > by ashley madison. Pathetic.

Waste of money

non of the profile were genuine, most of them coming from china and America asking log into their personal website.


just a scam,there are no contacts.if you do contact anyone the profile is fake they just want your money,need to be shut down.DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY.

Scam Scam Scam

Every profile I came across was fake and scammers were behind it. Absolutely no authentic profiles on their do not waste your money or time

Terrible do not bother fake

Pure scam with fake profiles and never made a connection do not use it or waste your money on such an app! Many fake profiles and every time you send message they drag you to send a second and third one and it never worked. Just drain on your money

Full of scammers

Not worth your time i spent days to give it a chnace but all but one person on the entire area local to me were scammers, trying to grab credit card info.

Want an overseas date?

After all the hype about AM, here's a few facts.
Overall there are too many scammers on the site. They are cleaned off fairly quick, but for a premium service, they shouldn't have got there in the 1st place.
There are no available filters, so you will be bombarded with unwanted messages from people of all ages from anywhere in the world.
Sign up is easy, probably the only plus for this money grabbing site.
Support is of no help at all, stating that their members like to travel and in that vein allow anyone to contact anyone.
Most of the messages are generally from non paying members wanting you to pay to read their message, or only winks etc. but it takes time to sort equating to a total waste of money for paying members.
As a single male my advice is don't waste your time or money here. Go buy a carton and chat to your neighbour, you never know, you might get lucky.

Full of scammers

The website is just full of scammers. Twice in my first two days I had interactions where after moving the conversation off site to email and getting to the point of meeting up, I was asked to verify myself via some "Safe Hookup Verification" before meeting up which was obviously some scam to get my details.

It's full of fake profiles which are obviously just bait to get the men keen and using credits. And it's fairly expensive to send correspondence.

Seriously, don't waste your time. You are just being conned.

This scam needs a bullet to the brain

If there is a way to nuke this business into oblivion and throw its creators behind bars, someone needs to do it ASAP!!! I don't even know how this business is legally running - it should be shut down by now.

So I signed up a few days ago...got a barrage of msgs from spam accounts. One stood out and looked real. We messaged back and forth for a bit...it seems like a real girl by the responses so I didn't think much of it. She sent her email. It seemed legit and we started emailing back and forth for 2 hours. Just before organising to meet she asks to fill out a verification of identity which took me to another site called blackbookmatch.com. I then realised my time was being wasted by a scammer looking for credit card info.

All the other msgs received have been from accounts located in other countries. The AM site is crawling with scammers and con artists. Plus charging 5 credits to send a message is ridiculous.

When you advertise a service and pay for it you are setting customer expectations. When those expectations are not met it amounts to fraud. False advertising and basically blatant stealing of your money without providing what you paid for.

Bringing me back to my original statement that this business should be shut down as it is fraudulent. Stay away folks. I've had more success on tinder for free than I ever had on AM.

Keep Away

Way out of my country, false profiles, scammers, non-existent ladies, KEEP AWAY.
I live in Australia, I got most replies from U.S.A. and China.. Expensive affair eh!


Believe it or not but there are worse dating sites than Ashley Madison.
Seek me out on Ashley Madison: LongBlondeHair.

Stay clear

Worst site ever. Full of scammers just want to take your credit card details. Models, overseas ladies despite my search being 50k or less, oriental ladies trying to scam. Didn't meet one legit female all week. Stay clear

What a fake site

I've been on for a short time a few months
Found nothing but models and scammers very rarely get replies
Most are very similar suppose they are computer generated
Still have got close to a meet yet
Worst site I've been on
Yes I've been rewarded too keep me here longer but still nothing happens no mails get returned
Pete workenonu1

June 6th 2017 Update: Don't waste your money

Well after 400 credits ill be leaving soon what a waste off money
Not 1 person responded to my full messages ones that did we only scammers models and foreigners
Many have more than 1 id so you can message same person many times
Watch out for one that message you and then close their account and they don't check your profile
This has been the biggest waste off money I've ever had


I have to say that ABSOLUTE MORONS are working at Ashley Madison. For a website promoting infidelity the people employed are so not bright, nor do they listen to your concerns/emails. I don't reply to emails when you're trying to explain something, they are rude, tried to insult me, and absolute morons that just don't get customer service. This site is full of insecure, not so attractive, and shy passive boys that have no balls whatsoever. And if you tell them you're interested they Sook and report you straightaway and AM takes their side!!! They have admitted that the men are very insecure and easily offended!!! Lol what a joke!!!

Yes It Is True A Total Scam

No real contacts???
Are the messages real... I did not get a genuine reply.
Paid for credit and messages which I did not receive.
No customer service no refunds.
I have to cancel my card.
If they are real they are married which is really shallow.
Do not waste your time or money? Others much better.

Worst ever

Messages mysteriously re close themselves to look like you have new messages people never reply and loads of fake profiles and overseas scammers double billed me and eventually got credit but short some!! Don't bother with this site.

Garbage! Zero stars if you're wondering!

I have been a member of this site for some time in Australia... After all this time and a number of similar episodes of utter rubbish it is my conclusion the site it complete crap! All messages are uselss... automated crap to suck you in... This is not the only site to do this. Flurt is exactly the same.

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Has anyone had to pay to meet someone for security reasons for verification?
4 answers
I am not sure of your exact situation with this one but were the site be asking you to pay for verification purposes then they would be legally seen to be verifying you. I cannot see any dating site wanting to open a can of worms like that one based on a probably stolen credit card available from one of the many web sites out there that specialise in that sort of thing. The people who run web sites should be well aware of that fact, let alone that possession of a credit card in no way guarantees your intent or even psychological profile. Did Ashley Madison actually come up with that one? Perhaps you have been sent an email from another party claiming to be Ashley Madison asking for your details. This is quite common and is called Phishing (Everybody should google that now). They use the method to get your credit card details and then sell them on one of the afore mentioned sites. Or just use it for identity theft. The short answer is No, No and No. This has nothing to do with security. It is anti security and namely yours. Do not touch this with a ten foot barge pole.Thanks , it was the woman I was emailing with she said it was for safety reasons and security for herDating sites must have a lot of clout if they can access police data bases to check if you've got a history of violence/sexual assault. It's a scam,aided and abetted by the sites. Cupid PLC's sites are rife with them.

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