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There are still too many more questions than answers regarding the Website. The restrictions placed on members are too rigid and inflexible. There is no guarantee that the paying member is actually reading mail from the alleged ladies nor that the letters sent are either properly translated or even delivered to the intended target. Too much is left to blind trust and chance. Additionally, there is the problem of veracity. I notice that the ladies on my Favourite list seem to be perpetually online, no matter the hour of day or night. Has anyone else in the world notice that? It is an impossibility. I can not imagine a working lady being awake and online in China at 3 a.m.on a regular basis. Something is amiss.

I have been a member of the site for many years and the fact that I am yet to find a Chinese potential spouse speaks to two issues; one being my race, the other being the obvious fabrications that are rampant on the site. Sure, it is pretty and it swarms with beautiful women but all that glitters is not gold. I will offer my opinions again following continued efforts to find a mate on the site. God knows, I get more than my share of admirer mails.

Be patient and be prepared

I firstly had bad luck with a girl. She refused to give me her email address. But I got my girl right now. Now I know that your company's goal was to connect people and trust it as a valuable site to help them meet and build a real connection.

the site has great service and easy to use

China has the most beautiful women in the whole world. But the site is a little expensive,a world of advice is that if you lower the price, then everyone will be happy. Besides the site has great service and easy to use.

I would stay

I could go to other dating sites but I prefer to stay with your dating site-it would be encouraging at times to see you reward me with some nice promotions as well as the excellent customer services.

A good platform for people who search for committed relationships

Thanks for providing us a place to communicate and settle communication misunderstandings that we had recently and are in regular contact via email now. I think we can work through our difficulties through patience and understanding.

Thanks for your help

I am sure that if my friendship and relationship continues to develop as planned that my lady will consent to a hopefully wonderful meeting. I will as you have advised keep the lady fully informed and ask for her permission for our meeting to be arranged when the time is right.Thank you again for your help and best wishes.

ASIAME is a well organized website

Maybe all of its members dreams might not come true,but i still appreciate the website.Whatever the plans pf my lady for her future are,my major concern now and always is her safety.I always wrote to her,that my line of communication will always be open to her.And i do hope to meet her!

Happily Ever After

My girlfriend and I met on here and we couldn’t be happier and we owe it all to AsiaMe.com. After meeting several years ago and traveling between our respective cities I finally moved to be with her and it is fantastic between us so far.
Honestly, I Just didn't think that we could get together, like real! And I am so psyched that this could work out. All of this, is beyond my imagination!

Thank you for the Birthday greeting

When I first joined this site I met an incredible woman but she had to leave. I'm sure somewhere there are some honest women. That's why I am concerned and stayed on the site. I thank you sincerely for your help. I'll stay a little while longer. I trust Mabel 100 percent. Thank you again.

Small changes need to make

Why can't there be a slider or scroll tab( I don't know the terminology) in the mail box so you can scroll down without accidentally opening a letter that I am not ready to open, in order to get to an earlier letter . I have to risk credits I can't afford it.

good service

I really appreciate the excellent help from the customer care team, which has put my mind at rest with both using the Phone Call service and for knowing the best credit package to purchase. Now I fully know what to do I will be arranging the new call with my lady, and I feel confident this will be a positive call. I am very impressed with the site's attention and caring to my issue and will recommend this site to anyone who need it.

Scam from start to finish

Like others I found the time restriction(3 months) on obtaining personal details of anyone you were interested in, the ability to delete any personal data included in messages, the exorbitant drip feed nature of the credit payments needed to communicate and the real likelihood you were not talking to the person in the profile photograph and she was not the person responding were all reasons for avoiding this site like the plague

January 6th 2019 Update: Update on Asiame

I wrote a scathing review of the Asiame dating service based on initial experience with the site but despite this I continued the 3 months contact with a 63 year old Vietnamese lady hoping I was wrong in my criticisms and continued the drip feed credit payments for the 3 month period needed to be able to directly contact the lady concerned. This contact with the lady has led to more and more frustrations with emails being diverted because the lady claimed she had no email service of her own and vague and very brief answers to questions I asked about the steps being taken by the lady concerned to leave Vietnam and join me in Australia despite me even starting an online visa request on her behalf . My conclusion is that the sham partner scam continues even when you have left the site and think you are dealing with the person you are wanting to come to you and really there is no likelihood of ever seeing that person.

“Rest assured, privacy protected”

As a very private person, I didn’t think online dating would be suitable for me. By choosing to join AsiaMe.com, I feel relieved to know that you have as much of a say in the people you meet and the information you reveal.

Some suggestions

Why can't there be a slider or scroll tab (I don't know the terminology) in the mail box so you can scroll down without accidentally opening a letter that I am not ready to open, in order to get to an earlier letter. I have to risk credits I can 't afford to because a lady sends multiple letters.
But all in all this site offers me nice experience for looking at the pretty girls and the chance to communicate with them. I feel lucky to have some cute ladies around. It's just I hope we can get a better user experience on this site.

My suggestion of Asiame

I hope there is an option to not only search by user ID but also by name. It would be very helpful to have this option when trying to find someone because I wouldn't necessarily know or remember the user ID of the women I am searching for. For example I have seen some women on this site I like and wanted to find them out again when I turned back to this site but didn't remember their user ID just remember their names. So it would be nice to search them out again that I like by entering their names into the search bar.

The site now much more user friendly.

Not sure why you have to block someone multiple times. Seems to me that I need to block someone on Live Chat and EMF separately. Yet, if I block someone, you would know that I want that person blocked, no matter what services. Would make your site much more user friendly.

An excellent site I have used

I am sincerely grateful to you, and my opinion towards this site is getting much better by day, so I am thinking of using the services to contact my girl, so that we could better know each other via more channels.

Seeking for her

I originally came on this site because I believed I would find someone who would understand my desire to care for parents, have loving relationship. I know family is very important in China, I also find the Chinese people very attractive, wonderful, intelligent. I am seeking a life partner like this, and, I believe I have found her from the Site.

Thanks for your site

My dream was to find a partner that would free me from my loneliness and with which I could recover the desire to live again, I think I have met the one that I am looking for. Thanks again for your site.

Each time I have concerns about ladies, the customer care team follow up closely

Each time I have concerns about ladies, the customer care team follow up closely. The indications were also strongly indicated to be that of a high degree of excellent customer care relations. As a result of the addressed issue brought to the attention of My Lady, it appears that the issue has been greatly minimized or fully resolved.

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