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Aussie Strength Equipment

Aussie Strength Equipment

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32kg SSB bar

Unbelievably solid and well designed. Plates slide on and off the sleeve smoothly. Handle is positioned where you want it. Feels balanced. Was packaged well to protect the bar. Matched description on website as I hoped.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
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I had a great experience with Aussie Strength

I normally, don’t write these kinds of reviews but I figured that I would add my two cents given the strong comments on this website. I had a great experience purchasing two competition grade kettlebells from Aussie Strength. They were delivered within a few days, in perfect condition and they were very well packaged (boxed with foam which matched the contours of the kettlebells to ensure that there were no gaps in the packaging). Prior to purchase I wrote to the “sales” email address to make sure the items were in stock and received an immediate and well-mannered reply from Andy. While I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of other reviews on this website, they do not reflect my experience and perhaps there is a degree to which they reflect the tendency of interactions on the internet to be needlessly hostile.

Worst online shopping experience I’ve ever had

Ordered a $350 barbel, on arrival it was barely packaged and damaged, missing parts. Contacted customer service for a replacement, months later still nothing, contacted again... SIX times for a refund and was told each time they would process it immediately. 6 months later and no usable product or refund.

Terrible service from Aussie Strength

Customer service is very poor, and very difficult to get answers regarding warranties. And some poor quality products from this company.

Bomb proof gear, excellent service, will be back!

Gavin was brilliant through the whole process.
The communication was brilliant, the product is amazing, and their range is second to none.
I look forward to building on to my home gym with Aussie Strength equipment!

Great service

Pretty fast service by Aussie Strength recommend you guys to try buying products from them. They’re really respectful and fast at replying to your message.

Deplorable Service. Most untrustworthy. Be warned.

Experienced the same disgusting service as so many others. Non-delivery of an order, then no response to phone calls and emails. Finally, spoke to the boss who denied and distorted the facts and refused to address the problem or return my money. Contacted the authorities who are looking into the way this company operates. I should have taken note of the overwhelming negative comments. I should have also noticed that the only time this company gets any stars is when all goes well. But look at the scathing comments when there is a hiccup. Don't take the risk. This company is out to get your money and cares nothing about service. Aussie Strength has proven it is untrustworthy. Play safe and go to a reputable organisation for your products.

Dreadful Service!

Their courier company (fastway couriers) attempted to deliver my package. I was home all day and we have a building manager / reception. Nobody tried to call my apartment and no calling card was left! Nobody from Aussie Strength then tried to contact me to advise delivery had been attempted. The courier company was waiting for Aussie Strength to advise them on what to do with the package. When I finally called Aussie strength wondering why this was taking so long the 'guy' was extremely rude and basically told me I had to follow it up and spoke to me like I should have known that the delivery had been attempted and who to contact! Will never deal with this lot again, still haven't got my delivery!

Great service and products

The equipment I purchased from Aussie Strength arrived quickly and was as described. The service they provided was great and purchasing online was easy.

One star is too much

Made an order and paid. Stock wasn't delivered for over 4 weeks (even after I received confirmation a couple of days after my order that it was being shipped) Only 3/4 of the products turned up, I've tried calling, left voicemails and emailed with no response, sorry I was hung up on once. It's been 4 months now.
SAVE yourself the heartache. Go somewhere else!!!! Wish I read these reviews before.

Fantastic company & Andrew Taylor is the Bomb.

Online. Seamless easy transaction. The service was second to none & the prices were really affordable. Top notch team that were really happy to answer all of my questions.

Incredible service and equipment by these guys! Could not be happier.

We could not be happier with the equipment and service we received for our fit-out! Well done Aussie Strength, you guys rock!!

Very disappointed

Similar to a review I've just read, worst service! I've purchased a reverse hyper bench online and 4 weeks later, they are refusing to return my calls as to where my product is! No reply to my emails, the texting service they apparently provide, and no one is answering their phones cause their operators are so busy, yep my butt! I'm am now trying to reach them to get my money back! All it takes is a phone call to make someone happy or let them know exactly whats going on. Instead ill just have my money back!

Bad web store (glitches) and bad services, but eventually made up for it in the end.

Dec 2017 - I've ordered a paid kettle bells online 2 weeks ago and didn't realised there was a glitch on their website.
They told me what happened and that they will cancel the order and refund the money charged. Until now I still haven't received anything nor I get any response from them.

Jan 2018 - eventually they contacted me offering discounted purchase. Which I did and received the products. I think they just couldn't handle the Xmas rush.

Ok equipment, if you get it.

I ordered two separate packages, total $3600. One package was not in stock, told 3-4 week wait. First package arrives incomplete. I contacted Aussie Strength and all I got in response was that it had been delivered. After being told this 3 time I guess they finally realised I was correct, because they had the rest of package one delivered.

Two months to the day after I was told 3-4 weeks for package two to arrive I contacted them again. 3 times over 5 days it took to get a response. The response was that the order has now been dispatched. I simply would not have had the package send out had I not followed up with them. It remains to be seen if it does turn up and if it is complete. There was absolutely no updates regarding the package coming into stock.

This, obviously, affected my business as I simply could not afford to buy from another supplier in the mean time. I have now changed suppliers. I do not recommend Aussie Strength to any businesses out there.

Extremely Disappointed in customer service

Very disappointed in customer service
I Purchased 2 Kettlebells on line, once received realised I had purchased incorrect style.
Phoned store and asked if I could personally return for another style, I was told they don't have that style in stock, and the kettlebells that I purchased are now second hand due to cutting packaging strapping.(really, please)
The company did not want to help & hung up. Luckily my purchase was only $100
and not a greater amount.

Great service

Awesome equipment priced very well plated and bars are fantastic was very hard to find anywhere that stocked a old school cast iron plate but the Aussie Strength boys do! Highly recommend them for any of your equipment needs.

High quality equipment. Willing to help. Competitive pricing.

I've owned a CrossFit box for 5 years now, i have tried most companies and AS is by far the most supportive I've come across!! Great communication on what i was after and prompt delivery to match.

Then there is the product they are producing!! It's second to none everything from there barbell's, dumbells, benches to there non bounce bumpers and all for a reasonable price!! As a box owner the quality of product is so important because it really does take a beating day in day out. As long as Aussie Strength is around i wont shop anywhere else.

Best Gear Ive purchased in a long time!!

I have purchased a number of bars and other bits of gear from these guys and its always first rate! The customer service was really well done and i felt very much taken care of.

August 5th 2017 Update: These bars are the best I've ever had!

I can't say enough about the speciality bars that these guys have, such a wide range and such great quality. Excellent work Aussie Strength!!!

December 5th 2017 Update: Best bar I’ve used in years!!

Ordered the Safety squat bar (32kg) and I have not enjoyed squatting this much in years!! My shoulders feel great, the way it’s shaped places the load over my hips and glutes more and has made me focus my movement a whole life more! The bar looks great and is a must for anyone who is looking to up their MAX’s.

Great equipment, terrible service

Good advice prior to purchase. Then...misdelivery, lack of response, lack of follow up, lack of initiative to fix, mega delays, the forgotten customer - however the equipment is very good. I am interested in other gear they have but scared to order again due to all the problems.

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Questions & Answers

Ordered just under $2k worth of gear over a month ago and haven't received anything (inv1813). No answer to calls or emails and after reading reviews off here I am very concerned. Aussie strength this is no way to do business! I have spent $$$ with you in the past but it's never been this bad. What do you have to say for yourself?
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Hi Daniel, can you please email us at service@aussiestrength.com.au with your details and we can get that sorted out for you. Will just need your full name/order number.I've been emailing your service email since the 20th of May. No reply or phone calls, please refund my money as I've requested in my latest emailWhy haven't you refunded me yet??? I am a PT working for myself and money doesn't come easily. How can you run a business like this in Australia?

I've been waiting on an order now for two weeks. Aussie Strength states 2 days delivery. Like everyone else, the phones seem to just be a front and never get answered. Once paid the emails go dead too. All I want to know is when can I expect my order?
3 answers
Good luck mate, it took me over 6 weeks to get 'some' of my order. I didn't even get all of it! I had to contact fair trading and go through the whole process to get a refund. Prepare yourself for an annoying and time consuming battle.Hi, if you can send your name and order details to service@aussiesiestrength.com.au someone can check this for you. 'Mei' we're not sure who you are, but we have never had any fair trading cases. Also please note our couriers do have delivery delays over the Easter break.These negative stories of Aussie Strength sound horribly familiar. Goods that have been paid for, not supplied in full, Aussie Strength refuse to respond to emails or phone calls. Yes I am contacting fair trading as well!

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