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Babyhood Bambino Dormire

Babyhood Bambino Dormire

4.4 from 12 reviews

Best portacot hands down!!

Fantastic, easy, comfortable portacot. Built-in spongey mattress layer makes it more comfortable for baby to sleep
and no need to carry extra mattress or foam. Bassinet hammock feature great for babies and saving our backs. Super easy to put up and pull down. Sturdy construction and mesh sides for air flow when used as a playpen.

Great port a cot but bassinet level not as expected

Fantastic portacot which is so so easy to use. My only issue is the bassinet level - fantastic idea and easy to set up but it isn't fitted enough so it ends up dipping in quite a bit in the middle which isn't really safe. The clips need to be tighter to ensure that the level is firm prior to the mattress going into it.

Sturdy cot, easy to use

I bought ours secondhand from a lady who said her baby wouldn't sleep in it...this IS our baby's cot 24/7 and when we go somewhere it takes 1 minute to fold it up or set it up. Never had a problem with locking mechanisms, there are wheels for easy portability (though it was actually lighter at ~10kg than others I looked at) and I love the zip in bassinet layer. The mattress is thick and soft (no need to add any extra softeners) however it can retain 'dents' from being folded up. All in all I would happily buy this cot again if the need ever arose but I think it will be going strong for a long time yet and ours has had heavy use for the past 10 months.

A great port a cot!

We have used a number of times while travelling and found it great:
- Very easy to use
- Folds well
- The wheels make it easy to transport
- the mattress is quite soft in comparison to other portacots that I have seem
- I used the bassinet level up until my baby was rolling and it was such a great feature.
All in all a great purchase.

Well made

I purchased this after reading Choices positive product / safety review. It's very well made, easy to assemble. Love the bassinet level. It's not lightweight but I like that it feels sturdy and the wheels make it easy to move. Don't have any negatives

Excellent portacot

We love this portacot. It is so easy to assemble and put away, and it is very practical. It has mesh on all sides for breathability, and CHOICE recommended it. It comes in a carry bag or you can use the wheels. It has a basinett that you can zip in, but we haven't used that.

The cot itself is fantastic, which I never thought I'd say given the initial faults with it. We purchased it online, when it arrived it had several tears in the mattress so we sent it back (had to pay postage again) and they "fixed it" and sent it back STILL not fixed. We had so many issues with the retailer and their rude staff who ignore consumer rights, and have horrible after-sales service, but that is a whole different review. Anyway, the store ignored us but when we contacted Babyhood they were amazing. Very helpful and apologetic, sent us a new mattress very quickly. Once it arrived we realised the extent of the issue, the tears in the mattress had caused it to over-inflate, and become very spongy (a suffocation risk). The new mattress was perfect, and the cot functions really well. Despite all the initial issues, I am extremely pleased with the product and would recommend it to others.
Mesh on all sides, super easy to use.
Initial faults with the mattress, but now resolved.


I purchased the Babyhood Bambino and within twelve months and only using it a few times for my grandson one of the locking device on the side wouldn't lock into place. I contacted the retailer and after much tooing and frooing with the retailer and manufacturer based in another state than where I live the frame was replaced. Now another locking device won't lock.
I have read the instructions on putting up and putting down and feel that this is a flaw in the porta cot design.
The insert for new borns was terrific
locking devices need to be reviewed

Great portacot

We have been using this portacot for over 2 years and still think it is fantastic. Before we had a child we watched friends struggle to set up and take down their portacot - there were poles falling out of a bag. This one is so easy to set up and pack away, easily fits in the boot of the car. There's enough room in the packed up bundle to stash bedding and the baby monitor. It is sturdy. The mattress is thick and comfy. We have no hesitation in recommending it.
Super easy to set up and take down

Comfy portacot

Great portacot. Easy to set up and pack away. Cot simply opens up and you clip sides into place and push down in the middle. Bassinet easy to insert with clips at each end and Velcro around. Extra thick mattress. My bub slept very well in it from the first use.
Thick mattress, easy to set up

Easy to use, quality portacot!! Highly recommend!

After doing my research on safety with portacots, I decided on this one. Especially after seeing it was Choice's number 1 rated portacot. It hasn't disappointed!! Very easy to put up and put down. There are diagram pictures on bottom of portacot so you never lose the instructions (if you need them!)However once you do it once, don't think you'll need to look at the instructions again. Our 5-month old baby son slept in it for first time last night and slept extremely well. I bought this portacot cheaper online than in actual store and am extremely happy with my purchase. Highly recommended!
Safety rating by Choice, easy to put up and down, affordable and well-known Queensland brand.


This has been great for us - particularly for the first few months of use with it's bassinet that zips up instead of those horrible tent poles the other portacots have!

Would highly recommend it - quality is good too - and it's not too heavy - definitely check it out
Easy to fold and unfold - no tent like poles like the others on the market - mesh sides for cooler environment for bubs.
finding stores who have it

Where to buy!

I purchased this at Baby Good Warehouse Mornington.
Looked for a long while, couldn't find stockists in SA, these guys were the best price wise by far and their customer service was fantastic. Oh, and the portacot it easy to assemble, easy to disassemble & pack away, a little heavy but it's not like you will be carrying it around all day, it just sits around ready to be used.
Inexpensive, reliable, excellent mattress, easy to assemble/disassemble, easy to see through

Questions & Answers

Does this product meet voluntary as well as mandatory Australian standards?
2 answers
Yes Its to Australian standards for a portacot.Thank you but you haven’t fully answered my question. There are also voluntary standards which you can comply with as Australian standards are not fully adequate. Does this product meet the additional voluntary standards?

Up to what age is this cot suitable for please?
1 answer
Cots are usually weight-rated rather than age dependent. For this cot the ratings are as below. Maximum Weight: Basinette level : new born to 8kgs Porta cot level : 18kgs More info at http://www.babyhood.com.au/babyhood-bambino-dormire-portacot-with-patent-zipper-bassinet.html Though it says up to 8kg for the bassinette, baby will usually have started to roll or sit up before they hit the maximum weight in which case they will need to be moved to the lower level anyway. The 18kg weight could place a child anywhere between 3-5 years (or more) so they may have long since outgrown their cot by then. A child's height and ability will also play a roll in how long they might remain in a cot eg. are they too long for the cot or can they climb out easily.


Bambino Dormire
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