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BabyBjorn Travel Cot

BabyBjorn Travel Cot

4.9 from 115 reviews

Our best investment

It is expensive but this is one of our best investment. We bought a near new second hand one for a bit cheaper than the full price. The cot is easy to assemble, light weight but is stable. We have used it for 12 trips since our baby was 4 month old. He is 2 year old now and always had good sleep in it. He attempted to climb out but never succeed (he is about 87cm now).

Purchased in August 2017 for $220.00.

The mattress is actually soft like a mattress!

The mattress is actually soft like a mattress, unlike every other portable cot that feels like cardboard! And you can even replace the mattress. We had a urine leak problem, and I discovered that the whole thing can be easily taken apart and cleaned, and the mattress can even be removed and you could replace it (which is probably against the recommendations, but it's just eggshell foam). Also, it's super easy to take down and put up again - no more searching for instructions on YouTube every time you need to pack up a portable cot! We bought an older model serving hand recently, and it looks like it will last well with use, with solid construction.


This has been a sensational thing to have for the first 12 months and counting. We've used it in hotels, friends houses, and in a tent. It folds up and down in seconds. Fits easily into the bag without needing to take sheets off. It fits onto the floor of the car between the front seat and the baby seat.

Couldn't ask for more

This was a lifesaver. My little one is used to sleeping on her own cot.

Then we needed to travel overseas, and as a mum, I want her to be comfortable and make her sleep environment as close as possible to what we have at home. Then I cam across this travel cot and it ticked all the boxes for me. it is super light, and little one sleeps well in it. It is just too pricey but if you use it often then it will offset it eventually. Now we always bring it around during travels.

You can also sense the quality is really good, it is not flimsy like other cheaper ones and you are at ease knowing that your little one will be safe using it.

Perfect in every way!

Baby Bjorn never disappoints. The travel cot is light and super easy to travel with. Folds in and out really easily in a few seconds. The cot and mattress fold easily into the small bag it comes with. All of the material (ie sides) comes off for easy washing. Handy purchase and essential item for baby and travelling.

Super fast and easy to set up

Had a hand-me-down travel cot which was heavy and clunky to set up so I went for the baby bjorn travel cot lite. Easy to carry along even when carrying other suitcases and bags. Sets up in under a minute and packs away easy. After a long drive arriving tired, the last thing I want to do, on top of unpacking, is to muck about setting up a clunky porta cot - this is where the baby bjorn is a blessing! It’s comfy too.

Best baby product yet!

I absolutely love this light travel cot. I've used it for sleepovers, travelling, picnics in the park, I have even taken it to the beach! I highly recommend it it's worth every cent. It's super quick and easy to put up and down. It folds down quite small so it's also easy to take in the car. Five stars from me :-)

Fantastic for travel and use at home

We have used this countless times for traveling locally (family and friend's homes) and interstate and it's so portable yet sturdy, our baby has no issues going to sleep in it and I feel safe leaving him to sleep in it. The downside I have found is that the sides don't zip down or fold down so it wouldn't be ideal for shorter people to put their baby down asleep.

Great cot!

This one is very easy and fast to assemble and take down. We mostly use it during picnics, family outdoor events or when we're travelling out of town. It fits nicely inside our car's trunk when disassembled. The cot is also very sturdy and will most likely last a long time.

Highly recommend this cot

I was deciding between this and the valco zephyr but in the end what swayed me was when I googled the secondhand prices for the Babybjorn travel cot light. These cots hold their value over time. So when I do sell it in a few years I'll get quite a bit back. Having said that, I think this will just get passed on to family and friends cause its fabulous, it doesnt take 2 mins to assemble, it took 45secs and a minute to take apart. I didnt even read instructions although I had seen a review video earlier. The mattress thickness is more than adequate. I do regret not ordering the cot sheet at the same time because when I use my own bedsheet and fold the cot, it becomes a tighter squeeze in the travel bag.

Worth Every Penny

I was very impressed with how easy it was to set up and pack away! I had seen it online but assesmbling it my self I was amazed! It literally took 7 seconds. I was a little unsure of how low the cot is to the ground but was happy with it in the end. As my son prefers to sleep on a bed, this comes extremely handy when going out at night as i don't have to try rock him in a pram to try and settle him, I just set this up in a few seconds and he is sleeping comfortably. Highly recommend as you can get so much use from this!

Great easy to use cot!

Love this port-a-cot. Easy & quick to put up & down. Great washable covers. Slimmer when assembled than our old one, so fits better in hotels etc when we travel.
Light to carry & fits well in carry cover (I.e. Easy to get back into the bag)
Very happy with it & way better than the other port-a-cot we had!

Don't go on holidays without this Cot!

My first grateful moment with this cot was when we were packing all our luggage into our car, on our way to the airport. With the pram, the over sized suitcases, baby bag and carry on luggage, there is no way we could have fit a big cot in the boot as well. This travel cot comes in a perfect, compact size, and the big bonus is that it is lightweight to carry too(!)
Once at the airport we checked the BB Travel Cot in as is, no problems, also realising that airlines let you send the cot for free, double yay!
Upon arrival to our holiday destination my baby was exhausted, so off I went to put her down for a nap. I called out to my husband to assemble the cot, and thought it might take him a while. Two minutes later he came walking into the room, cot assembled in hand, and with a big grin. He was thanking his lucky stars that there finally was a baby product that came together without any special tools or instruction pamphlets. This cot literally clicks together in a matter of seconds, all you need to worry about it covering the mattress with a cot sheet. I decided to get the BB Travel Cot fitted sheet, organic cotton, lovely and soft:)
As we were staying in a villa with different sections separated by outdoor areas, I didn't feel comfortable leaving my 4 month old to sleep alone in the bedroom. The travel cot is so lightweight and easy to move around, so my husband and I would put our baby down for a nap or for the night in the same room we were in. Later we would carry her with us across the courtyard and into the bedroom, without having to lift her in and out of the cot. That is a big bonus for all parents who know better then to disturb a sleeping baby(!)
Also love the mesh fabric as it keeps it nice and breezy inside the cot as well as letting us sneak an easy peek while she is sleeping. I had a mozzie cover which I fitted snugly over the top, so I went to bed knowing she was safe and sound from bugs getting into her cot in the night.
I have recently set it up at home for day time naps, as our bedroom is upstairs, and I prefer having baby sleeping closer to me in the day.
We got the pink cot for our baby girl, and I just have to say I love the look and feel of this product. As well as being a beautiful cot, the mattress is really comfy and soft too. Throw in the ease of setting it up and transporting it around this product is as good as gold. I can honestly say you will have no regrets buying this cot!

Best travel cot around

I bought this for travel cot for a 4 month holiday overseas. So light, so easy to use and to move around. A great playpen in a pinch and brilliant for trips closer to home. It's on high rotation in our "borrowed baby gear" list and my one piece of advice would be to add a distinctive ribbon/label as there can be several on an airplane carousel!

Worth the money

I have been using this portacot for the last month for my baby to keep her in our bedroom for a bit longer (as her cot is too large) and she is so comfortable. Every other portacot I have used in the past (this is my fourth baby) doesn't have a proper mattress and is so uncomfortable for bub, but this one is just as good as a cot. It opens quickly and easily, is lightweight, looks gorgeous (pink) and has great ventilation. Only negative is how low I have to lean down to pick her up and sometimes trip over the legs sticking out but they are nothing when I look at all the positives. It is expensive but I got it on sale online and it came with an additional mesh cover included (so one pink and one black). I wish I had this with all my babies.

Beautiful Cot!

We bought this for when our daughter stays with family while I work but we use it at home too for daytime naps. It is simply beautiful and easy to put together! So much better then the big ugly ones! Worth the money for what you get. The black mesh also does make it a little bit darker which is very handy.

The simplest & easist travel cot ever!!

We have used this beautiful (pink version) travel cot on 2 separate holidays away. It has been absolutely a god send! So easy to assemble & disassemble & even easier to pack away in the carry bag. The only downside is my toddler has now learnt how to climb out of it.

Best portacot ever

Yes it's expensive, but it is well worth the price if you plan to do any travelling. It literally takes only two minutes to set up, two minutes to fold away and is quite light to carry. Seems sturdy and safe with baby in it too. Never had any problems with it.


Extremely easy to assemble and dismantle that other travel cots we have seen. We were sold of the eight and compact size which is great for packing the car on short trips. It is worth every dollar and for my peace and mind it is breathable and made from the finest materials. We have used it for all 3 kids and it is still in excellent condition. The mattress is not too firm or too soft it’s just right for babies comfort and we also purchased the fitted sheet set which is a nice snug as other sheets would be too big in size.

Love it!

So happy I bought this! Practicality is always the most important thing for me with all of my baby gear and this has ticked all of the boxes. Really easy to assemble and collapse, but most of all it’s light, which means that I can quite easily manage it when getting through airports when I’m travelling on my own - not an easy task when you’ve got a suitcase, carry on, pram and not to mention a baby strapped to your chest in a carrier! Would highly recommend.

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Questions & Answers

Has this particular cot caused any infant deaths?
No answers

The product says it complies with Australian safety standards however it describes the mattress as soft, which is not recommended due to the increased risk of SIDS. Wondering how soft this actually is?
1 answer
The mattress is foamlike inside however the cover is thick and strong so I wouldn't describe the mattress as a whole as 'soft'. Also when the mattress is in the portacot it is completely flat and is tucked into the edges quite safely.

Does the the baby actually lie on the mattress on the floor?
1 answer
Hi Chris, it sits slightly above the floor but yes it essentially is on the ground. I thought this would be a problem as I didn't want my child to be so close to the floor but it's actually fine and it's safe! The mattress is a nice one too slightly firm so it's stable


BabyBjorn Travel Cot
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