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Phil & Teds Traveller

Phil & Teds Traveller

3.9 from 65 reviews

We love it. Have taken it all over the world!

We have had our portacot for 2.5 years and it’s the best item we have bought. We travel a lot and for our baby to always sleep in a familiar place has been great, no matter where we travel in the world she knows it’s her bed. We either carry on, check it in or pop in our suitcase. It is light and easy to fit in, and not too fiddly to build. After you get used to building it, it only takes about 3-5 minutes. Not sure how it would go with a heavy child but our child stayed in it until 13 kgs without issue. For the weight alone I think it was a great investment.

Purchased in October 2016 for $199.00.

Great portacot!

Easy to use, quick to put together, light weight and perfect travel companion. At first I thought the mattress was too thin, but my bub is very comfy when she sleeps in it. I cant complain, it is the perfect portacot and I prefer it over most other brands. Also easy to store because it is so compact

Awesome Travel Cot

We used this portacot for both our girls from 4 months to 2.5 years. It was awesome. So much better than the big bulky portacots - we flew with it, camped with it, stayed at friends and in motels. It fit everywhere and the kids slept well in it. The inflatable mattress is quite thin, but it's firm enough and kids don't weigh much so I guess they don't notice!
You can also lift it/slide it from room to room which is great when they are little and you want to keep an eye on them in new places. After the first couple of times we found it very quick and easy to set up. One of our favourite pieces of baby equipment and well worth the outlay.

This is the most portable and lightweight cot. I LOVE it!

A friend recently lent me this portacot to see if I liked it. I had my heart set on a different portacot, so had nothing to lose trying this. But now I just love it, and have now bought it. It fit in my suitcase on a recent interstate trip, then when I was on the tram I had it in the pram undercarriage. My family were very surprised when I said I was going to set up the portacot for Bub to sleep because they couldn’t see I had one with me. I found it easy to set up (have found on other reviews its hard). Bubs slept in there as good as she would her on cradle. The side zip to put bubs in is a GREAT idea, and I wouldn’t purchase one that didnt have this feature, as it would be too hard on my back. Fantastic product, no issues with the mattress as I blew it up tight, and it goes in its own zip compartment under the cot so there are no issues with it rolling up or being unsafe. All of the zips have toggles to secure them so bubs cant play with them. Very safe, very easy.

Great for travelling (traveller v4)

We went on a 5 week holiday overseas and wanted to make sure we had a safe place for our 6 month to sleep. We started her sleeping in it a week before we left just to make it a space she was used to. Our baby also started to sleep on her belly (she refuses to sleep any other way).

I found the setup to be super easy (5 minutes). The supplied mattress protector was a bit if a hassle to put on when the air mattress is full. We stayed at 7 different locations so it gets top marks for portability.

I also found that my druelling baby ended up with a very wet and chaffed face. We solved this by spreading a cloth nappy flat on the inside of the mattress to wick away the druel. We also were concerned about the mattress on the floor so we placed the whole cot on a towel so the cold floor didn't affect her. She slept ok in the cot. I also found that blowing a bit of extra air before tightening it helped give a safe firm mat.

We found the side entry super useful, especially since my wife had a sore back.

The mesh goes right to the bottom and we found that good for our particular situation as our baby kept on rolling towards the sides with her face against the mesh. She could still breath easily through the mesh.

The whole thing was solid if installed correctly. We went to baby bunting and thought it was flimsy, but if you push the plastic bits into the legs properly, the whole thing is very sturdy.

It was super light. We carried it in our luggage. We put it through luggage when coming back, but we wrapped all the legs in the cot fabric and stuffed some clothes in the bag ends to protect it as well as wrapping it in plastic (survived the trip).

Overall, we were really happy with our buy. At first we thought of getting a baby Bjorn portacot, but it is quite bulky and heavy. Whilst the mattress is thin, its probably more suited to a belly sleeping baby. We found the other beds to be too soft. We were also fortunate to price match it for cheaper.

This cot doesn’t comply with safety standards

I have recently found out from Kidsafe Qld that this cot doesn’t comply with safety standards because of the self inflating mattress which curls up at the sides and is a danger plus the zips which the baby could open and get their head stuck in. I bought one of these from baby bunting and am alarmed to find out that they sell products that aren’t even safe for children or that Phil and teds could make a product that isn’t safe!

Excellent portacot

Very light and portable. Does not take up much space. Initially purchased it to take camping but saw more use staying in hotels and with friends and relos.
To be critical it can be difficult to put up/take down but if you use regularly you get used to it. We always had a soft matt or additional padding underneath as the air matress was a insufficient when on hard floors. A shagpile rug or a few hotel towels was usually enough. However that would take up too much space and no longer be portable etc. Getting in amd out from the top is a killer in your back so use the side net. Wish zipper was quieter for resetting. I know I've listed a few negatives but it is good for what it is and how much we used it.

Glad I bought it.

We bought this for our 2.5 year old to sleep in on a recent holiday and were very pleased with how well he slept and fitted in it.
It was quick and easy to put together and pull apart (you don't PUSH the buttons in to disassemble, simply hold the frame and pull the legs off and they come off without too much effort).
My only niggle with it is that attaching the mattress to the clips in each corner is very fiddly, so I've knocked a star off for that, but this cot is otherwise excellent.

Great frame but terrible mattress and service

We received this bed with an already dubious mattress. Unfortunately on holiday we realised it was losing air during the night. So far the company is yet to offer a replacement saying there is nothing wrong with it. I am familiar with these type of mattresses and never had an issue in the past. It has been a nightmare getting decent service.
I really regret getting this expensive bed. Great idea but of little use when the already thin mattress holds no air and your infant ends up spending the night sleeping on the hard floor.

Can fit it in your suitcase!

We borrowed this from a friend and liked it so much we bought one ourselves. It's very light and, best of all, can fit entirely into one of our big (but not massive) suitcases which a) gives it good protection as it does come in a rather thing travel bag and b) means you don't have one extra thing to carry (so long as you don't need the space in the case of course).

The mattress is a wee bit thin so we tend to put a blanket underneath for extra padding, but the cot itself is sturdy, easy to assemble (it takes a few minutes the first time but after that it's straightforward) and our 10-month-old sleeps well in it. And the side zips are a definite plus!

Really love it. Glad i chose it

So I spent time researching and then went into baby shops looking at travel cots and was underwhelmed to say the least.
I saw the P&T Traveller and other similar brands. Well I decided to pull down and put up them in the middle of Babies R us. Typically no staff around to help or ask what was i doing. I roadtested 3 brands just putting them up and down. I can see where the money is in the design.
Once you get the hang of it - its easy.
I bought the net on top (separately) for upcoming camping trip.
The matress is thin but has a valve in it to puff it up with air a little. (I blow into it) and seal it off.
My 5.5 month old who isnt a day sleeper has had two naps in alternate locations during the day.
It has a white sheet and its light and within 5mins its up and ready to go.
Glad I chose it.
A word that the carry bag is thin material and wouldnt stand up to rough treatment I dont think.

Lightweight but not ideal

Loved the small size of the cot once it is taken apart - great for travelling. It takes a bit to get used to assembling it, but once you do it takes two minutes to put together or dismantle. But there are some major issues we have had:
The mattress sags in the middle so it is not a flat bed and an older toddler ends up basically sleeping on the floor.
The base is kind of suspended by small ropes to each leg, but whenever you move the cot even slightly these ropes come out from the leg, meaning the base is no longer supported. Essentially every time you move the cot, you have to plug these ropes back in, so you can't move it even slightly.
The side zip sounds good to save your back but it isn't a single zip like a tent door - there is a top zip and side zips that completely separate, and trying to reattach these in the middle of the night in the dark is impossible.
The self inflating mattress is a bit of a pain to deflate and doesn't provide much cushioning - we ended up buying an extra foam insert.
The design of the end pieces is such that it is confusing which part is for the legs, and which is for the side struts. You get to the last stage of construction only to realise you've done it wrong and have to start again.
We loved the idea of a very portable cot but will be going back to the bulky traditional style, unfortunately.

Easily damaged on planes

We were delighted with the cot when we first got it in terms of the lightness and ease of carry. However this all came undone when one metal leg was damaged on the very FIRST flight we took with it. One leg was bent and we cannot straighten it which means the cot is wobbly, and possibly unsafe to use. When we got back and approached the company they told us it was the airlines fault and to contact them. When we contacted the airline they told us all claims must be within ten days of the flight in question. Unfortunately we were outside that time limit, so now we have spent a lot of money on something we feel wary of using again due to the safety aspect. Quite apart from the ways the company fobbed us off I do wonder what the point of a travel cot is if it is so very easily damaged in travel - the very use it was designed for???

Fabulous travel option

We have had many portable cots over the years, however, bought this especially for traveling overseas to Asia. Our toddler loves this cot and it is so light and compact. We find it quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. We will never use another port-a-cot again! Love, love, love!!

Fantastic when you know how to use

I travel approximately monthly. I wanted a light portacot but I held off from buying one because the bjorne was too expensive, the valco looked flimsy and the shop assistants struggled to dismantle the phil and ted. After a horrible night while on holidays my husband decided to bite the bullet and buy one. Again we watched another shop assistant struggle with the phil and ted and we were left staring at the bjorne price tag. My husband started checking through these reviews and found the comment about dismantling; stand on base and lift. Woohoo! It worked a treat and we bought one! I can't believe the staff couldn't pull it apart correctly. It's the worst marketing for phil and ted.
The cot is fantastic, especially the feature of the zipper on the side panel, something the expensive model doesn't have. It allows me to get down to his level during those tough times, saving my back.
Pros: easy to assemble and dismantle (stand on base and lift). Side panel zips open to save back. Great size. Would recommend
Con: we lay an extra bit of padding underneath, but which travel light portacot don't?


This is the only port-a-cot we own. We've travelled overseas a number of times and have put 2 kids through it. Light, study and easy to use. I see my friends using the massive standard portacots and I just don't know why you would bother. This is so much easier to use and more comfortable for the bub, since there's a real mattress not just a couple pieces of thin foam.

push buttons

I was turned off buying this due to the buttons being difficult to push in as I had read on previous reviews. After visiting the baby shop I was informed they are not designed to be pushed in. To disassemble you simply pull the leg upwards with your foot on the little foot and they click out. I have since ordered one. Just a thought for people who are having trouble with the buttons

Great product and amazing customer support

We purchased the Phil & Teds Traveller for our oversea holiday with our 2 yr old son at the beginning of 2015. Our son is quite a tall toddler and the portacot had plenty of room for him to feel comfortable. We are travelling again in August 2015 and look forward to using the portacot again.

A lot of people seem to have difficult the with assembly / disassembly of the portacot, but I have not had this issue. The portacot seems to be constructed in such a way that it can not be easily be pulled apart by a toddler pushing on the inside frame, which is a good thing!

Overall, I highly recommend this product. Our son slept very well in this portacot, which allowed us to have a enjoyable holiday. I honestly don't think there is anything better currently available.

Light weight & Extremely Portable
Safe and comfortable (fantastic mattress!)
Still usable for a older toddler
Strong and great shape for sleeping child next to bed
Price, not as expensive as the competitors.

Can be initially tricky to dissemble, but can be overcome with some common sense and a pen to push the tabs in.

Finally, I want to mention the incredible customer support I received from Phil & Teds. I contract them via website and had my issue / concern dealt with immediately. I can not remember the last time I got such great support from a company. Well done Phil & Teds, the combination of a great product at a reasonable price with the amazing customer support has won by support.

Fabulous, light and easy for travel...

I have been using this travel cot for my daughter since she was about 6 months old - she is now two and there is still plenty of room for her to sleep. As noted by others, it isn't the widest of cots but when your trying to fit a cot in between the wall and a bed - you don't want it to be huge - especially with many hotel rooms being on the small side. A couple of people have mentioned that they found the traveller unstable. I'm wondering if they might have put the wrong legs in the wrong spots - especially if they only just purchased it. I tend to leave the legs semi-attached when I pack it up so it will be quicker to reassemble but one time I didn't. The next time I put it together I realised that I had feet pointing in different directions (2 of them were in the wrong spot). The feet need to be pointing outwards on a wide angle; outwards from the long side of the cot. My daughter has pushed against it, leans right over with her head and arms over the top and we have never had a problem with it so much as lifting even slightly. If the buttons on the poles are a bit stiff at first, spray a tiny bit of CRC or other type of lubricant on them before you go (CRC can smell so do it early). Yes, the traveller does tend to sag slightly in the middle so I have got in the habit of putting a folded towel or light blanket under the cot for a little extra support (you can always find something in a hotel room). My daughter is now a tummy sleeper (as of about 7 months) and I don't find it a concern. The mattress on the traveller is supposed to be quite firm too. If it wasn't it would pose more of a sids risk. The mattress on the version that I have is very similar to a hiking mattress in that its thin, it self inflates and you can blow a bit more air into it if you want to. You can get a slim shadee accessory which is a shaded mesh cover for the top. This will keep bugs out for outdoor use but if used at night can provide some blockage of light in a hotel room etc. It also provides a platform for something really light like a muslin wrap to be thrown over the top only, to also help block some light. First time assembly you will probably take 10-15 min to put it up. Once you are clear on what goes where, it will take about 5 min up and 5 min down. Big tip - make sure all the metal parts are wrapped within the fabric and mesh part of the cot when you put it in its bag. This way when the baggage handler throws the cot around or jams it up against other bags, the metal doesn't poke its way through the fabric of the bag. I learnt this one the hard way but have not had a problem since!

No regrets!

No regrets with my purchase. I found it easy to assemble first time and found it just as quick to disassemble. A great size and so light - we expect to get tons of use out of it. Gonna be awesome for camping... Highly recommend.

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One of the legs broke, is it possible to find a replacement? (Im in perth) Thanks
No answers

Hi I just bought the latest version of traveller cot (version 4) and was wondering why it is so much shorter than the previous version (I think the sleep area is over 30cm shorter) - also why my cot doesn't have those infamous clips that secure the mattress to the cot base - are they not necessary - or is my cot less safe without them?
1 answer
I am not sure whether in Europe they sell exactly the same model but my version 4 is 120cm by 60cm big. The clips are present on mine and you absolutely need some way to secure the mattress to the bed. I know that in Canada the bed was discontinued due to the clips not meeting their safety standards so I do not know if that has something to do with it. I suggest you contact P&T directly or return the bed if you do not feel comfortable with it.

Is the zip on just the side of the portacot or the front? i have a 9 month old that i want to secure in the cot so if he can escape its not good for us...
1 answer
My model is the slightly older one but the makers thought of escapees. The zip pull is on the outside and there's a loop and toggle that can be done up to prevent little fingers opening it.

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