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Bakers Delight Chia Wholemeal

Bakers Delight Chia Wholemeal

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A dessert companion to the bread: Chia and Fruit Loaf : Bakers' Delight.

This is not the wholemeal Bakers Delight loaf, but the Chia and Fruit loaf. ..and alternative dessert companion to the Chia Wholemeal bread.
Wow, It is like a fruitcake without the spice. It is very rich with fruit and delicious. It is sold in half loaf sizes, and seeded with the chia seeds, or as an alternative, sunflower seeds. It is a sweet bread, and you'd not think of putting butter on it. It is too delicious for that.
Yes, I could snack on it and eat it in no time, and it is a little expensive, compared to breads, but this is a delicious treat, made of natural fruits and seeds, based on a wholemeal loaf. However, if you are a coffee and cake person, well, you get the whole loaf for a taste of something in a coffee shop, so it is a matter of perspective.
You will get all your fibre needs in a couple slices, and there is no added sugar and plenty of taste ( for a person who is not keen on fruit cake). It is dense with fruit, no ordinary sultana loaf- but a true heavily packed fruit loaf.

Can’t get enough

This is one of those delicious, classic and healthy bread I ever tasted. I love wheat bread and I'm a fan of it. Perhaps I tried numerous breads already but this one is unique and tasty - perhaps because of "Chia"? Overall, this bread something to keep for breakfast everyday and best for sandwiches for weight conscious.
tasty, delicious, chia
slightly expensive


When I tried Chia wholemeal bread, I had no idea just how good it was for everyone, just curious. So double delight, not only do I love the slight crunch of the seeds, but the taste is great. I am always on a form of diet and this product is just a great assistance to that end. "Can have my bread and eat it too" to coin a phrase!

Love It!

I love the chia wholemeal loaf! its sooo tasty! My 2 year old likes it too and will eat the bread on its own if i let him!
Taste, Healthy
Expensive, Goes rotten very quickly


Baker's Delight had this out as samples once so I tried some, it was really nice textured bread so we started buying it. It is slightly more expensive than their other breads but if you have ever tried buying chia seeds they are expensive too. I only wish I could still get it in wholemeal, I have tried making it on my own but its not the same.
Seems to stay really soft compared to other wholemeal bread, but I know Bakers Delight doesn't use preservatives. Has the Chia seeds which are exceptionally good for you.
Very hard to find, the Bakers Delight I usually go to has stopped making it and it seem as though other shops are following suit.


We now use this as our daily bread for toast for breakfast and sandwiches for school. I really like that is has a lot of added nutrients and omega-3 which help maintain a healthy body and also give a full feeling for longer. Baker's Delight bake their products fresh daily so you know that it's the best for your family. You can get it sliced thick or thin instore depending on your needs.
Added nutrients, source of omega-3, great tasting, perfect for toast or sandwiches, sliced to preferred thickness in store, baked fresh daily, no preservatives
You pay a bit more but if you are part of their rewards programme you get a free item for every $35 you spend instore.


Bakers Delight Chia Wholemeal Loaf is great tasting, soft, and fresh. Great for the whole family and good to eat as it is full of extra nutrients.
Loaf this bread, has added nutrients whcih makes it extra good for you! Always tastes fresh and is cooked daily.
I have no cons for Bakers Delight.


Its a nice wholemeal bread with a difference and seems to be healthy because its really fresh (baked fresh each day) and because of the Chia seeds. Its nice toasted for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. It is a healthier option when you want something to eat that should fill you up too. Its a good bread to try and then see if you like it. The rewards program helps with saving some money too.
This is a really tasty bread which I have noticed recently at Baker's Delight. Its got a nice Chia seed crunch to it, which is very mild, yet tasty. We usually have it for breakfast and it doesnt go rotten as quickly as the cheaper store brand ones.
It is expensive and they have stopped making it in one of the local Baker's Delights. So, now we have to go farther to buy it. The rewards program is good, but just buying this bread will not add up the the minimum spend, so we usually have to buy another roll or something as well. But this bread helps.

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Does bakers delight bread have milk in it?
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You would have to ask bakers delight that.

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