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Herman Brot Lower Carb Bread

Latest review: I love that it is yummy. For those who dont like seeds etc or looking for white bread, it's not for you. It is so much like Burgen Soy and Linseed its ridiculous and I loved that bread. Thankyou

Bürgen Fruit & Muesli

Latest review: I crave the Burgen muesli loaf and can’t understand why it is no longer available in Sydney. Please bring it b

Abbott's Village Bakery Country Grains

Latest review: Hi, I was given your bread by a chartiable organisation and it the best bread I have ever tasted, The bread is now 7days old and I thought nI had to toast it but it is still fresh and soft and fresh.

Laucke Crusty White Bread Mix

Latest review: I use it with Panasonic bread machine. This has enough salt. Add other ingredients as directed. I get perfect bread each time. No complaints. It also comes with enough

Lawson's Traditional Bread Settlers Grain

Latest review: I've been buying 4 loaves of this bread a fortnight ever since it hit the shelves, but since the new packaging and recipe change, I've become extremely ticked off with lawsons for changing the breads

Tip Top English Muffins

Latest review: I have bought the English Fruit Muffins a few times hoping that each time there would be a reasonable amount of fruit in them. I have decided not to purchase them again as there was hardly any

Tip Top Cafe

Latest review: Tip top cafe rain toast has deteriorated in size and taste since the recent package style. My husband has been eating it for years and since the change has noticed and complained about the smaller

Country Life Bakery Gluten Free Multigrain

Latest review: Country Life Bread has been our favourite GF bread for 7 years and became the only bread this Coeliac family would buy. Unfortunately this year they have changed the recipe and it is sadly now an

Country Life Bakery Gluten Free Low GI White

Latest review: I love the new c life multigrain,bigger slices,stayed fresher,a makes a great sandwich it doesn’t fall apart like others, thank you .

Abbott's Village Bakery Light Rye

Latest review: Have bought Abbott’s Village grain breads for a couple of years. But recently they have changed their packaging and the quality of the breads. The dough is tasteless and the seeds are almost none e

Bürgen Soy-Lin

Latest review: I have brought this bread for years and had no problem up until the last 6months .Thinking of not buying it anymore, as it goes mouldy in 3 days even if I put it in the

Country Life Bakery Gluten Free White

Latest review: I’ve been buying country life gluten free bread for years until they changed the recipe. It’s now too much like fairy floss. As soon as you bite into it, it dissolves. When I butter it, it goes sog

Tip Top Fruit Breads

Latest review: For the last 6 weeks, Tip top raisin toast , is Stale as, even though, the use buy dates has up to 5 days left. Each slice is like someone left it out todry. The texture is horrible also. I rang the

Bürgen Gluten Free Sunflower and Chia Seed

Latest review: I just bought a loaf of this and love it. Very moist and tasty. It's great toasted and very filling. I found it at Foodworks at Mansfield, Victoria. A great

Bürgen Rye

Latest review: Bought loaf today, very dry and even broke apart as I buttered it so not fresh st all.. very dissapointed! Will not buy again unless there’s a big improvement in i

When in Rome... Eat!!! Pizza

Latest review: By far the best frozen Pizza I've had is Aldi's Woodfired Beetroot & goats cheese.. I'm amazed its so cheap for an item that is actually made in Italy! We garnish it with a few olives and slices of

Tip Top Sunblest

Latest review: Bought a loaf yesterday and have little flying bugs in it. Wth!! I have video Went to make a sandwich but saw the bugs flying around in bag which was still

Abbott's Village Bakery Farmhouse Wholemeal

Latest review: I began buying this bread this year after becoming tired of the cheap ones from Aldi. Its a bit expensive, but I thought may as well try it. Was pleasantly surprised just how tasty it was. The crusts

Coles Gluten Free Bread

Latest review: The bread has a great texture, it's soft and doesn't break apart like it used to. The only thing I don't like is the sweetness. I usually have rice cakes with vegemite so when I had it on the bread

Wonder White Hi-Fibre Plus Sandwich

Latest review: We used to be big fans but for several months now every loaf we buy is stale.......even though it might be a few days from the best before date. But once in a while we DO get a fresh one - so what's

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