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Herman Brot Lower Carb Bread

Herman Brot Lower Carb Bread

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Just great! Love that I can have bread again!

I love that it is yummy. For those who dont like seeds etc or looking for white bread, it's not for you. It is so much like Burgen Soy and Linseed its ridiculous and I loved that bread. Thankyou Thankyou! It lives in the freezer and only pulled out for toasting.

Purchased in August 2019 at Sprout Organic for $7.50.


This is by FAR the best low carb bread on the market. If I didn't know it was low carb, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. How about some pizza bases?

I Can Eat Bread Again!!!

Because of the price I have been reluctant to buy this bread but last week I decided to try it and OMG, this would have to be the best low carb bread on the market today. I have missed toast so much. The crunch is perfect and one slice actually fills you up! I popped mine straight in the freezer to keep if fresh. So glad to see so many stores stocking this bread, I will definitely be buying this bread again!

Best low-carb bread around. Tastes like real bread!

I have tried other low-carb breads and they either have a foul consistency (rubber or wettex) or taste like cardboard. This bread was such a nice surprise – seedy and delicious like NORMAL bread. It tastes a lot like Burgen's Soy Linseed loaf to me. Great toasted or fresh as a sandwich.

Better than anything!

This bread is simply amazing. It beats all other low carb breads on the market, and all recipes to bake at home - HANDS DOWN. Tastes exactly like my favourite high carb Soy and Linseed bread. I feel SOOOO lucky to have stumbled across it. Thanks.

Fantastic bread

The best low carb/high protein bread ever! I buy mine in my local Drake Foodland. Freezes great and is just perfect for me. I freeze it in 2slice portions. More expensive in the health food shops though.

Great if we could have a GROUNDED seed version

It is a tasty lower carb option. Seeds are good and important but it would be great if we had a ground seed version. Whole seeds are bad for IBS, Diverticulitis, other colon issues and for people who wear dentures. SO good that we can have bread delivered to our door now. Well done and thanks.

A delicious low carb bread, the best I have tasted

A healthy delicious low carb bread. I have been looking for the perfect bread for so long, thank you for making this bread.

Surprisingly nice for a low carb bread.

I really do like the taste of this low carb bread, but I wish there weren't so many seeds. unfortunately, the seeds get under my dentures making it almost impossible to eat. Do you make a seedless loaf.?

Super filling wonderful tasty texture.

Was told about this bread, found it. Over the moon , I love the taste, the fact it is low calorie and carbohydrates. Would like to know if the wheat is pure and unadulterated.Have just read how bread is causing so many immune problems, which I have. Don't want to live without bread but have to shed kilos.I could eat this all the time as long as I know the flour is not a problem. It does have several wheat products, hopefully you can answer me on this. But.......I love it !!!!!!!!

This is perfect for me - just what I needed as I enjoy bread but needed a low carb one. Thank you!

I love the bread & the seedy texture. Had it toasted with avocado & grated lite chese. Very satisfying. Being on a low-carb diet I was very excited to find a tasty alternative with 95% less carbs than normal bread. Found a store easily using the store locator. I bought it at a Drake Foodland. Looking forward to trying the pasta.☺

cant get past the texture.

I was very excited to find this bread in foodland. The taste is fine, it taste like a seedy bread. I just cant get past the rubbery texture. Tried toasting it, still rubbery. It might suit other people, just not for me.


This was the best low carb bread I have tried.
Taste was good, just wish more stores had in stock.


The best thing ever was missing my bread eating low carb and this is just what I needed. Tastes like a seeded bread with lots of fibre ...have only used it toasted. I am considering making bread crumbs out of it also as a coating for snitzel so I don't feel as though I am being left out when others indulge. Just wish all the supermarkets stocked it as it is hard to come by unless you order it on line. I believe they also have a low carb pasta and muesli. I found mine at IGA not all of them stock it though.

Better than I thought

This bread is the best of the low carb breads I've tried. It has a decent texture and taste. It doesn't bloat me, it's high in fibre and helps me to feel satiated for longer. It's a little pricey but worth it and not easy to come by in the stores. I buy it from an IGA superstore.

Best thing ever

Firstly it's one of the few truely high protien breads out there.
But also I quite like the taste. I always will be a fan of just good old white bread, but as I'm not a fan of the taste of other healthier types of bread like wholemeal, I was quite surprised by the taste of this.
My only complaint is it's hard to find.

Actually resembles bread!!

I have tried many lower carb breads - from those that claim to be low carb which are not really and those which are low carb and taste terrible. This bread actually tastes like a dark rye and has a lovely nutty flavour. Toasts up wonderfully and great to have with avocado, egg and bacon. This morning I had it as a base for grilled cheese. So yummy and keeps me within my daily carb count. Thank goodness I have found it. Available at health food stores. Not cheap but when you consider how much it would be to make it, it's worth it!


No clue what the other blogger is on about!! I LOVE this bread. I have tried several low carb breads and this is the winner by far. I buy regularly and just wish my local IGA stocked it. My partner also loves it and you can not tell the difference at all between this and regular bread (even when toasting it).

Ticks the healthier bread boxes

This bread delivers on its claims, it is low sugar, high fibre, lower carb (5.4g per 100g), higher protein and low GI (24). That's the up-side.
The first down-side is the price, I paid $8, but the biggest downside is the taste. Eating this bread was the single most joyless eating experience I've had. I love really grainy bread but the texture of this is rubbery, it's really awful when toasted (crunchy on the outside doughy rubber in the middle) and it just doesn't taste good.
I tried hard to keep eating it every morning to finish the loaf but in the end I just couldn't do it, I know it's better for me but life is too short to eat bread as tasteless and rubbery as this.

This of course is just my opinion, give this bread a go, if you like it then lucky you because it probably is better for you, I also appreciate what the company is trying to do.

Questions & Answers

How can I make the bread last longer. After about 4 days it developes a white mildew like powder, which doesn't alter the flavour, just what if anything I can do?
1 answer
Freeze it.

Where is this available in Adelaide?
2 answers
hi i found this in foodland edwardstown. im sure the other big foodlands carry it.Im in Victoria but if you go into their website you will find a store locater https://hermanbrot.com.au/store-locator/?state=SA

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