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Bakers Delight Ham and Mustard Pickle Twirl

Bakers Delight Ham and Mustard Pickle Twirl

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Love the Ham & Pickle Twirl from Baker's Delight. Great for an on the go lunch. Light but one is just filling enough. Pickle is not overpowering and just a light sprinkling of cheese. I usually buy two as someone always tries to steal the other half of my single one at work
Inexpensive, Ready to grab on way to work & tasty


overall a nice snack anytime of the day, it is cheesy and soft on the inside with loads of flavour in such a little snack
the ham and mustard pickle twirl is a great lunch time treat or just a snack before dinner, it has a delicious sweet mustard pickle flavour and has a generous amount of cheese and ham in it also, you can break it in 2 and is enough for a light snack for 2 people
i think it is over priced for such a small snack but nice to have once in a while, has to be eaten fresh or it will toughen up by the next day

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