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Bakers Delight Pane di Casa

Bakers Delight Pane di Casa

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One of my favourite Bakers Delight breads

Although I buy other types of bread from Bakers Delight, their Pane di Casa is the one that I buy the most (apart from their Chia and Fruit Loaf). Pane di Casa isn’t quite up to the standard of a handmade loaf from an artisan bakery, but it is still a quality loaf of bread that I love to eat. Pane di Casa has a much better taste and texture compared to the imitation sourdough breads sold in the supermarket.


overall this in my favourite bread and rolls from bakers delight, the loaf would bve perfect for a big cob loaf sandwhich type lunch as it is very dense and would hold up well or perfect for taking the inside out and putting a nice dip into, it does have a better texture and flavour then normal white bread
i love this loaf and the rolls especially, they are very dense and crusty, very tasty chewy texture perfect thing hearty soups or stews, smells devine, lasts pretty well for a couple of days
they are very espensive but worth the money once a while

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is woolworths pane di casa a sourdough bread?
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