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Bakers Delight White Block Loaf

Bakers Delight White Block Loaf

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Best bread ever

I find there is no comparison with this company ! I have bread with the sesame seeds , love the Boston bun ! Disagree with the fact that it does not last ! I have been eating it for years


we love this loaf with the sesame seeds and buy it whenever we go to bakers delight but you really do have to eat it that same day or you will be disappointed
love the blcok loaves with the sesame seeds only, has a great texture and flavour, love that the crust is a little crunchy, smells so devine, perfect for sandwhiches or on its own as it does have better flavour then normal white bread
you have to eat it fresh as the next day does not taste nice at all but you can use it for toast the next day, also quite pricey fo a white loaf

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