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Bamix De Luxe 7BA00180

Bamix De Luxe 7BA00180

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Very poor quality and backup.

After 15 years of faithful service from a Braun stick blender that cost under $100 dollars I thought i would lash out and purchase what was supposedly the best available......Bamix.
The unit broke the mini blender attachment after only a few months and we figured we didn't use it that often and as such wasn't worth fixing.
Now the blender is 2.5 years old and smoke started pouring out of it making a smoothie. I rang Bamix and was told to take it to a service centre where they advised me it would be $35 dollars to look at it and then depending on the problem possibly a further cost to repair it.
So I rang Bamix back and they told me they would pass on the issue to which I received a call from the CEO advising me that if I didn't pay the $35 there was nothing they could do!!!
This appliance barely gets used in our house and now it will be going in the bin!!!!!
Not fit for purpose!

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Disappointing - won't be buying another one!

We have a Bamix deluxe - with the grinder attachment. As a stick blender, it blends very nicely and is easy to clean.

However, when grinding pre-chopped chocolate, the unit broke and after much convincing (of the repair agent) it was replaced under warranty. Then, just over 12 months old and the gearbox broke. We discovered that only the motor is covered by the long warranty, not the internal gearbox (as the repair place referred to it). Again, they tried to suggest that we were working it too hard, which we didn't/. There are very few service centres in NSW which was difficult for us being in country NSW. We had to pay for the repair and since then it now makes a louder sound when operating. It's clearly not long for this world.

We've found it has limited use and has cost us a lot given the repair. No more Bamix for us, we're going to get a decent food processor instead.

Not as good as they used to be.

Had my original Bamix for 30 years and finally the motor gave up. Had to buy a new one four years ago. Had nothing but trouble. Would work for a few seconds then cut out. Rang the retailer as it was still under warranty. They said I would have to take it to a repairer as there was no replacment policy!!!!!!! I took it to the "authorised" repairer who was in Malvern, Victoria. Casing was wrecked when it came back and it worked for a while although was now noisy. Bought a cheap one and have been using it ever since. Thought I'd try the Bamix again yesterday and now it doesn't turn on at all! Back to my cheap one!!! Will never recommend Bamix again. The machine is clearly a lemon and considering how much they cost, should have been replaced.
Faulty and no replacement option.

Excellent, small, hard-working replacement for blender

Have had mine for years now and only just starting to use it daily because of changing kitchen habits. We make a lot of soups now, and breakfast smoothies, all of which are easily handled by this fantastic hand-blender.
SO easy to clean afterward!
Just put it in a glass of water to rinse and take off blade and wash separately in soapy water if there are still things stuck to it - but that usually isn't necessary as the first wash is effective if done immediately.
I put it into a huge pot of vegetable soup, with chunks of all sizes, and within a few minutes, all of it is reduced to a smooth consistency. Perfect for pumpkin soups in my household. We add cream cheese right at the end and even that large chunk of solid, soft cheese is easily blended into the soup.
Grinds everything but I especially love the ground coffee beans.
Fantastic for smoothies done directly in the glass - a hard, thick glass, though.
Crushes ice in drinks to make slushies in summer.
Cannot ask for more usefulness in any kitchen appliance.
It works hard, does not rust, does not heat up in the motor area significantly, easy to hold, simple to clean; absolutely fantastic!
So reliable. I've used it so often, I can't live without it now.
everything. it does everything it is supposed to do. better than a fixed blender for most things and far easier to clean.
nothing! wish it was marketed more so everyone could realise its usefulness. release a recipe book perhaps?


My model is 20 years old, so not identical. (It's 140W, the mill design has changed a bit, but apart from that it's the same.) It was an engagement present from my Mum and has served me well. I would have like to have replaced my mill lid, but as the design has changed I would need a whole new mill. Instead I plan to treat myself to another new model - a pity to retire such a reliable appliance.
Mine is 20 years old and still going. It has always been handy to use (I get put off getting out contraptions that will take ages to clean and pack up.) I love the grinder which I frequently use to grind dried chick peas, rolled oats or biscuits. I love the wand design which will fit into a can of tomatoes.
My mill has got a bit of rust, and the thread of the plastic lid has broken so I have to hold it down. Also my blades got a bit loose over time and would fall off - my husband squeezed them tighter with pliers to fix that. The only thing it doesn't do is whip egg whites for pavlova.


If you're the kind of person that likes to throw away your kitchen appliances as soon as they are out of warranty then the Bamix is not for you. One of the biggest complaints I've heard about it is the price (around $280 AUD), yet when you consider that most Bamix's last at least 10yrs of continuous use its extremely good value for money and costs only about half the price of a cheap stick-mixer, $28 per year. I've used all sorts of stick mixers ranging from $20 to around $100 and all of them were a waste of money. The $100 one blew-up less than 3 months after I bought it. The build quality of the Bamix, which is so rarely seen in any electrical appliance these days is what you are paying for. It's an appliance that has been engineered to last hard wear and refined over the past 50yrs. If your Bamix ever does need repair, parts are easy to get and it's well worth any cost of repairs. Even 30yr old Bamix's sell online for $100 secondhand, that's how good they are. It's pretty amazing that a 30yr old Bamix is still working.

The Deluxe model is one of the best value for money packages from Bamix. It comes with a slightly higher powered motor, a benchstand and a grinder all for around $60 more than the budget Mono model. The additional ability to grind, coffee, nuts and herbs makes the Bamix that much more versatile. Considering you may need to mail order these accessories later you will save a packet in shipping as well by buying the Deluxe upfront.

What I enjoy most about the Bamix is the blade guard design. You know how annoying it is to get the food out of a full skirt guard found on most stick mixers? You're tempted to put your fingers in around the blade to get the food out. Bad idea. The Bamix has an open prong design which means you can get the food out by tapping the shaft against your hand. Running tap water is also sufficient to clean it because any food lodged there easily falls away.

I tested the grinder with about 3/4 cup of nuts and it reduced those to breadcrumb texture in less than 10 secs. A filter coffee grind from beans takes a little longer at about 20secs on the high setting. You won't get an espresso grind from this machine as you need a conical bur to get the fine powder that espresso requires. The grinder has a usable capacity of up to one cup of ground material. A nice touch to the grinder is the presence of a rubber o ring on the underside to give the grinder grip on your bench and prevent slippage while using it.

I made a frappe next with ice cubes and fruit. The chopping blade will happily liquify this although it's better to add the ice cubes once the liquid has been started as they shave more easily when they are free to move about in the cup. Something I've noticed is best with all stick blenders actually. I don't mind my frappes fibrous but if you want it dead smooth then you'll need to use the whipping blade after you've liquified it.

The Bamix will not replace a food processor for slicing and mincing large volumes of vegetables and meats, nor will it suffice for a cake mixer either. It's not intended for either of those jobs. What it is good for is on-the-go blending, whipping, mincing and grinding of small quantities of food. For a single person it's brilliant as an allround kitchen appliance. Cooks will find it handy for the numerous little jobs in the kitchen which make getting a larger appliance out a chore.

It's intended to be kept on the bench, ready to go and to hand at all times. For best use have a pickle jar with warm water on your bench while you use it. That way you can use it, rinse off in the jar and put it back in the cradle in one operation, saving mess and drips on your bench.
Build quality that's extremely rare these days. Made In Switzerland not China.
Well designed, the handgrip is comfortable and ergonomic and the footprint of the stand is tiny yet it's not tippy at all.
Very quiet and low vibration which is important if you need to use it at ungodly hours.
5yr warranty, important as most products these days aren't made to outlast the warranty.
Value for money. When you consider a Bamix will last you 5-10yrs min, you are only paying $25-$50 per year of use which is half the price of a cheap mixer.
Curly telephone style cord, I'm amazed more appliances don't have these because it keeps the cord out of your work and does away with any need for a cord storage spot on the stand.
You have to find a specialist supplier to buy it. Only the high-end kitchen shops have it and you may need to mail order it.
Not well known anymore which leads a lot of people to think it's simply an overpriced product, a bit more marketing could help it a lot.

I work at London and American Stores in Melbourne and we started stocking Bamix because people asked for it by name. I have not had a single one returned! We sell the accessories as well. All current accessories are compatible with all Bamix, old and current. So you can buy a new mill for your old model if you want to. They used to come with a 10 year warranty but they recently bumped it out to 20 years. I'm currently trying to decide whether to buy myself the entry level Classic in a cheerful colour or the Deluxe with useful bits and higher rpm.Had mine for almost 6yrs now and it still works as new. Never had an issue with it.

Another wonderful, reliable kitchen tool!

Very happy that i invested my hard earned money into a reliable, capable kitchen appliance. i used to buy cheap appliances that i was never happy with and couldn't last the distance or do the job i required. now i can have the bamix on my kitchen wall and use it all the time. makes great cappuccino froth with the milk, beats and whips and grinds. blends my great big pots of soup. strong and reliable. and really quiet.
Love that i can put this blender straight into the hot pot of chunky soup and blends easily!!

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What a $#@* review. Why is this better than the Braun (as an example). I know the Sunbeam weighs a ton - and therefore sucks .. but as someone who has bought "cheap appliances" in the past, you sound more like a sock puppeter. Go Braun :) PS I don't work for Braun, it's just better than the Sunbeam and the noname cheap ones i've used.


First case. I used it to blend mushroom to make mushroom soup. Pan fried button mushroom and throw them into chicken stock, then use Bamix to blend the mushroom and bring to boil. The soup turned out fantastic. Mushroom blend is consistent.

Second case. I used it to crunch digestive cookies for cheesecake base. The cookie base is strong with consistent crunch using Bamix.

Third case. I used it to make strawberry smoothie. Using skim milk & fresh strawberry, mix them well and taste fantastic.

I like it the fact that the attachments are not sharp edge. Bamix doesnt believe in sharp attachment but speed and consistent to produce good food. With 17,000 rpm speed, I dont any other stick blender can do the job like Bamix.
Blends & mixes well. Used it to make variety food.
Accessories are optional. But consider the machine is made in Switzerland, paid the price for quality & technology of the product.

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De Luxe 7BA00180
Price (RRP) $360
Mixing Speeds2
Release dateOct 2007

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