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Bamix Swissline 7BA00240

Bamix Swissline 7BA00240

7BA00240D and 7BA00240
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Bamix is the best stick Blender

I bought a Bamix 33 years ago, in fact in December, 1985! It is still working perfectly, the only problem I have now is that I cannot change the attachment. So I am thinking of buying a replacement. Bamix of course. I recommended it to my friends and they are all happy with it.

Purchased in December 1985 at David Jones Retail Stores for $125.00.

Long life

I bought a Bamix blender 30 years ago and it has only just stopped working. It stopped because I dropped into a sink full of water.
I would recommend to anyone as they are strong, reliable and easy to use.

Date PurchasedFeb 1998

Its a really good stickblender

I bought this stick blender to replace a cheaper one . I am forever replacing cheap stick blenders that only just live their warranty and thats all. I decided i want one for keeps this time. Bamix has a ling warranty and have been around for years so i trust it. It feels better quality the instant you use it. The motor sounds like it runs smoothly compared to my old cheapie which sounded rough and tinny.
Mine came in a set called Baking Box and for a good price so i got a whole heap of attachments with it. I use a full size processor so the mini one with the Bamix likely wont get much use. The grater attachment diesnt really do cheddar cheese real well but fir small amounts is ok. I have ground nuts and coffee beans so the mill is good for that. Its convenient enough to take camping ( powered camp site obviously) if you are that way inclined. I have used it for dough kneading which i thought was a bit meh.. but as a straight up stick blender its fine. If pureed soup, mashed potato etc all the usual stickblender stuff and its perfect. I have tried eggwhites and that makes the job very easy, ive used it in my morning smoothies and is also good. I have made mayo with the whisk and this is very convenient.
Overall im perfectly satisfied with it as a stick blender, as a mini food processor it is ok, as a mill it is also A-ok.
Most certainly better than the cheap blenders i had previously used.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

So disappointing wish I had bought a Braun

Having had 2 Braun stick mixers in my life I thought it time to splurge- wish I hadn't- I much prefer my two old Braun's (the last one lasting around 8 years before a tiny plastic cog broke when I was trying to crush ice with juice for a smoothy!-yes I know it is not designed for it).
We make a lot of Indian/Asian dishes that often require pastes- (garlic/onion/ginger) so having done what I thought was enough research purchased the swissline with the "dry mill" yes I know I was hoping it did the job of our fantastic Braun mill but it does not. The Bamix mill thing is useless- too small, can only mix dry ingredients and so far still has not doe a good job. Really only good for making a tiny amount of breadcrumbs.
I suppose this is because Bamix want you to purchase the mini magimix (I think the companies are related) which is more money and another thing to clutter the kitchen. Our Braun did it all.
Buy a Braun- it probably won't last as long but at least it does all the jobs and there is no messing with the fiddly "parts" on the Bamix.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Couldn't live without it!!

I have a 2012 model (not too sure which one) of this stick blender and I don't understand the negative reviews. Mine can make almonds, wheat, rice, into a very fine flour in about a minute. It's quite amazing. Soup, almonds for almond milk, smoothies, all very quick and easy. I came from a cheaper unknown brand stick blender with a blade so sharp it would cut me when I washed it, and I really liked it. It really struggled with ice though. I was given this as a present. Switching over I thought the Bamix one was no good at first with the blunt mixer but you just need to trial and error how to use it correctly with pulsing, using high and low settings, with the correct attachments. The blunt curved attachment is surprisingly capable, with such fast RPM it blends without a blade. It pulverises ice in about 30 seconds once you have your own technique down. I grind flaxseeds weekly using the small round grinding bowl attachment and I really have to be careful not to turn them into dust, it is that powerful!

So disappointing!!!!

Always fancied a Bamix given all the hype around how it can do this and that and will last a lifetime being such great quality etc so got one from Lakeland and found it was a total disappointment blending soup leaving unblended bits in it. Maybe if I had persisted and spent 30 minutes I would have got the consistency I required but hey ho there are more interesting things to do in life. Took it back and got a refund from good old Lakeland. Gone back to my old Chef Tony stick blender which whizzes through the soup blending it to a smooth consistency in seconds.
Don't understand how Bamix have got so stuck in the past.

Don't Fool Yourself With All The Good Reviews

I bought it because of the amount of positive reviews and I had to write something here because it is so disappointing, the Bamix blender is totally useless. I had one from tesco before for 10 pounds and it worked much better. The Bamix have everything you don't need, it is not practical (the end doesn't separate so you have difficulty to wash it) it doesn't blend properly, last time it took me almost 30 minutes to make a houmous from cheackpeas. I have now a Braun and it is another world. So Bamix, I don't know if they write the review themselves but never more!


I don't think it is worth the money, I have only had it a short time and already need to spend more money on a spare part. They are so small that I must have thrown it in the bin with peelings. Also the blades in the blender seem to require a fare bit if volume before it begins grinding to a decent consistency and nevr reaches the consistency I require with spices and coffee beans etc.
Oct 2015 and need another part...
grinder not sufficient

So very disappointed

I have had this Bamix for a few years now and find it next to useless in the kitchen, to the point where I hardly use it. It seems ok when it comes to power but is just not effective. For example (compared to the three other stick blenders I have used or owned before - Braun x 2, Sunbeam and Bosch) this Bamix can hardly even puree pumpkin soup. It takes AGES to get a smooth enough result. Using any of these other blenders would have taken less than half the time and I am not exaggerating. It makes an average pesto, slowly. Forget about spices or ice, wouldn't even bother to try.
It is definitely not worth the money. I cook a lot and have used others in my Mum's and friends kitchens (paying more attention after noticing how useless my Bamix was) and almost any other stick blender I have picked up performs better. I thought I would like the stainless steel stick design, but as it is fixed to the motor, you have to hold that part out of the water to wash the stick - annoying. I also find removing the blade to use the container/blade option really fiddly and difficult.
I did some research before buying it but seemed to have been swayed by people who were in love with their 20 year old Bamix and I don't think this product lives up to that reputation at all. Look elsewhere people - this product is not worth the money.

My Favourite in the Kitchen by Far!!!!

My mum bought me a second-hand bamix (with stand & grinder dish) over 10 years ago at a garage sale for $40!! It is the most awesome little appliance and I use it many times a day!! It is extremely powerful, takes a couple of seconds to clean (literally), makes everything easy and has never given me an ounce of trouble. When I go on holidays, it goes in my suitcase and comes with me!!!. I make my own fresh almond milk with it, delicious smoothies, grind nuts, dips, sauces etc. etc. I hope it never dies!!!
Pros: Small - stays on my bench in stand, fast & easy to clean, powerful

Best kitchen investment

Bought my bamix 2 months ago and have been using it almost everyday for my kitchen works.
I have been wanting a stick blender and was putting my eyes into Braun one before I read a lot of good reviews about Bamix. So I did get Bamix and it is the best decision I ever made. I firstly thought to use it mainly to puree baby food but now I use it fo almost everything. My pumpkin soup turns to a very smooth texture, hot chocolate turns out perfectly, smoothies made just within a minute or less. Mine comes with the SliceSy and it really helps me in the kitchen a lot. I was thinking to get a nice food processor but not anymore since I have SliceSy. I just hope it will last forever as what people said, as it is quite pricy but it is a good investment I said.
Very powerful, all jobs done within minutes. So far it never fails me.
Quit expensive but I think it is worthy


It took a bit of courage to buy this as it was soooo expensive! I paid $297.95 (online) though I got a 5 year warranty. I've used it for half a year now, and I must say having it on my bench top all the time has been good for a lazy person like myself. The swissline is probably one of the most economical sets because it comes with a stand (and I can store the blades and processor behind it). It doesn't take much space either, and it looks very strong. I expect mine to last at least 10 years...hopefully.
Powerful motor (doesn't overheat and die like cheaper brands), easy to clean, easy storag. Very reliable, consistent (smooth) results.
Expensive! It's also hard to make things in bulk because the separate wet/dry processor can only take a little bit of ingredients at a time. I have to blend my onions in three different batches.


I was searching for a stick blender primarily for baby food and summer smoothies, but I didn't want to clutter my tiny kitchen with a huge blender/processor. I first bought a Sunbeam Stickmaster Pro that quickly failed on me, so I finally decided to consider this an investment and went for the Bamix.

This can be easily considered expensive, but from the moment you first start using it, you do understand that you're getting excellent quality. I know this will definitely outlast all my other kitchen equipment.

Anyone in the market for a stick blender should really, really consider going for a Bamix...even if you need to save up for it a little bit. It's well worth it!
Comes with pretty much all the necessary accessories;
Looks absolutely beautiful straight out of the box;
Using it was SO simple, and it was amazingly quiet
For a stick blender, it's quite pricey, though I did purchase mine at a beautiful bargain.

Questions & Answers

I have a old barmix but now when I put the attachment to use it falls off??? It is my very first appliance that I ever purchase and I still love it. What can I do to stop this?
No answers

I have an old bamix (1980s) which still works very well. Can I use it with a new wet/dry processor? My old one was broken and I really miss it. Jeni Z
1 answer
Yes you can. Go ahead have a ball. Former Australian Bamix Executive Chef Joanne Mansell #scoopygogo

Hello there. Just out of interest, is there a way of finding out how long since the first bamix stick blender was on the market? I got mine in Denmark when I was 17 and it is 46 years ago. I wanted to know if it was one of the first out.
2 answers
Not sure! If you trust Wikipedia they were first made in 1954 (6o years ago)....mine looks 60 but it still blends like it is a teenager!The Bamix is 60 years old. Check this out. you can always email info@bamix.com this is the head office. http://www.bamix.com/en/about-us/vorwort/


Swissline 7BA00240DSwissline 7BA00240
Mixing Speeds22
Price (RRP) $479
Release dateOct 2007
Replaced byBamix Swissline 7BA00240D

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