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Band-Aid Plastic Strips

Band-Aid Plastic Strips

3.7 from 39 reviews

Ineffective and disappointing for the price

Unlike the similar product in the range (Blister Block), this band-aid is surprisingly useless, particularly for its relative high price to other band-aids. The padded area is on the small side, it falls off easily and I didn't find it to have any "advanced healing/less scarring" qualities.

Come off to easily

I used these for blisters on heels but found they came off too easy, they don't stick well at all. And is it just me or have they gotten smaller than the used to be? Waste of money

Too small don't stick when wet

Seems all bandaids these days have been reduced in size. They will not even fit around the base of my finger and they are not wide enough to cover the wound.

Wash your hands and they fall off and that includes the alleged waterproof ones!

One thing is for sure, they will not be able to increase their profits by reducing the size again, if they did they would be totally useless.

Band-Aid All products

Please bring back the original sticking factor that use to work
I am sick of band-aids falling off. Seems to be a money spinner. Not good enough. ACCC should look into this

Change the adhesive back to what it originally was

Since you have changed the adhesive on the bandaids as well as paper tape any other products that need adhesive to stick to the body people are having allergic reactions and it's not good enough. Bandaid should be safe to use not having to give a person an antihistamine after using one of a person is even able to use an antihistamine.and no it's not just me talk to the medical professionals they are constantly seeing these reactions. Don't fix something if it's not broken to begin wirh

Love this band-aid product!

I love this brand of plasters. I always purchase these band-aids over all other products. They stick well and stay in place. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit all sorts of sores and areas of the body.

I like the range they have of characters too as my children love the characters which makes it easy to put bandaids on them.

I have found that the family have all mentioned they like these bandaids the best and have found them the most effective especially my partner who works on construction sites and in the outdoors- they stay on even though they get wet or in the garden etc
Handy, reliable, and very effective.


These are great to have around the house in the medicine cabinet. They are handy to keep in the desk drawer at work and even in your handbag for emergencies. They stay put and keep the area clean from bacteria, water, and dirt. These cost more, but are worth it. I do find it confusing because there are so many varieties and packs, it really takes me some time to figure out the ones I need.
What can I say, just like the other reviewer, we always ask if someone has a Band-Aid, I dont even know what to call it if I didnt call it a Band-Aid. AND it works just perfectly. They stay on tight and are a bit hard to remove, so you cant yank them off like they show on tv.
It is expensive and sometimes I have tried to save money by buying the cheaper brand, and its funny, with those, in some pack, I can buy 100 of the store brand ones for the same price as 25 of Band-Aids, but these work the best.


We don't call ALL sticking plaster no matter what brand 'Bandaids' for no reason. I have tried other brands such as no name supermarket brands with no luck. They are a waste of money due to the fact that if you get any water one them they become unstuck. Sometimes they just slide off without getting wet. I have discovered that you might as well just pay the money and get the ones that work - Bandaids. Comes in lot of different sizes and shapes. Stay put but you must know that at times the wound is better with some air. Bandaids of one of those things that you always need to have in the cupboard just incase.
They are the only brand that stick well and stay where they are supposed to.
Can sting to remove at times. More expensive than other brands.


overall they are great band aids that i will continue to purchase, the dont fall off like cheaper brands, they are great for sensitive skin to as they do not irritate, they are more expensive then alot of other brands but you are paying for quality so definitely worth it, a must for every household
the pack looks great, they are easy to use, they actually stay on and dont fall off like other cheaper brands, they are a brand to trust, quality
they are a little more expensive then other brands however the quality is beeter so it is worth the extra money


Real band aids are just beyond comparison to cheaper options so I am happy to pay extra to buy them. I have never had a problem with band aids not sticking unless they get completely soaked such as in the shower. In my experience they stick better and last longer.
More expensive than other adhesive strips - but can really notice the difference in durability and quality. Don't have any unpleasant effect on sensitive skin.
The individual packets can be a bit tricky to open, but at least I can be sure that they are hygenic.


I'm afraid I cannot highly recommend purchasing Johnson & Johnson's own Band-Aid Plastic Strips. These bandaids slip off at the slightest glimpse of moisture, particularly on fingers and toes. They leave an ugly sticky line once removed which must me scratched away; the last thing one needs surrounding a fresh wound. Whilst they allow the skin to breath, they also allow the dirt to enter the wound. Not the best dressing, particularly not for little ones who are quite rough on such things.
Not much to recommend this product.
Come off when wet. Allow dirt to enter wounds. Leave sticky marks. More expensive than others on the market. Not as effective as fabric strip bandaids.


these band aids are from a trusted brand which is well known. the band aids are quite expensive now compared to other much cheaper brands in the supermarket. I think you get what you pay for as they are nice and sticky and a good skin colour.
good colour, very sticky and lets skin breathe


I use this product on my childrens scraps and scratches. I find that they adhere well to the skin, therefore keeping the wound covered. I myself and a number of people I know have had a bad reaction to this brand of band aid, causing very itchy blisters. However not all people have this reaction and the product is a good quality item.
Good adhesive sticks really well to skin. Very identifiable packaging.
I myself have a reaction to the plastic and come up in small extremely itchy blisters. Also find it to be a lot dearer then other similar brands.


I buy these bandaids because they're cheap, and because I use bandaids like it's nobodies business. I use them mainly on my ankles to stop my shoes from rubbing the skin (I am prone to getting blisters on my feet from my shoes), and these bandaids provide a decent temporary solution. Though they usually fall off after a couple of hours, they sometimes last a bit longer but can easily be replaced (if you're willing to carry around a box of bandaids everywhere like I do). An alright bandaid for the price-- especially considering how expensive most brand are.
There are heaps in a box, they are readily available, you can get a box of normal shaped bandaids or a box of assorted shapes (eg square, thin long ones, big ones, etc).
They don't stick terribly well, and they sometimes stick to the wounds, which is painful and annoying.


These are the original adhesive band aid and they remain a great product. It can be annoying that they will lose their grip after getting wet. They are pretty affordable and you can find these anywhere in shops.
Can find these band aids just about anywhere, there is a lot in the pack so they last awhile. They tend to stick a lot better than more cheaper brands. Not too bad on the price front. Definitely easier to keep on once sealed.
They tend to come away once subjected to watch which can be annoying. The adhesive does not last that long.


I've been using Band-Aids for as long as I can remember and I've always found them to work well on cuts and grazes. They work well on any part of the body, however I find that if I use one on my fingers, and soon as I wash my hands the adhesive loosens and it's not long until I have to change it. It say's it's breathable, but the skin around the wound will still become macerated if you use the Band-Aids for a while. Overall a good product for minor cuts and grazes.
Well priced, doesn't stick too strongly
Not very waterproof (not that they claim to be.)


I have been using this brand as long as I can remember. The old ones stuck really well, you wouldn't find your would wet after a shower. But the newer ones, even if still well priced, are not as waterproof as the old ones. It gets damp easily and sometimes even peeled off in shower. Haven't tried any other brands so stick with this one for now, but have to keep replacing it throughout the day especially if it gets wet
Sticks easily, skin colored so it's not too obvious that you're wearing one
Not as waterproof as the old ones


The original Band-Aid is a versatile, value for money bandage for covering nicks and cuts in an emergency. Although they provide effective coverage when dry, they fall off very easily as soon as they get wet. There are many alternative brands available now which provide similar quality bandages at a cheaper price so it's worth shopping around and trying out some other brands to see if you find a better value product.
The original adhesive bandage, More flexible and manageable than some other brands
Adhesive is not as strong as claimed which means they need to be replaced regulalrly if the get wet


A band aid is a band aid and these type do what they are meant to do. I do prefer the fabric type as they stick on longer. Also these are very easy to get off which is not really the best thing when trying to keep them on little people! For the price you may as well give them a go and keep some in the cupboard.
Its cheap and does its job. Made by a well known brand that you can trust.
These band aids fall off when they get wet. I prefer the fabric band aids because of this.


While these are cheap and easy to find, they don't work very well which makes them a bit of a waste of money. If you cut yourself, put a bandaid on and jump in the swimming pool, twenty seconds later it will be floating next to you. Aside from that being a little bit annoying, it's not very hygienic for everyone else around you. If you're in a hurry and can't find any other bandaids then they'll do, but otherwise there are better plasters out there.
Nice and cheap, well known, trusted brand name, readily available in almost all supermarkets and chemists.
They don't stick very well and fall off as soon as they get wet.

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