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my mother and I loved the (APPLE<CeLery>COCONUt and lemon) juice and just wondering why its not at coles or woolworths and if the company are still making it or not. Berri have no email or contact other then phone and written or facebook so I might ring them if I get desperate. The drink is very nice and hydrating in summer because the electrolites in the ingrediants and we found it great after the flu and I was enjoying it and had it on our regular order per week. Now I feel empty without it. PLEASE BRING IT BACK BERRI!
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Can you tell me why noe off berri grapefruit juice is stocked st coles and Woolworths I always buy it but I can’t find it anywhere can I buy direct from you or where can I buy it?
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hi hmm, berri grapefruit is current in shops but sometimes not online orders we have found. I notice it is back and I love it also. I want to know the same thing about the celery juice berri make. I want to know why berri don't bother to have a email or direct page to write to them like other companies? so they can answer directly and quickly?

Why don’t you make grapefruit juice I can’t buy it anywhere. Any help?
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If i owned it i would... but as im a fitter in kalgoorlie..cheers

I am disappointed that Berrie breakfast juice in the 2.4litre bottles, now does not have a handle to carry it. Please could we have our handles back? Richard Newell.
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Its weird, at my Coles, some of them have the handles, others don't. Agree though, lets bring it back!!I agree and I called them specifically about the missing handle to complain. I found the handle really useful. The 2.4Lt bottle is heavy when it is Full and there is no neck to grab hold of. Often when in the kitchen, your hands aren't dry and trying to pick up a solid rectangle solely by the cap is not easy. Also when you see a Picture of the bottle, the handle is still there but it is no longer supplied when you order a bottle, unfortunately. Why on Earth Was it Removed?

We use a lot of your Berri Grape Juice. Now I discover that the 2.4lt is nowhere to be found - just 2lt in a 'collapsible' bottle which is not easy to carry. The handle on the 2.4lt is very handy for carrying & this larger bottle appears to be made of thicker plastic, which does not collapse when held. I am disappointed that the larger bottle has been discontinued. Please, please bring it back? Regards, LeeB
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looks like the 2.4 litre is still available as I bought some today at Coles (apple blackcurrant juice).Berri Grape juice is what I'm after! not apple blackcurrant! thanks anyway!

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