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BetaFPV Beta75

BetaFPV Beta75

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Beta75 BetaFPV - Tinywhoop Micro Quad Copter

I did have to make some adjustments before using it, Including diagnosing a intermittent - video feed problem (that was a sneaky one, they had pushed the connectors partially out the back of the plug on assembly), but the fundamentals were there. I got it working.
It was a bit of a learning curve for me and challenged my perception and expectations.
I have flashed the most recent Betaflight firmware, then used the CLI settings to make it all work again (all available on the BetaFPV page), and it became more aggressive to fly but really chewed on my batteries. I then went to Project Mockingbird settings and I think it improved battery life slightly and still flew well. I get about 2 minutes from a 260mAh BetaFPV battery. Which seems to be generally acceptable.
My point is, these things (may) take a bit of tweaking, it is a great learning experience (well it was for me).
I have crashed mine quite a bit and I should replace some props and maybe the canopy. Still functional.
You do have to replace motors fairly regularly, this is a brushed whoop thing. They are cheap.
you could do worse than this quad-copter. I will probably buy one of their more recent brush-less quads, probably the 65mm one. I guess that repeat business translates to a recommendation.

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BetaFPV Beta75
Included CameraYes
Flight Time3.5mins

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