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DJI Phantom FC40

DJI Phantom FC40

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Got a DJI FC40 based on the review from Serge24. I am so glad I did. This drone is just fantastic. I have flown toy drones in the house to get used to them but I am a total noob when it comes to these high end drones. The first time I flew it I looked like I new what I was doing. The drone is very easy to fly and extremely forgiving. The pictures you get from the supplied camera are awesome. When the wind blows the drone it flies itself back to position without your input. The only falt with its design is the light on the back that tells you its status (GPS, battery state etc) can only be seen from one angle, so if it is not pointing away from you you can't read it. All in all a great purchase if you are in the market for a drone. Worth the price asked.


After purchasing a few small cheap quad copters to learn on I was ready to spend a bit more money for a drone which could carry a go pro camera so I went ahead and got the Turnigy HAL kit from Hobbyking, I thought the HAL was great but I never really felt 100% at ease with flying it, I always feared a catastrophic crash which would totally destroy my new pride and joy, I never really felt and still don't feel as though I have 100% control and I have to watch it like a hawk to make sure it doesn't start drifting off in some random direction, I can control it well and keep it hovering in one place but I am constantly making tiny adjustments on the sticks - I did crash it many times, but all the crashes taught me how to repair and improve my quad, I can pretty much pull that thing apart with my eyes closed now, and parts are cheap.

I still fear flying it too high or too fast as I don't feel I have absolute control all of the time but I am a much improved flyer and drone engineer thanks to the HAL. I had heard so much about the DJI Phantom and recently on a spur of the moment kind of day I just went out and bought one, the price had come down and I thought why not? let me start by saying that the Phantom is pretty much perfect, I could not believe how easy to fly this thing was - my 6 year old could fly it.... blindfolded, it really is a joy to fly and my fear of crashing has vanished, it's just so easy to fly that at times you could say it was boring.

Overall however I can't speak highly enough about the DJI Phantom FC40 which comes with a super light weight wifi smartphone camera, not as good as the go pro but not too shabby, night flying is great with the super bright lights, it also has gps which really helps keep it from drifting off, I can't help but wonder why anyone would bother building a drone now days when you can buy something like the Phantom which is a rock solid easy go pro flyer - the best drone I have ever flown hands down, If you are in the market for a quadcopter I recommend a DJI, ready to fly it has everything you need - it's easy to fly and even a complete novice could master it I'm sure.
Ease of flight, price, light weight camera, lights, gps.
It should come with prop protectors apart from that I think it's great.

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Phantom FC40
Price (RRP)$560
Included CameraYes
Max Speed10m/s

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