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DJI Phantom 4

Latest review: This is a great Drone anyone can fly it, when starting out its a bit daunting, but when you realise you can hover the craft until you figure out what to do then you know that its pretty foolproof,

DJI Mavic Pro

Latest review: My Mavic Pro crashed over water and I lost it. It might have been operator error, it might have been a technical problem. Even though DJI requested the flight log etc, they later got back to me to

DJI Spark

Latest review: Purchased from Kogan Battery was faulty out of the box - would not charge beyond 2 out of 4 dots. When turned on (not flying, just turned on), the unit ran out of power in few minutes, when the

DJI Phantom 3

Latest review: DJI only offer 6 month warranty on batteries. In todays world a 1 year warranty on batteries is pretty standard as a minimum in the industry. I'am very disappointed. My battery only last 8 months and

XIaomi Mi Drone

Latest review: This drone is of good quality. Exceptional features for a drone costing around $500. The new version does 4K Video recording. It's very stable, worth buying for a beginner learning to fly

DJI Mavic 2

Latest review: I have had the Mavic 2 Zoom for about 3 months now. Short version = Great Drone, easy to fly, get the Zoom unless you are a pro (you won't be disappointment). It's expensive but totally worth the

DJI Phantom FC40

Latest review: Got a DJI FC40 based on the review from Serge24. I am so glad I did. This drone is just fantastic. I have flown toy drones in the house to get used to them but I am a total noob when it comes to

Yuneec Typhoon 4k

Latest review: I have wanted a drone for some time and saw this one online advertised at a price that was just too good to pass up. Normally retails for around $1300 - $1400 but I got it for $599 delivered

Eachine QX65

Latest review: i got a problem with my quadcopter, i did not binded with my TX, the customers service found me a solution immediately and i wait for a new one. It is the second time i use the banggood customers

DJI Mavic Air

Latest review: Bought the Mavic Air FlyMore kit back in January. Drone takes superb 4K videos and photos. Flying it is easy and the build feels solid and "weighty". Would certainly recommend. My only gripe is

Laser Navig8r Drone-Air60

Latest review: The body is too heavy and suffers badly in anything other than a breath of wind. For the size of the drone the battery is severely underrated, to be honest the 25 minutes that mauricek the other

DJI Mavic Platinum Pro

Latest review: Having owned the larger Phantom Pro 3, I have had 2 major issues with this drone when compared to the larger more exxy cousins: 1 - Stability in strong winds: definitely not as secure in its

Syma X5C - 1

Latest review: Bought this Syma X5C-1 quadcopter off the net for around $55 delivered, one battery, some spare rotor blades, all that had to be done was charge the battery, fit the prop protectors and take it

BetaFPV Beta75

Latest review: I did have to make some adjustments before using it, Including diagnosing a intermittent - video feed problem (that was a sneaky one, they had pushed the connectors partially out the back of the plug

Parrot Bebop 2

Latest review: Bought this for our son's birthday, wanted a relatively simple drone, self-contained unit with a camera suitable for a beginner. Unit is OK had read the reviews which spoke about wifi connectivity

Zero-X Raven+

Latest review: This thing is a piece of rubbish, non-responsive controls , battery lasts only minutes. These parasites should be investigated for selling this rubbish. Also wiped my sd card. DONT BY THIS

Zero-X Atlas

Latest review: Difficult to fly even in the slightest of winds. Very unstable. If you only move the rotate control the drone randomly moves up or down and sideways. Will suddenly plunge to the ground for no reason.

Lennoxx GPS Waypoints Flying Drone FD1550

Latest review: We bought the drone and it failed to sync with thought we had it right turned it off to take it outside and two of the propellers still we're going at slow speed even when you turn the power off they

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition

Latest review: Look it was a great beginners drone, but Parrot have discontinued this for a reason! My drone had an altitude problem, where it would increase altitude at a rapid speed (without my control) and then

Lenoxx FD1500

Latest review: We tried it on Christmas day and would only fly for a couple of minutes. We then contacted Lenoxx who sent a replacement controller. We can't even get it to fly. We shall contact Lenoxx for a refund.

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